haha merry christmas to you all!
it's a wonder how lots of people are online at this time of the nite when I thought we shud be doing something else hehe. anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS and i want presents!!! >=) hahahaha

okay i cant blog now i wanna go chattin on msn haha RAWR =D
Short update: no time to update cos internet sux and im on dial-up….

-PlanetShakers was awesome!!! Met some new people hahaha and as usual we Merchandise crew were the most noisiest, wackiest bunch of group again lol. I’ll post all the P.S photo once I get back to
Bruneiwhere I have broadband dial up really sux >=(
-Im practically broke, shop most of the stuffs for friends till I don’t have time to shop for myself haha. And there are still a few friends left who I haven’t got gift yet because I don’t know what to get for them!!!! So freakin hard to get gifts for people you know -__--Gonna go KL in a few days to do last minute shopping haha

-Im at my grandparents place now and few minutes ago I was helping to clear out some junks from the kampong house and guess what I found? LOVE LETTERS of my parents!!! Ahahahah so funny…. But too bad I didn’t get to read it though cos when I started to get the plastic bags with like 30+++ hand written mail my mum whacked me and snatched the bag from my hand .. crapppp haha. I so wanted to check what did they write in the mail and hopefully could learn some ‘skillz’ from them XD

Anyway that’s about it,.. dead bored in kampong , started to miss P.S crew ppl and cant wait to go back to
Bruneiand the Gold Coast


p.s- get me presents ya hahah jk
aiyoooooo im so frustrated hahaha. whyyyyyy air asia so lousyyyyyyy..... my flights at 6pm and i got there at 5pm thinking i might be late and guess what? Flight Delayed till 10pm waa sad, i dont know what am i gonna do now, im actually at the AFC office atm waiting for leonard... after his done talking see how am i gonna spend my time waiting for the plane. hopefully it wont be delayed again.

on a brighter note. I forgot to post my Exam results which was out
I got
D for accounting
C for employment relations
C for Food and beverage
P for Intro to research

D is distinction, C- credit P-pass anyway D for ACCOUNTING??? What the?? I failed my accounting last year in KL and when i found out that i had to take accounting this year i was like -___-"" wanna cry cos it was really hard and i failed it badly. Thank God i trusted in Him and also helping me out with the exam... the end result was Distinction and did way better than the other easy subjects. phew. Glory =)

anyway im done bloggin, gonna find out what to do for the next 4 hours haha. oh my malaysias number is +60164852796 for those who needs to contact me. Cheers
got back from freshwinds few days ago and it was awesome! Presence of God was all over the place, having an encounter with God and everyone brought back sumtin from the camp =) Ya i came back with a BAD FLU!! thx a lot Piggie hahha. cos i slept under the aircon, woke up 7am and ate breafast, 8am go swimming, walked around the hotel with no shirt on and showered after that, conference room aircon, everywhere also aircorn therefore = BAD FLU! im sick of aircorn

but then leehh......... the day after my friend called and asked if i wanted to play basketball in JIS i thought hey why not? JIS b.ball team sux... They were good before, we had national team players in the senior team the next year we had ME who got silver and bronze medal in the forbissea games wasehh haha, but seriously year after year the team just detrioriate. This year I witnessed that the JIS team had 5 bunch of little kids. i mean it , short and big size.

Now that's no laughing matter because i have to hand it to them, they have a BIG heart to play the game. I haven't played b.ball for like 4 months, no stamina, no skill to shoot, i cant run and jump, WHAT CAN I DO?? nothing. I had no trainin or warm up even before the game, how nice is that? only thing i got left is my speed but still, sprinting up and down the court for 10 seconds and i'm already lying on the floor crying out for oxygen.

let's just say we lost the game, that freakin kid in the last 10 seconds shot the ball in and got the lead, and we lost in the end. SAD. We had the lead for 3 quarters, and in the last quarter the lead was gone because of fatigue and cockiness HAHA.

lesson learned : NEVER be too confident in a basketball game, this reminds me of my team the Indiana Pacers who has a a tendency to get comfortable when they have a good lead and in the end lost the lead >=( angry man.

after b.ball went to cybercafe and played DOTA and o2jam wif them again from 10.30 pm -4am???????? wat the ^%$#@^#@ i didnt noticed the time also so saddd man, i aint gonna do that again. really terrible

anyhows ill be flying off tomorrow to KL for PLANETSHAKERS Conference!! GET READY TO SHAKE THE PLANET YO!!!! gonna miss u guys back in brunei =( see u all in a month haha
haha...... well I just got back from watching Tenacious D: The pick of destiny. Went to watch it with Steph and we had a great time haha. Oh and went to eat Kolomee Pok!!! *drolls* thats one of the food i missed when i was overseas =)

The movie wasn't as bad as the reviewers on the internet said it would be.... most of em said it was just a so-so movie. But personally I liked it.. because it's ROCKKKK!!!! , and the fact that its a wonder how stoners can do idiotic stuffs lol. JB was funny as usual and KG was fat and cute hahahah. If you liked Harold and Kumars: white castle ( ahem Raj, us being idiots *inside joke*) , or Grandmas Boy you would like this movie too cos they are just so funny when they were stoned lol. Not that its a good thing, but its funny.... just remember kids.. DO NOT TAKE DRUGS OR SMOKE!! and who would've thought Pick of Destiny was all about finding a freakin Pick that u use for the guitar -__-"

sad though, there was this little kid in front of us whos watching it and seems like he has no idea what the heck were the jokes about especially the part when Jack Black when to neverneverland with all the rainbow-y stuffs, i bet the little kid was thinking " weee Barny in the movie!! =.="

well after wathching this movie got me thinking......... Jack Black started playing the guitar properly when he was 20-ish and he quickly became a superstar as for me I touched it and started playin it like hmm like 4 months ago? I guess my progress has been slacking as I havn't been practicing for quite awhile but after watching the movie it inspired me to practice more, get better at it and Rockin' 4 JC hahahah. Not Rock'nRoll for satan like Black sabbath, Led zepplin, Metallica do =P

I would also like to add that I think there's something wrong with my Bladder system really!! Well you see, I had a great dinner drinking one Teh-O Ice, then 15 minutes before the movie started I went to the loo, 20 min or so after the movie started I REALLY REALLY had to go peepee, I tried to hold it till the movies over but alas, I really had to run to pee, and it was more than the first time before the movie started aiya.......

I should really not spend most of my holiday time playin games but go practice my guitar !!!!!!! ahhhhh, which I will after i come back from freshwind conference! leaving to Miri tomorrow, it's gonna be awesome! so see y'all in 4 days time! =D

Rock on!

Rock on for JC!! =)

FINALLY this is the first time i've been able to log on to blogger properly, e-speed in brunei is cacat man -___-"""

anyway here's an update on what has happened...
I flew from Brisbane to Darwin-3 hours flight, 3 hours sleep
transit 2 hours, no sleep
Darwin to Singapore- 3 hours+ flight, 3 hours sleep

reached sigapore 6am tiring ey? i didnt sleep the whole day in singapore.. i mean its SINGAPORE!!! Got to go sightseeing and SHOPPING!! i was travelling with Jeanny cos she was the one that told me about the cheapflight from brisbane to darwin then to singapore for just $350!! cheap right? lol. took TIGER AIRWAYS from darwin to singapore and i'm sure most of you will go HAH ??? what is that????? thers no such thing as tiger airways... well apparantely there is and i think it just came out last year I heard.. anyway its a budget flight ironic how there's a Tiger airways when my nick is Tiger no haha..... ok lame.. anyway here's a couple of Tiger airway pics =)

Tiger tales!! Inside have many Tiger stories hehe =D
Tiger safety ... quite interesting really.. I got Issue #3
And of course not to mention the beautiful Tigress ........

One day in singapore isn't enough really, theres so many places to go and shop.... stayed in Jeanny's aunt house, and I dont know but the aunty's Dog had a strong attraction to me.. no kidding ask Jeanny! it was like errrrr hanging on to my leg when i was going to the toilet, to the room or be it wherever I go.... very naughty dog =.= that is one reason why Im getting female dogs and not male ones lol. Met Joyce and her bro in SG and wanted to meet ICY but couldn't cos he was unwell =(

Next day had to take the Bus from Sg to KL. which was like hmmmmm 6 hours of bus ride... terrible so many travelling in a few days.. yeah spent 1 hour playing my psp while the rest of the time sleeping in the bus.. lol. Had to rush to d air asia terminal the next day for my flight to brunei and I was kinda pissed cos Malaysia signboard sux, THERE WASNT ANY SIGNBOARD TO TELL YOU WHERE THE NEW TERMINAL IS!! how great is that? i was almost late and what made it worse was that I had three hand carry my laptop, my bag and my poor baby guitar. I got stopped and said I coudlnt go in cos i had 3 hand carry... i was like... ' its only a guitar which doesnt weigh more than 3kg' anyway panicked when back to the check in counter i tried to check my bag in but I had to pay an extra RM126 cos it was overwiehgt so I took a big risk and checked in my Guitar anyway somehow the lady told me to go and take the guitar wif me and when i board the plane give it to the ppl there. I was like phewww Thank God.

but hey... think about it, I got stopped saying i cant have three hand carry bags and in the end I managed to hand carry three bags anyway just cos i have a sticker on my guitar??? doesn't make sense really.... so dumb ahhhhhh caused me so much trouble

anyway time back in brunei has been great, the day after i got back from brunei spent my time from 8pm-3am in the CC DOTA-ING hahahhaah great way to spend my time lol anyway It was great to see the acts people again hehe. luv u guys and I have yet to meet my other frens back in Brunei!! if ure reading this give me a holla and we got to hang out man!!! hahaha

p.s- Prom pics and blog will be out in a few weeks when i do get my prom pics sabar waaa haha

p.s2- if u did read my whole post , i appreciate it hehe, cos i havent written anything this long for awhile and i know there were a couple of typos and stuffs but heck i wrote this at 2am with tired eyes so yeah
okay im so tired now, got back from church conference yesterday, it was awesome! and I just finished packing and having my lunch now, my pastor is coming in 30 min to get my stuffs and i cant wait to see his shocked face when he sees how much luggage i got to keep in his house. ALOT!!! yea im movin out of this place cos it costs me $168 a month and thats freakin expensive. so my flights at 9pm i'll go to darwin then transit to sinjapore i'l prob reach there early morning. gonna do some shopping i guess and meetin some friends. next day go to KL chillin' and get ready for my flight back to BRUNEI!!! wooooo i know u guys can't wait to see me so come earlier cos theres' a long queue waiting for me and y'all hav to wait lol. okayokay im crappin. dont have to come, im coming back on the 23rd and so i'll contact you guys on the 24th and we all go yamcha!

i cant put any more details, im actually speed typing this cos I gtg soon so apologies if it doesnt make sense and yeah i'll see u guys soon

short note: bummer my pc died, it died during the day i went to the prom, im now in uni bloggin and my hearts broken my baby precious laptop died on me yesterday, she fought so hard, so strong but her will wasn't strong enough and in the end her OS died on me.. sigh.... im praying for a miracle to happen or either that i'll send it to the shop and fix it next monday and hopefully it doesn't costs. I'll blog bout the prom when my pc's fixed and when my hearts mended again.
p.s- psst banana i think thers a pic where ur lookalike is in wahaha
okay...... my 2 toughest paper is done! well technically it wasn't that tough because it turns out that the paper was easy and i studied haha! i said it was tough because I havn't been studying those subjects this semester until the exam. Anyway intro to research and accounting done... the last two subjects is gonna be a breather hopefully. I didn't get to sleep much last night because I was up the whole night doing accountings (curse you accounting!!). slept for only like 2 hours on the day of exam...and there were a few times when i reached a question and my brain just short-circuit...cant remember what i've learnt and 2 cups of coffee wasn't enough ....not a good idea haha.

oh and prom is this friday... gonna get myself a gold tie to match the gold dress so its like all black with a gold tie and 'brownish-goldish' hair lol. oh and im getting her a corsage as well for the wrists. costs me $22 -.- guess it isn't that bad heh. thx cassie for helping me to find a florist!!

other than that something terrible happened last weekend. I was in my room then my housemate msged me on msn 'Jason I think there's a rat in the living room' im like oh cripessss... so we went out I had my rolled up newspaper ready to whack the RAT just in case.... well I was at section A , while my housemate was at section B ( yea we were climbing on top of the chairs and kitchen table lol) and we moved the chair so the mouse would leave the dark confide area right? WRONG! the rat freaked us out, it CLIMBED on the chair (section C) ! im serious!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely disgusting, freakish, scary, horrying waaaa. and when it climbed my first reaction was scream =.= embarassing it was , my manager heard it and hopefully not my neighbours. anyway i think the mouse got frightened of my scream and quickly ran out of the door and never come back again (hopefully)

Yea and the mouse was big alright, the the nice cute mouse u see in the pet store, its more like i think a 3/4 of guinea pig size?
oh and i was disappointed when my dad said I couldn't get a new guitar =(( my baby yui!!! yeah i named the guitar even before i got her lol. So i guess my sister's guitar is officialy mine although im not that quite happy about it but oh well...i'm gonna work hard nxt year and get a new one.... meet my new adopted baby.... 'Krystal' named after Krystal Meyers whos viewed as the Chrstian Avril Lavigne as she roxors wif her guitar, for a girl that is lol. so yeaaahhh my adopted baby 'Krystal'!! oh and I decorated her too =) note the 'Jesus freak sticker' on the her body hehe.

Much luv
haha yea so im havin a break from studying =p well er not going so well wif my revision. went out and go cut my hair again cos of the prom enxt week meh. and you now how expensive it can be to go and cut in aus. so i went to that korean guy for hair cut again.... i guess its spring so they increased the price form $10-$12.... what the... o well nvm, 2 more right... then he asked where was i from i said malaysia cos he thought i was from taiwan or hong kong lol. then he said 'you're very handsome ( no im not makin this up ok, im not tat big head lol ) anyway i was like 'well thanks for the compliment' ...........NOT! apparently my friend told him just cut and wash for both of us and turns out that after cuttin my hair he went and wash my hair and guess what? EXTRA $18!!!! just for a shampoo on my head with water???? i just though he was gonna wet my hair to clean the hair but noooo it was all so comfortable and mushy and wet and just ahhhh.... no wait.... his washing my hair with a shampoo with and extra $18 to the bill!!! dang... sad la haha hav to pay $30 for haircut -_____-"" anyway hers the pic.. dun wanna show the front cos nutin much to see lol maybe nxt time XD fren took this pic in the bus btw

I just got back from work!!! YAY! last day of work.... no more work till my exams are finished! no more stress from work, no more late night dinner and coming back at 11pm-ish, my poor back can have a rest now but im not gonna get any $$$$ sad =( anyway just gonna make this a short blog.... i just realised and it hit me that exams is next week saturday.. that sucked because honestly i haven't been studyin and revising jsut focusing on my assignments so next week isstudy week and im gonna be in Nerd mode and start studying like mad... thank God though i dont think the exams are that hard

26th oct- Intro to Research Assignment due
4th nov- Intro to research Exam..... i think if i study hard for this then i can do well
6th nov- Accounting Exam .... I dont wanna fail this anymore... Gonna practice hard and get it over with
9th nov- Employment Relations... 50 MCQ ONLY!!! w00t!!!! not as hard as i thought it would be, no essays =)
10th Nov- I'll take this as a break to go to the Prom. Hope it'll be fun =)
16h Nov- Last Exam.. Food and Beverage Services
18-19 Nov- Hope Conference
20th Nov- Bye bye OZ
21th Nov- SINGAPOREEEEEE!!!!! (sad one day only)
22th Nov- KL!!!!
23rd Nov- BRUNEI!!!!!!!! i so miss u guys back there cant wait to see y'all!!! lets all go beach hang out, chill, i try and drive y'all around and go lepak and makan wahahaha
30th nov-2nd dec- Freshwind conference (im still thinkin about it, but most likely yeah il go =p) 9th Dev- OFF to KL WOOo
13th-15th Dec- PLANETSHAKERS CONFERENCE!!! dis is gonna be AwEsoMe!!

ok so thats my busy and tight schedule hahha all the best in your exams my friends... ALL of you I know are having exams so study hard, dont play paly to much, dont drink, dont take drugs and keep it real' hahaha blek oh and looks like I need to have lotsa coffee to stay up at nite and study rofl... for those who know me well knows what coffee doest o me XP

Much Luv
okay so i was thinking i wont be blogging because nothing interesting will be going on except for studying and exams but I was at work today and something happened. well let's see I work in a thai restaurant right and then few weeks ago it was school holiday and so my boss daughter was helping out wif the restaurant. then there wasn't any customer right? so we were talking for fun cos boring, she was complimenting how cool my hair was haha =p paiseh what am i studying and stuffs. and she told me she has a prom coming up... good for her.

today at work the phone ringed, my boss answered the phone. As i was bringing the glasses in the kitchen my boss went 'Jason, fone for u, its my daughter she wants to talk to u' im like hah? wat for... and turns out that she needs someone to go wif to the prom. Why she asked me? because it turns out that she's studying in a all girls school and apparently i guess she doesn't have much guy fren. Her mum, I mean the boss told me she asked the guy from her church but that guy didnt wanna go. So i was like the last restort i guess =.=

anyway, help me out here???? To the Girls....... i mean im not sure for the asians but for the western culture it is important to have a date for prom right? i know its a big thing for them and if all their friends have a date and they dont they'll feel left out and maybe a laughin stock? im not sure. I kinda felt sorry and for her sake I said 'yeah okay why not'

then again i wonder if I made a mistake bcos now im going to the prom I have to spend money on clothes cos my boss asked me to wear sumtin GOLD??? to fit wif her daughters dress? im like 'where can i get gold clothes from zzzzzzz' then she said 'ur hair looks gold hahahhaa' yea rite =.= speaking of hair my hair is so long i felt like cutting it when i go back KL but now having this prom i think im forced to cut my hair again aiyak. also i dont even know the people there!! not a single one and i just talked to her daughter for like 2 days only , im so gonna be left out there? lol =.= but she really felt desperate la, like needed some1 to go wif so yeah she even said she will pay for my ticket. i hope i made the right decision... cos i know its a big thing for high schoolers prom.

any comments?
okok I finally blogged happy? lol. well i just submitted my assignment 2 days ago and I didn't get much sleep the night before as usual because I was trying to finish up my assginment. I was like half chattin half doing it..... thx to Banana, ling n leo hahaha. well other than that I have one assignment to go and exam is just around the corner.. next month.
Employment relations- i'm starting to get the hang of it, the workplace relation choices in OZ, human resource management blabla
Intro to research- i've done my first assignment and 2nd assignment is due next week i think, and im still lost, i dont even know what the heck the subject is all about and what have i learnt.
Accounting- Got 28/35 for my mid term exam.. YAY! ..........not. i started slackin off after the mid terms and now im all blank.. whats break even point? whats varaible costs, contribution margin etcetc * i hav no idea*
Food and beverage service- nothin much to complain except that im getin sick of working in the uni restaurant every thursday night haha.

so some of u must be going? huh?? wat are those subs? yeah those are the wonderful subject that I have to take for this course lol. Fun. and oh I was making pancakes for dinner and guess what? I didn't have a non-stick pan soooo I had to use the lousy pan. tats the only pan i have in my kitchen and this is wat my pancakes turned out. =( sad

Poor pancake, all torn-up = still yum yum though

My lousy frying pan... cant even make pancakes, it killed the pancakes
Ok i'm back from camp for some of you who don't know. Went with my church mates and we went to russell islands in brisbane. a really cool place actually. we stayed in a place where there was a beach right outside our backyard!! sweet! no not really, because there's water meaning there's a boat and we had a game where we had to row the boat, it was my first time rowing the boat haha and it was a good experience. Man I took a day off work for this camp and thinking i could rest my poor back from carrying those heavy chairs and tables after work, turns out I had to carry the heavy boat and had to row to boat meaning more strain to my back. seriously though my back needs rest and I can feel pain now. I'm going to work again tomorrow =( sad no rest for my back. besides that the teaching was great. It was all on the topic of Love. misunderstandings of love like love is a feeling, there must be sensual emotions etc etc. But instead we learn about the characteristics of Gods love, like His love is unconditional, Universal, impartial etetc, the experssions of God's love and the our responses to His love. bottom line is : God loves YOU! His always seeking to reach us It's like a kite, its up high in the clouds and u cant see the kite but howd u know theres a kite there? because you're holding to that string. same goes for you when sometimes u wonder if there's a God, you can't see God but his right there waitin for you , knockin on ur heart waitin for you to open up and let Him in. And the greatest love of all was that He paid the price for us for Restoration which is thru Jesus who died on the cross for our sins for you and me, becos we are sinners and deserved to be punished but instead JC took it all for us on the cross so that we won;t be punished but instead give us the joy and peace we never had and restore us. so tats and at the end of the nite we had prophetic nite and that was great too. of course i cant type all of it here but if u wanna know more feel free to drop me a msg and il gladly share it wif u =) we also had prophetic nite to end the camp and tat was awesome heh. also durin the camp i got this msg from some1 who says tat they wont miss me but then still msg me im like hah? =.= hahaha *bonk*

anyway yeah so tat was the camp, and one funny thing happened hahah! for those who has been chattin wif me seeing this girl with a guitar with her. Her name's Yui anyway alot of ppl were asking me 'whos that whos that?' and i would go 'Shes my gf' hahahha. ppl would go yeah rite, as if, she looks like a celebrity. and so they were rite, but then leh... something happened few days ago wahahhaha. I was chatin with TyngWeiwei and funny thing was that she actually believed tat it was my gf! hahaha. she was like 'so when did u meet her, how long hav u been together, howd u guys meet yadayada' hahah funny la, i cant stop laughing. haha Tyng if ure reading this it was u who gave me the idea of writing it in my blog I would hav never thought of it and its a goodexcuse to bring this up as theres nutin to add in my blog LOL

Me and my 'Gf' hahahaha =p
ok i've decided im gonna name my baby guitar YUI! something different cos usually they get english names like Lucille, Betty Lucy lol. YUI IT IS!
i cant think of any title for this blog mainly because i just got back from work and im half eating half chatin wif leo and a blur thai girl and bloggin hahaha. anyway let's see whats been happening the last week on saturday i was blessed because one of my workmate threw my dinner (which was the leftovers from customers i take all the time) and i was like waaaaaaaaa wat do i eat now? and she went 'sorry sorry i'll treat you to dinner next time' and so she did haha. went to this grill shop and had grilled lamb and beef dang, the meat is just so awesome, very tender and chewy, yum yum. and worse part is the whole meal + garlic bread + 2 drinks costs up to $77 im like what????? ok tats not right, i got to pay some but my fren was like nono i told u im gonna treat u! *rich china ppl i guess* lol. then after work my fren had kebab for supper and she gave me half cos she can't finished it lol. hows that? blessed with GOOD FOOD i'll be very happy haha

then today at work usually i have to get the leftovers for dinner right? the chef was nice and cooked me red curry chicken rice woooo! yea rite... in exchange she asked me to clean the floor for her... tats nice lol. well better than eatin leftovers from customer again haha. oooh and im broke... well not really .. kinda.... my one week allowance gone cos it was my frens bday and i had to buy him a PSP game which cosTs $50 and i got myself one anyway lol. so yeah broke now

ohoh something nice happnend in work today! I got a $10 tips from this 59 year old guy woot! most i got so far. It was like this old man he brought 20 year old not so bad lookin jap chick in the restaurant and then his like askin wat langauge i can speal? so i was like 'chinese, english, malay....' then he went apa khabar? waaa crazy this old man can speal french, german, malay, chinese, japanese fluently crazy man. N he went can u speak jap? i was like 'sukoshii' meanin a little in jap. then he went good good i like you! i like ppl who likes to experience diff culture and learn their language! and i also told him im learning shawna - one of the african dialect. lol. so tat guy went 'nonono dont call me sir, call me Tony, wats ur name? nice to meet you' haha and so i got a $10 tips from him wooo. wats he doin wif the 20 year old chick i duno. haha

omgosh im done eatin and i need to go do my assginment which is due on friday =( really pray for me and this assignment.....

much luv
assignment is due next friday, 2k words, employment relations and the topic is i dont even know it myself and what to write??? i've been procrastinating for the past few days. wanted to do it on monday but i had this meeting so i couldn't do it, wanted to do it on tuesday but my fren wanted to play PSP in uni and so didn't do assignment ,yesterday went to watch a movie, talladega nights , a very funny movie its worth watchin it haha. anyway we went to watch the 2.30 movie and apparently there wasn't any 2.30 movie and my friend who bought the tickets got the 4pm one (which we didn't see) so we went into the theatre and 5 min later, was the credit, we tought it was some kinda joke that the movie is making but turns out to be really the credit -_- lol. so we had 1 our free and we dont wanna walk around the mall, so we just hung around the theatre AND snuck into other theathre which was showin other movie, doesn't matter if it's halfway or just started cos we had nutin to do and so we watched a free movie for 1 hour hahaha. *ahem* yes they dont have anyone outside each theatre to cehck ur tickets they only check ur tickets on the main hall hoho. yea we were watching the movie till 4pm and went straight to watch talladega nights cool huh? hahaha dont follow my example ppl XD

anyway went to play badminton just now, was kinda fun, havent played it in ages and i needed some exercise anyway havent been exercising for ages besides puttin in heavy chairs and tables after work and washin my clothes. I must admit i stil got some skillz for badminton , im just average and i dont suck haha. so yeah tats it no assignment done and im still stuck. tomorrows friday and im free, REALLY gonna spend tat time doin my assginment... help me O_O
well if you've read my previous blog you will know how I lost one of my baby the PSP due to the fact that i was dumb that i inserted the card in the sd card which doesn't even fit and in the end got stuck.

Funny how today, it was my first time playin the guitar for church and I've played it once n CG but this is church u know and I was very excited, playin the guitar for my first time in church wow. Practice yesterday and today was fun but when the P&W session started man, it was the first song and not even reached the chorus yet and 'snapped!' sumtin hit my face and found out that it was my guitar string that broke sigh. so sad, i had to try and play w/o the 3rd string. was able to do it but coudln't after that. sad lol. first my psp then now my guitar, how sad is that? =s at least i can get the string fixed, i guitar's gone-period

Snapped, my 3rd string gone

and here it is my card stuck in that freakin hole =

i have nothing to say really........................ I was so excited that i got my PSP! yeah! PSP! i got it off EBAY for $300 with 3 games + 1 umd dvd and i guess its alright... better than buyin it in retail shop. anyway i was so happy that i went home and started playin it awesome! and then what? you see this PSP they have this memory card to store your save games and its a unique PSP SD CARD. yeah its different than the mini sd card and thing was i wanted to transfer some files to my card and i don know.. call me blur, stupid, dimwitted, idiot but i wasnt thinking right and my laptop has a card reader you see, BUT it only reads the normal sd card u put a MINI SD card or PSP SD card and it'll get stuck and can never get out. yayaya you gueesed it i put in the damn PSP SD CARD into the card reader slot and after it went in i pacicked! thers no way i can get it out anymore... and i panicked more and i pushed the card inwards again, i dont know why but i just did, i tried to get my card out my unscrewin the screws and tryin to dismantle my laptop hoping to get the card out but i wasn't even close i was having problem dismantlin the laptop *sigh* great. i just got my PSP today and i was so excited, now my card is stuck i cant even play the games now... ARGH!#*$#*($&#$%#$*$%**!#@ ignore me , im a little frustrated, how stupid i can be? and i just hurt my toe , the same toe i injured durin surfin because my room was so messy. MEH!

im ok really... need to sabar and get a sd card when i go back not gettin it here in aus cos its expensive.

and my good fren leonard look what he says when i told him wat happned

-!(L.e.o)!- says (11:51 PM):
-!(L.e.o)!- says (11:51 PM):
clever dude lol
-† Tiger †- says (11:51 PM):
-† Tiger †- says (11:51 PM):
not funny
-† Tiger †- says (11:52 PM):
il kick ur arse
hmmm i just got back from work, and i just finished my dinner and now chatin wif leonard, banana and weiwei and i also just got off the fone wif my mum. Cos i luv my hair color so much i wanted to show her, cos it looked like the color and highlight she had that i admired few months ago. instead i got scoldin from her... "WHY U DYE UR HAIR AH! HOW MUCH? U DYE TO SHOW OFF IS IT? SHOW TO UR GF IS IT??"
-_______-" haha wat la -.- bad move jason

anyway u see this saturday morning i woke up at 11am and i slept at 1.30am, thats like 8+ hours of sleep no? i shud be alright but somehow middle of the afternoon i felt sososo tired.. my eyes were heavy , i started to become blur and lag... shud be the side effects of the tiredness from friday haha. yeah anyway i was really and i mean REALLY blur. i met mildred on the bus on the way to work and i was so blur man. she was telin me stuffs and i always answered wrongly thinking the question the wrong way and such. then i got to work, i was slow to process as well , my fren was tellin me what to do and not to do , and i was like 'huh?....... thinks for 5 sec, can u repeat again?' took me quite awhile to process stuffs u see. lol and im at work! what if i take wrong order and accidentaly spill stuffs? might sound nothing here but trutfully i was really really tired+blur+lagging man.

so what did i do? lol. Prayed to God asked Him to give me strength and not to screw up. and i rememberd the chapter when David was called to be a King but before he was a king he was still doing his errands for his dad and king Saul. even his called to be a king but not yet a king he didn;t have the attitude of "oh yeah, im called to be a king, i dont need to do these errands blabla!' instead Dave has a positive attitude in doing everything.

So that came into my mind and instead of grumbling and complaining about work, do your best, have a postive attitude! If you can't even do these small things properly how can you do greater things? So yeah, turns out that i worked from 7pm-11pm longer cos i usually end at 10ish but that 4 hour seemed so short and things to go as fast as usual for some reason lol. I guess giving ur best attitude and doing ur best even though I was blur and REALLY tired today really helped. Thru that I was so blessed today let's see i never got personal tips but I did and it was my first time today woo! I got a total of $8 personal tips for ME! hahaha thank God

what happened was these 2 hot aussie chicks on table 15
they started takin orders then askin me to teach them do the 'flower' origami from the napkins
and while i was doin the origami, we had a short convo about work and i told them it sux here cos i get a peanut of $10 an hour which is illegal cos im 19 and i shud get more than that esp in a restaurant and after that i swear that these chicks dont even want other waiters except me, to help them bring their food, open wine , etcetc. keepin an eye on me whenever they need me. and so i got personal tips lol tips i got $3.20 they even said 'i'll put in a good word for you :)'

table 16 is this 2 couples at about age of 40's i think?
i was asking what they would like to order and then after that they were asking me some questions. and so i answered them then suddenly the lady went
'where'd u get the american accent?'
i was like hah? 'oh, just probably grew up watching american TV' haha
then she said 'oh Good on ya =)'
LOL american accent -.- damn american tv lol
then after takin care of table 15, the lady said 'We can see that you're takin good care of the table with the 2 gourgeous ladies there, but what about us?' so i said 'oh ... i take good care of u guys too, anything u want i'll take care of it for u, even better than them' and the husband just makes this joke of his own a couple of times and i just laughed, not bcos i have to but i think it was funny too n got a personal $5 tip!! . anyway what i learnt is that customer relationship is important, got to smile, and interact with the customer, more importantly put on a good attitude for work even though u dun like it ( i dont like to work either) but when u start puttin that good attitude you'll notice how u will enjoy doing it.. and see where it got me? I got blessed today with $11 (including restaurant tips) Glory!

so yeah... i hope y'all can learn from my experience as i learnt it from the great King David =p ok im i typed this really really fast.... cos im gonna go DOTA !! wee! there goes my sleep hahaha

the pics a lil cacat i know but wat the heck, real life looks better =p

notice the bright highlights, imagine if i dont dye ewww
haha i haven't got that for a long time some1 askin me to update my blog lol. not many come here waaa so wats the point of updating =p so cacat man, my internet goes down at the time ... usually it goes down at night and comes up again at 12.30am but then last night it went down and never came up till this morning, at times the internet would go down in the afternoon as well.. sucks man!! ugh =

anyway since the internet has been down i've been renting DVD. Watching one everynite, i was watching 'Just friends' a couple of nights ago, it was a movie Leonard introduced to me earlier this year but I didn't get to see it till now... anyway the movie is about this high school guy and girl who are best friends but then the guy has feelings for the girl, wanting to be more than just friends while the girl wants to be 'just friends'. sounds familiar? yeah i think so, happens a lot esp to us guys *sigh* reminds me of my friends and I on what happened in the past lol. anyway in the movie this guy quoted something which i think is fairly true lol. 'In the friend zone, the girls decides you're her friend and no longer a dating option, you become like a bro or a lamp' LOL. True no? well in the end they got together anyway which is good... (hmmmmm *thinking*) anyway its a very fun n romantic comedy.

yeah anyway today i've been out the whole day in the city (surfers paradise). Decided to get a haircut with my friend since I forgot that i cant grow long hair workin in a restaurant ,especially in the uni where i'm being assessed... with that hair of mine i don't think im gonna pass LOL. yeah i wanted to try and grow long hair and tie that pony tail thing, just wanted to try for once but too bad i couldn't, especially it'll be a hassle washing the hair and easier to get dandruffs ewww. well i posted some pics of my new haircut and urm hmmmm im gonna miss my tiger stripe haha. oh since my hair has highlight only, after the cut it looks really ugly so i have no choice but to dye my hair , now its brown with a bit of my 'tiger' stripes highlight hehe.

went to the arcade after and man I MISS arcades, but the arcade in Gold coast sucks, no nice games , mostly outdated and its freakin expensive. played a few games anyway just for fun. After that went shoppin around the area and bought some gifts for friends back home haha. (so if y'all nice u mite get one LOL) yeah i bought the gifts now cos i dont think i'll be goin out anymore due to assignments and exams. OH AND GUESS WHAT?????????? i was shopping right? and i went into a couple of stores owned by Japanese, and every single one of them spoke jap to me thinking im a japanese lol. ' heck even this aussie girl who works in the jap restaurant spoke jap wif me. -_-
there was one part where my friend went into the shop and this lady spoke japense with him ' Irashaimasu!... dadadadaa' and he just pretend he didn't hear and just look at stuffs LOL. the lady was wondering why he didn't reply and went to talk to her friend about us and i heard her told her friend that are we jap or not, so i went over and said....
'No we're not japanese we're malaysians' in japanese
and she said 'wooo! so u can speak japanese? (in jap)'
'sukoshii ( a little), ima watashiwa nihongo benkyo-shimasu( im now learning jap) i replied
then she went "JOZUU!!!' (meaning great) hahaha
then she went and spoke english 'cos you two look like japanese =p' i guess learning japanese pays off haha, gonna get better at it ! and in total spent $100+++ today .... damn it, thats a lot.... buyin gifts, cut/dye hair and arcade lol. nvm like the old chines saying 'yi nian yi chi' one year one time hahhaa.

well what a hectic day....im beat gonna go rest a bit then go sheperding. =.=
God Bless
note: tagboard is in the heart section =)

wooo finally a new skin for my blog!!!!!!!!!! what do u think?? comments comments hehe. i was like hmm my old skin was 'blah' nutin much simple and dark + i wanted to do sumtin about the pic but i dont know how and no one can help =( so here it is! i like it cos it firstly it has guitar!! one of my passions hehe, and the sentence 'strummin my guitar ..nothing brings me closer to heaven' which is true but me learning the guitar, and building me up to be a worship leader, its one of my passion to see people touch heaven and feel God's presence =)

accounting exam just finished and it was alright, not that bad, pass is a confirm but gettin good grades not sure yet. i did study with a fever last night and tired eyes. yeayea my fault cos i was playin games at nite till 4-5AM and didn't have enough sleep lol. but hey! slept early last nite just to have enuf energy to do the exam! haha.

oh and im being such an idiot! (WARNING: symptom of Bananache XD) two nights ago my msn was screwd up, i couldnt see any emo and i was wondering why? i tot it mite be the so many (tu) (tu) (turtle) emos that is screwin up msn ahha. i reinstalled msn today and guess what? it was the same no emos. But then, for some reason i wasnt thinkin but just foolin around wif MSN and I went to options and found out that 'DISPLAY EMOTIONS TICK BOX WAS EMPTY' yeaaa that explains it! now whos gonna explain who unticked the box? haha

btw added note, i was doing my quiet time before i check msn and playin around with it. so i guess wakin up, do ur quiet time first in the morning before u do anything else, dont leave it til later and ur day will be more effective haha. well i wouldn't really imagine to have wisdom this morning playin around wif my msn and working what the problem was if i hadn't done my quiet time heh. glory!

aight im off to work ....... money!!!!! hehe
much luv

p.s someone help with my tag board!!!!!!! its in the lefty but i wanna move it to the righty? how?? help!!!!! =((
SATURDAY I WENT SURFING =D w00t!!! yeah baby, it was my first lesson but in one lesson i can stand on the board although i still fall at times but hey im gettin better hoho. i posted a pic or two in friendster of me surfing haha. i think me being the sporty guy i am, the blood in me is boiling and wants to go to the beach and do more surfing!! i think if i do more i'll be addicted to it and hav to spend $$ to buy my own surfin gear -__-" but yeah it was awesome, i wanna go for my 2nd lesson to learn more heh.

so i went surfing that was great... but what is this unfortunate events? well lets see i was on the board and then i lost control and i fell, wanting to try not fall and land wif my feet i landed badly and injured my poor toes (again!) it was the same toe i injured that caused me to not perform well in my big karate competition = what could be worse?? i'm limping badly n barely be able to walk properly and i have work later at night. so i hav to work walkin in and out carrying foods servin guest carryin heavy tables and chairs for the whole 4 hours and not able to sit and rest my poor leg =((( sad haha.

Oh wait! i forgot to add... I slept late the night before surfing which was at 2am and had to wake up at 7am so i only had 5 hours of sleep (thats not enuf for me). yaya partly my fauly but also leonard who wants to play Gunbound wif him haha and also i was chattin after that i think haha. yea so after surfing which took LOTS of my energy, not eating in the morning and lack of sleep i had headache! even though i did slept for two hours when i got back from surfing. yeah so i was working wif a headache + injured toe

that was saturday... on to sunday... I was supposed to sleep early to make up for the lack of sleep i had the nite before. but nooooo, after i got back from work which was 11.30pm i had to bath and eat, and was watching almost famous at the same time but then leh, hahahha im sorry (but yeah I"M MEAN!) this bannanaluvtospankmebumbumgurl was the cause of me sleepin late cos i so happend to be watchin my movie then it became half-chattin and half-watchin the movie haha. and guess what?i slept at nearly 4am haha. my toe is definately not gonna be better like that and headache too.... i was so blurrr that nite, guess i caught it off someone haha you know who u are XD bleh

anywayyyyyyyy... so that was early sunday morning and then i went groceries shoppin just now right? i was driving my friends car. to cut the story short, after shoppin i went home and just at the right time i was gonna park the car died. i couldnt start the engine and i was wondering why... turns out that the gas was empty. thank God my place has two gas station just to the left and right where i stay so me and a few of my fren pushed the car to the gas station to fill the tank. the car didnt start *eek* so wahts the problem? turns out that the battery died and and we had to jump start the car, some d00ds helped us cos we didnt know how yay! it was working we drove back home and after that the car died again. we had to try jump start byourselves so after 4-5 tries we managed to get the car started !!! we left the battery to recharge BUT after that the battery died again!! WHAT LAAAAAAAAAAAA -__________-" how cud this happen?????? WE SPENT ALL OUR ENERGY PUSHING THE CAR AND IN THE END IT DIED AGAIN! ugh.... yea so unlucky yeah haha.

so that was what happened.. poor me..... =s i guess i learnt one thing from this, im not gonna drive again because i dont have a proper queensland license, even though i can drive + msian license, i guess that was what God wanted to tell me heh XD

acc exam on sat,and more assignments pray for me!
much luv
ok is it just me or is this happening to every1 around me? All of us here in uni feels lazy and its the 5th week of uni almost half of the semester is gone and I haven't been studying, doing my assignments and revisions. I need discipline.... okay. hmm let me see

monday night- work
tuesday night- work
wed night- CG
thursday night- work
friday night- free
saturday ngiht- work
sunday night- church

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh work work!! LOL this semester hav been more busy that last semester because of the work.. but i need the money i guess time management is the issue here (and discipline) lol. okay in 2 weeks time my first assignment is due which i've done only 1/4 of it and the day after its due its my ACCOUNTING MID TERM EXAM! the subject tht i didnt to so well back in INTI. oh man.....
okay enuf typing ima go study now........!! (really)

ohoh and next sat i'll be goin to learn surfing hoho =D
waaaa its been awhile since i last updated.... here's what ive been up to, study, eat, play games, study. eat. play games lol. yeah.... went to Byron Bay today a very nice place in NSW. It took us 2 hour drive trip there, its like a flight from brunei to malaysia lol. anyway trip was worth it because the beach there was beautiful, it's different than the one in GC. After that we went to visit the lighthouse and the view up there was beautiful. you can see the ocean and I saw whales and dolphins in the oceans!!! it was hard to spot at first but after awhile your eyes will get used to it and see the whale and dolphins haha

i could have sworn there was sumtin else i wanted to write in the blog as i tot of it this morning but it slipped my mine so i guess i'll post it next time if i remember lol.
just a short blog but this is freakin wierd.... i was at work yesterday standing outside the restaurant to greet whatever customers that comes in and suddenly this old man walked past me, turned his head and said 'You're very handsome'

HUH?? "urm yeah thank you"

"no really you are..."

"thanks =)"

"cheers, mate"

2nd day in a row? lol, im gonna work again today and we'll see what happens
no i aint makin this up -_-
haha just wanna post this cos its jus so funny........ Aaron and I were spending our time in the mall today and we were on the way out this two girls ran and approached us and went ' Hi, can we take a pic wif you?' i went 'huh? what?' then she went again
'i mean can i take a pic wif you, cos youre good looking' hahhaa then errrrrr okay .. i dont know why but wat the heck lets take a pic then. Leonard was explaning to me maybe they were one of the 'otakus' meaning aussies girls whos into anime and they like asian guys -_- ahaha. what a day...
anyway just got back from church and it was awesome...... well I got a confirmation of what God wants me to do now which I got during my quiet time... God is awesome! praise him! =D not gonna put much detalis in yet but maybe later hehe.
cheers gonna go study
much luv
im having a break right now....... from studying accountings... yeah sucks i know. i failed my acc in INTI and i dont wanna do it again my *nightmare* is here *Shudders* lol. Pray that God will lead me thru this semester.. esp wif my accounting and having a part-time job now... pseaking of part-time job i got SCOLDED AGAIN!!!!!!!! not gonna tell why, cant be bothered BUT im gettin my pay tomorrow weeeeeeee =)) $$$$$$ MONEY MONEY$$$$

anyways im takin a break right now and just thought i mite bring up a topic... "THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW IN AUSTRALIA"

nutin much but its just something i noticed and experience for my half year here.. this if for y'all who is coming to study here or just wanna read whats so wierd bout australia.

1.) You'll be sent to jail for killing/mistreating ur pet e.g. leaving them in the car with the windows close
2.) FOOD here are salty, Aussies love salty food.... i ate twisties and damn it was salty... KFC CHICKEN SALTY???????? heck yeah
3.) PARTY! when some1 invites u for a party at their house... you bring food either for your own or to share wif other ppl
4.) coffee is a big thing here...ppl can have 1 hour+++ conversations with just one coffee
5.) from where I come from, food is VERY expensive........ Roti canai = AUS$ 9-10
6.) for chilli lovers, they dont have hot chillis, like in kfc mcdonalds, all they have is SWEET chilli... you got to buy the hot ones in asian groceries store
7.) you might or might not get sick of hearing 'hi how are you, hi how are you, hi how are you, hi how are you (x10) everyday'
8.) Finally... people are really really friendly here =)

God bless =p
so im back in gold coast..... honestly its good to be back here, get to meet my g.c friends, miss the Hope people but hey hey i missed u guys back in brunei too =(

I got back one week earlier and was spending time wif Rajan the whole week in brisbane. we had an awesome time together, got closer to Raj as we had time to catch up. HOWEVER us being together is not always a good thing cos we both are Idiots..... its a long story. but to cut the long story short lets say in the past one wekk we had been idiots... we do stupid things, say stupid things, we didnt do it itentionally but just so happens we were being idiots. for e.g. we missed our station cos we were sleeping in the train and I woke up right at the station we were supposed to stop in but i didn't know it was our station. So we had to take a bus back, while we were at the bus stop, i stopped and asked Rajan some dumb questions when the BUS was RIGHTINFRONTOFUS. yeahhh i didnt notice the bus until it left and it was the bus we were supposed to take. so we had to go all the way back to the station to take the next train back instead another 30min wasted...-___-"" yes there were more idiotic things we did but there are just to many to lists really XD

i finally got a job, thank God + aaron for the blessing..... i work in a thai restaurant, not bad, i get to work there and get free food BUT i didnt get paid the first 2 days of work because i was in-training... however by right, what they're doing is wrong because u get paid after like 2-3 hours of in-training/... dang asians in aussie. they pay u less and they are so 'kiam siap' my friend who works in KFC earns $12.50 an hour while i in a Thai restaurant gets only a freakin $10 an hour. thats so saddddd........ ugh i need to find a better place to work soon.

My first day was alright, but i got scolded and yelled at by this mad lady. the reason she's still working there is because the is so nice to the customers 'Hi... how are you?.. hows your meal? come again next time?" smiling and being the gentle woman she is. to the staffs shes a changed person, a monster unleashed roaring 'SEE FIRST BEFORE U DO ANYTHING!!!, DONT DO THAT!!! .... yadayadayada ugh. now i understand why everyone in the restaurant hates her....my 2nd day was funny because there was a party at restaurant next to us and it was a all-girls party and apparently they hired a male-stripper lol. i went to look what was the commotion about and dang.... the girls were all over the guy stripping. i only saw the body his bottoms were covered by the girls (no that i wanna see anything on the bottom anyway) haha.

well thats about it... uni just started... time to go into nerd mode!!!! time to put on my specs and cramp my head into the books =p

okay, so im back in brunei for hols, what have i been doin? Visitin the acts29'ers hangin out wif them, playin basketball, arcade and DOTA DOTA DOTA!! Dang i miss dota, i havent been playin for months every since i got to aus because of the stupid stupid slow internet. anyway i got this survey from Lizzie she wanted me to post it so here it is lol. as for the world cup im not a big fan of soccer but world cup is a must watch, its where the best vs the best. GO ITALY!

10 years ago I was:
9 years old
a very naught boy
liked this girl lol
in chms , primary 3 i think

5 years ago I was :
in JIS year 10-11 i think?
in the school basketball team
still a naughty boy, being a paikia in skool
a loser, depressed, being emotional having a 'PMS emotional day'

1 year ago I was :
In inti college studying
gettin closer to God
President of the Karate club, representing the country as well as the state
a good boy =)
Famous in the INTI DOTA world, TIGER !!!

Yesterday I was:
went to church,

5 most recent songs I listened to:
delirious?= paint the town red
jeremy camp= my desire
b.o.b= what i believe
Planetshakers- Shout it out
Desperation- Who you are

5 songs I know all the words to:
christian songs
my fav love songs
children songs

5 ideal places for runing away to:
brunei, although no palce to hide lol
my house, my room

5 items I really want:
do the will of God , serving him
mp3 player
a galfren lol
seeing my friends save
learn to play drums, guitar and sing

5 things I should be doing right now:
playin dota
learning the guitar

5 people I tag:
no one else, i cant b bothered

HAHAHA GUESS WHO HAS THE NEW PLANETSHAKERS PICK IT UP ALBUM??????????? WOoo yea! it's out and its awesome! well i wouldn't say the best but still good..... As usual the P.S album gets louder and louder every year........

anyway when I first heard it was out I was like... WHAT? The Arise album came out fewmonths ago and now they have another one?? zzzzzzzz but the new album is awesome.... If u loved Jump around... You'll love 'Shout it out' its way way better than jump around hoho! awesome really! haha.. so what you're waiting for? PICK IT UP NOW!
pray for me exams this and next week need to work hard =s

//Much LuV

im gettin high and crazy listening to the new songs lol!
hmmm okay new layout and it still needs fixing, the site is dead prob because of the boring posts I post and not ver interesting to read hey? haha. what the heck its alright.... those who visits and reads my blog i really appreciate it......... really =)

anyway... finals is just around the corner ... and guess what? I've been busy with my assignments till i havent got time to revise... not even a bit... this whole week i'ma try and get myself to study mode..God help me! haha. The past weeks have been kinda rough and i dont wanna think so much about it... i'll just put my trust in HIM that he'll guide me thru it.

Besides that I'm trying to get ready and in shape for basketball games. I'm looking forward to play ball with Bwyant, Melv and the rest of the UNITED TEAM! haha yes i came up wif the team name..United.... i came up wif Wolfpac , O2, H2O and eXtreme but they didn't agree and some names were taken so we agreed on united. so yeah, what do you know? i've quitted basketball many times and now have gone back to playin it again.

Today i played with some outsiders who came to uni and they were streetballers doin the and1 Sh*t. I'm sorry but as a baskeballer, played many games and a Pacers/Nets/Heat fan.... i think doin these and1-like moves are disgrace to basketball. They are just for entertainment but too me it aint entertainin. You travel a whole lot(not to mention other fouls) when u play wif us...its not proper basketball... take it to the streets and play wif ur street mates. If u wanna play proper ball then come here. Don't ever bring ur and1 moves in a proper basketball game.. just ticks us off. yes we will beat you in a game of basketball too, go learn some defence as well and some fundamentels, doing and1 style crossovers we can do that too, sheesh.
lol a friend gave me this site and it's so funny and at the same time it has meaning in the whole funny clip... enjoy the clip =)

well here's the new layout........i didn't really do it but BIG thanks to Jana who helped me with this new layout.. i like it ! i'll update the site and add some stuffs to the pics when my exams are over which is in a month keke. so be patient ya =p
BIG SORRY to all my friends out there if you've been wondering what the heck have I been up too and not been keep in touch wif y'all.

Ok let's hear the excuses.... I'm very busy here, like I said, I have one assignement due every week, so when I finished one assignment, I couldn't take a deep breath and say 'phew time to relax' nononono I have another assignment waiting to be handed in the next week =( sucks i know. I hav actually one assignemnt due in 2 days time and I HAVENT started... been busy wif other assignements and quizes till i dont have the time to go on wif the next assignment *sigh*

2nd excuse- My laptop as you know was busted for nearly 2 months so i couldnt come online except when i'm in Uni but I finally got a new one ^^
  • Intel pentium M processor 760 (2 ghz, 2mb l2 cache, 533 mhz FSB)
  • I can watch TV on the laptop by just connectin an antena
  • 17inch LG screen
  • Sensor Lock (i love this)
  • Nvidia Geforce GO 7300
  • 100gb hardisk
  • 1024mb DDR 2 memory
  • 8 channel audio "(dolby)
  • comes wif a free orignal program, headset, remote control and mouse
  • for just a whoopin aus$2200!!! its cheap and a good investment if u ask me hoho

3rd excuse- No credit, I cant sms or call because i've used up my free sms and callin other people with different phone company costs heaps!! I'm thinkin of havin 2 lines so it'll be cheaper now....zzzzz and lastly i've been busy as well because i'm in the worship team, leadin praise bit for the moment =D , cg on wed, catchin up on fri, church on sunday guess the only time im free is sat -__-

so that's all the excuses i got.. and im really really sorry again to my friends out there who I havent been keepin in touch, i'll try to make up for it and catch up wif y'all soon yea =s

WeiWei - I am really sorry, i havnt been catchin up wif u and talkin the way we had before =((
Panda- I know you're busy wif ur mid terms n i hav my assignments so It's hard for us to catch up yeah, wait til ur exams are over yea
Michy- Heya, I havent been talkin to you for a long time, i'l try to chat wif u if i get the time to get online yeah... Raj sends his regards!
Brunei frenz- what to say? When i come back we go YamCha!!!! hohoho
Msia frenz- Aisk, Sometimes i dont see u all online, i know inti connection sux lol, but i'll try my best to chat wif u all yeah =p

yes yes, call me the lousiest, worst fren or whatever you want, the excuses are lame i guess but its true haha =.=" uni life is tough and stressin esp when u're in the 1st year ~~

Much Love!

Yup... I wont be blogging for a month or so because of all the assingments that are bombarding me. I used the simple blogger layout for the moment and will change the layout whenever i'm free... The old one had a few problems like for some reason the taggie board went missing and I couldn't bring it back, hey at least now the taggie is back =D

Oceania convention was great! to much to tell but got a revelation there and met lots of new people from Hope =) during the 3rd day of the convention something happened. My right ear was blocked, and at first I tought it was moths flying into my ear when I was sleeping or they laid eggs in my ear cos' there were lotsa moths flying around the place at nite.... Thankfully I found out that it was Wax building up in my ear, which is bad as well... Went to the nurse today and she syringe my ear and took the wax out.... the wax wasn't a pretty sight, it was BIG! and I didnt dare look at it but the EVIL nurse forced me to take a look at it, she said 'C-mon now, I have to look at it and so you have to look at it too' , took a peep at the wax and seriously i almsot thew up =s really evil that nurse, not only once but she forced me to look at all of the waxes that was removed, trying not to look at it she shoved it in front of my face so I could look at it... really evil ugh....

Besides that I had a haircut, a good friend of mine, Vanessa had a fren who was studying as a hairdresser and so she introduced me to her fren and her fren offered to cut my hair for Free haha yeah! Yup so my hair is all black now, the highlight's all gone, my hair is so short that i look like a little boy, and my beautiful long 'tail' was cut off as well. and no, I won't take a pic of it and post it up lol.

thats pretty much it, I guess. oh and my poor mp3 zen is busted along with my laptop, the graphics card overheated so i can't use my laptop and i've been a nerd for the past months going to library doing my assignements and study =s

much love
i dont know what happened the day after i log in my tag board is missing? i dont know how it happened... someone help? maybe its a sign i'll have to change my template ... i'll do it in after my assignments are done....

Oceania Convention 2006 in a week!! cant wait!!!!
I’m so screwed at the moment. My laptop is busted, because of the freakin hot weather. My graphics card got overheated I guess that’s why all I see is blurs in the monitor…. Stupid Weather, stupid laptop (guess that’s the problem of getting a pirated one lol)… now I have to suffer and I’ll have to come to the comp lab in uni to do my assignments which sucks. Internet’s not free, they’ll deduct money from my account when I use the net. -__- So yeah im in the lab at the moment and I’m all wet because it has been raining non stop and I have no choice but to run to the uni to do my assignments. Nope I haven’t got and umbrella yet, yeayea I shud hav got one, all I have right now is just a jacket -.-

Other than that I got another surprise on Sunday. Went to church and I was inside doing some reading and suddenly when they said ‘Everyone come out!’ I quickly came out and there was a cake right in front of me saying ‘Happy Bday Jason’ hehe. Feel so touched! I got another cake for my bday! Weee. Really surprised that they baked me a cake… I told the pastor ‘shhhh keep it a secret’ but noooo he let it out lol. Anyway I better get back to my assignments now lots to do as I’ll be going to Sunshine coast to feed the Dolphins!!!!!! =D , for those who knows me really well knows how much I love dolphins ^_^ hope it doesn’t rain though
yea so im finally 19th... how do i feel? I feel older -__-" like my youth days are over.. but hey! I went for cg last week and a few girls there thought that i was 15-16 haha, and it doesnt matter if your age is old its the heart that counts! I still feel young hehe.

how did i spend my bday? let's see my parents came and visit me for a week...and they were leaving on my bday actually. sooo i was stayin over their place the nite before and spend time wif them till the afternoon. When i got back I went online and was immediately greeted with birthday wishes haha. I feel so loved =D , although some of my friends actually forgot -.- especially the one i expect them to remember, o well nvm.... got a few smses and calls. Not many people in Oz knows my bday but i was surprised that nel and cindy, two of my new frens i just met remembered my bday when i told them just once 2 weeks ago heh. I had CG at nite but we did sumtin diff, the cg leader knew it was my bday and instead they brought me to play tennis and got me a chocolate dutch cake *mMmm* I suck in tennis, last i played was in high school bout 4 years ago? I USED to be so into tennis and wanted to learn more but then I stopped because it was Tennis that actually ruined my Basketball career. I had tennis elbow (injury on the elbow which really hurts) for a few months. After i was healed I had never touched a tennis racket again. Well my bday wasnt that great haha but i guess the best part was the candles on my cake. It's so cool! Here's what happened
Friend: Make a wish , Blow the candles!
Me: *blow*
no more fire, 1-2 seconds later candle lights up by itself
Wondering why is the fire so strong that i coudlnt blow the fire out
Blows again
No more fire, or so i thought, 1-2 secs later it light itself up again and I saw the smirk in my friends face. Found out that the candle will light itself up again after u blow the candle! =p silly me. Well you can say that i was a bit 'sakai' i've really never seen these kinds of candle before..

anyway dont have much time to blog anymore... i have lots of assignments and studies to do .... Every week there is at least one assignemnt due in. It's kinda stressing really... but its a good thing i have seniors who are willing to help with my assignements ^^ and i try to finish it 1 week before its due.
wooo yup! i went to Dreamwold on saturday.... with the malaysian student association.. i joined the club to get to know a few malaysians in the campus. So far I have only met one malaysian whose my classmate. Yea..yea like some of my friends back in malaysia they also called me 'sesat' because of how i was born in brunei, raised and study there but im holding a malaysian passport -.- Hey! im not the only one like that! lol. Im proud to be a malaysian then again I feel like Brunei's my hometown because i was raised there all my life... Let's just say im proud to be both hahahaha. Dreamwolrd was FUN! VERY FUN! Better than genting I think.... but i still the miss the roller coater rides in Jerudong Park in brunei though they're the best! Even dreamworlds coasters cant beat that, too bad its close =( The rides were scary and awesome! Can't explain everything to if u guys wanna know come to Gold Coast, visit me and i'll bring y'all there =D oh, and the malaysians there are older than me 20+++ lol. They were surprised when they found out im 18 (turning 19 soon *23rd march Hinthint*) calling me little boy =s, why does it feel like im in INTI haha.

anyway.... I have started playing basketball again... been playing 2-3 times a week and trying to play more but its hard cos of uni stuffs so i'll try to work out my time. Gonna work hard and get my lost skillz back... its so hard! After playin one game or running up and down the court a few times im already out of breath. urgh. Neeeed toooo wooorkkk hard!

went to a christian shop the next day because the NEW United Live album: United we stand was officialy released on saturday and guess what?: It was SOLD OUT!! aiyak.. prob going to town n' get it tmrw.... hope its not sold out! lolz

"Yet now he has brought you back as his friends. He has done this through his death on the cross in his own human body. As a result, he has brought you into the very presence of God and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault, but ou msut continue to believe this truth and stand in it firmly......"- Collossians 1:22,23

dont think that you are useless, and unworthy because of your sins, because of the blood of JC, we are holy and blameless in this presence. Nothing but the blood of JC that can make us whole again, wash us pure as snow, wash away our sins and welcome as the friends of God.
okay.. so it's the 2nd week of class and i can feel the pressure coming in at me. Already I have assignment that needs to be done and due in two weeks, and I have a feeling more assignments are coming in this week. argh.... I was at foundation class yesterday and the lecturer was going thru the assignment. The first page had 10 questions that needs to be done and had to do heck lots of research to get get the answer. After 15 min of explaining the 10 questions I was relief that it was all done... or so I thought. "Okay on to part B" the lecturer said...me and my new korean friend was like 'THERES A PART B?????" what the..... there's already a lot to do in part A and we jsut found out there's a part B which was like an essay kinda thing. I feel like by the end of this semester i won't hav any hair left =s

speaking of hair... My hair is superlong now, it has already gone past my neck. I'm still thinking if i shud cut it (but its expensive) or leave it long till the end of semester which is june or july! and I'll be having a pony tail ^^ I love the current hairstlye I'm having.. lots of people was asking 'wherd u get it cut?' 'Wa, you look so much more like AhBeng/Samseng/Paikia now.' -__-" lots of people, for those who don't know me will get a first impression that i'm a bad boy.. but hey! get to know me! once you do you'll find out that I have a caring heart, i'm a nice guy =D

other than that, I started playin basketball again.. I was playing in uni and I suck bad bcos of the lack of stamina. I played 'okay' despite my lack of fitness.
Last i've played was november i think? I played a little when i was in Brunei but that didn't really count. I'm thinking of joining the basketbal club, and gonna go back to trainin mode again = in other words, take the game seriously. I know I know, for those who knew me from way back, I said that I've quited the game (i said that like 5 times i think lol) and i was gonna take it for wat it is.... A GAME... play for fun. But i don't know its just the inside of me.. boiling in there.. wanting to get out there and compete again., my hand.. its so itchy, wanting to touch the ball again.

Yeah so i'll be joinin many clubs... I've joined, The malaysian associaiton club, CF, and probably Basketball and karate.. WOAH TATS A LOT! + assignemtns, classes and many a part time job? dang.. I'll think about it........
edit: suddenly have to add this.... "I will rescue those who love me, I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on ,e, I iwll answer, I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them. I will satisfy them with a long life and give them my salvation" Psalm 91:14-16

you know what.. i just feel like posting this..... seems like the people/friends around me are all having some sort of problems... hurtings deep within, emotions problem, girl/guy problem, blablabla. you name it.

I just dont get it really....... Yes you're having problems.. and being hurt can suck that much... i've gone through it...and you're looking for a way to solve it. But some don't wanna let it out and tell it to their friends?
  • -because they dont wanna bother their friends with their problems
  • -or just think they can solve it by themselves and keep all the pain and hurtings all deep within. -
  • Sometimes you expect that someone would help you... and understand you when you dont even wanna tell them ANYTHING! just keeping quiet there...
  • dont keep it in there for a long long time.. and show them that bigfake smile of urs when you are really hurt and sad within

bottom line is.... you got to open your mouth and tell it out to SOMEONE.. at least someone.... you trust and y'knw can help you...if they are not being helpful look for some1 else. if you dont.. seriously nutin will ever change.

yes it can feel as if a dagger just pierced your heart.. I've felt it that way too.. who hasnt? But i've gone over it... how? By talkin and sharin it to my friends.. yes... there is ALWAYS some1 would be there for you and listen to your problems..and they will help you out... if they can't they'll try to find solution too... if your friends cant be botherd to help u then they're not really being a good friend at all

Just wanna end by saying that you know whoever you are I'm willing to lend my ears to listen to your problems and helping you out whichever way is possible. I'm on 24/7 (ok its just a figure speech lol) but yeah... whenever! my fone is 24/7 =p you must be wondering.. what the heck is this guy doing? askin ppl to tell him their problems???? nah.. im just saying im willing to help, its just that somehow I just dont like seeing ppl being sad and all and that for some reason i just Love helping ppl out wif their problems... makes me feel good and seeing them happy again.. so yea..

just wanna add a big thanks+hugs to the people who had helped me a lot during my troubles and problems I had =) esp...
-The BIG man up there, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! you took all my hurt away =)
-Panda, thanks for everything really, miss you
-Leo, hai~ It's good that i can share stuff wif u although u were never really a big help to solve problems but a good listener XD

haha... yeah the title says it all... I've been here in Aus exactly one week and what have I been doing besides, getting my uni and bank stuff settled. PLAYIN GUNBOUND!! WOOO!! ok that sounds sad. Thing is when i first got here my interet was SUPER FAST.. i can dl one movie in a day, thats how fast it is but then after 2 days i got here the interet started to get busted.... I have problem connecting to the net, and internet is SLOWWWWW. I cant go online play Star wars or Warcraft.. so there's only one solution, GUNBOUND! w00Tz! haha. going to town is a hassel... walking 500m+ under the hot sun to the campus and have to take the bus down and back just costs $$. Dont have the $$ so I'll have to save me cash. Practically been staying at home sleepin, eatin, watching tv, playin Gunbound and readin the 'chun' book! >.<

I'm staying with a singaporen boy atm, and funny how his doing the same course as mine lol! Let' see the past few days I've been eating not so proper meals? Frozen ready-made meals and isntant noodles.... yup. yum yum! No im not sick at it yet cos I love LASAGNE!!! *droolls*

Went to youth grp on Friday and made a couple of frens there already(and im the only chinese there >.<)... The people in Aus are jsut so friendly. After that night they brought me to Q1 which is the WORLD TALLEST RESIDENTIAL TOWER and it has the FASTEST elevator. I got to the 77th floor in like 5-10sec? wow. The view is just awesome and beautiful.... Can practically see the whole of Gold Coast, and the moonlight shining on the waters on the beach.. it was just loevely =) Sat nite they invited me to their house and palyed some pool and watch movies >.< Well yea u cud say I've been hangin out wif the Aussies alot and that I think in a couple of weeks time I'm gonna have that aussie accent lolz. Still getting used to the culture here... it's aight nothing much of a diff =)

Well that's all for now...till then
Take care ppl! Luv and miss y'all!

So as I promised I’ll write a mail when I’m all settled in Brisbane =) Okay let’s see I arrived here on the 11th of Feb, the flight was about 6-7 hours? The personal TV monitor screen I had wasn’t working and I asked the stewardess to help me but I don’t think she did cos the screen didn’t turn on for the whole trip. Sad, I had to lean over and look over to watch what the people in front of me were watching lol, They had the new Zorro movie and Elizabethtown? I WANT TO WATCH! Stupid screen wasn’t working =(( So I was listening to music, sleeping, reading book, sleeping, going to the loo, sleeping, reading, sleeping… urm yeah.. basically sleeping the whole trip heh. Was greeted by Rajan, Maria and My old fren Karthik from the airport. Good thing he had a car and was willing to pick me up cos it costs about 60+ to Rajan’s place.

I was stayin in Rajan’s place for 2 nights, the 2nd day in Brisbane was already awesome, Raj brought me to do some shopping and then in the late afternoon went for a church service. A fren brought us there, and it was great, cos after the service people just came and introduced themselves, had a lil chit chat and invited us for supper in a frens place. It was great really, my 2nd day in Brisbane and I have already met so many awesome frens, sadly it’s gonna be awhile till I get to see them again as I will be leaving for Gold Coast the next day which is FAR.

So on the 13th, Raj and I took a taxi to Gold Coast. It was a 45 min ride from his place to Gold coast and it costs a whopping $110!!!!!!(Taxis are expensive here) ARGH! What to do? I had a fren whos supposed to bring me to Gold coast but I couldn’t contact him.. no choice had to take taxi. Gold Coast’s a lovely place. Haven’t been to the beach, movie/sea world yet but I will soon ! =) Just got all my accommodation settled, nice place except there’s no AIR CORN!! And its really freakin hot here…. Seriously.. hotter than the afternoons in Brunei/Malaysia.

So Far Brisbane has been great, my classes starts somewhere on the 20th++ of Feb, I need to go for orientation and stuffs before that. I haven’t been eating proper meals cos the food is quite expensive here? A piece of roti canai costs $9 I heard. Bummer. Just been eating read-made meals, chips and sodas for lunch or dinner =s. Sometimes even skipped lunch lol. I’m getting Skinny!! >.<

Its great meeting and talking to the aussie people, because you go tell them you’re from Brunei.. they go ‘Where’s Brunei?’ And I had to take my fone out and explain to them where Brunei’s (my fone has a map ^^) and its funny how most of them go ‘Oh your English is good’ (wa of course haha, perasaan eh, jkjk.) because they never thought people from asian countries really speak English? Brisbane somehow just feels like Brunei but wif more ‘angmo’ and with a more beautiful environment I guess maybe the climate is the same that’s why I feel like that heh.

Anyhow that is what has been going on so far.. I’ll update y’all with more stuffs after a few weeks yea? Take care ppl, I really miss you guys…..and oh if you do come to Brisbane FIND ME! My number +61406776858 =P, address not sure yet… I’ll tell u all later heh.

till then Take care and Miss y'all!
God Bless
Tt's 11.44pm and in about 13-14 hours time i'll be leaving Brunei and off to Brisbane!! I can't sleep yet prob there are lots of things running in my head right now. It's wierd because the few months before I had to leave KL for good I just met so many wonderful friends and I just got close to them and wanted to know them more, sadly I couldn't because there just wasn't enough time.

Brunei= Same thing.. I was here for about 2 months+ and I have again met many new, wonderful and cool frens =) most of my old frens have gone overseas and so I didn't have much frens in Brunei. Anyhow, it's sad really.... because these new friends that I just met and got comfortable with and started getting closer to them, I had to leave!! Altough it's been short but I'm seriously going to miss y'all... esp those in acts29. It's been awesome worshipin and fellowship-ing with you all and a blessing knowin you guys. Really going to miss you all... and those in KL as well, the CF people, my Karate group, IMAC, DOTA-mates heh. BUT I know it's gonna be great when I get to Brisbane, many awesome things is gonna happen, another new adventure =p lol. How do i feel? honestly, I don't feel anything atm... usually I feel it durin the day that I leave, i do feel sad when I say goodbyes to my frens, I cried on the airplane when I left brunei for KL last year... no one knew haha *secret reaveled* I Hope i dont do that again when I leave for brisbane lol. I'm a strong boy...

I think that's about it... I'll update y'all when i'm settled yeah... in the meantime take care and God bless....

Bi jing you xie shi bu ke yi
Chao guo le you qing hai bu dao ai qing
Yuan fang jiu yao xia yu de feng jing
sa sa de
FINALLY i managed to get a part of my blog updated lol.... the link section, it's more colorful now i guess heh, after like 1 hour of work with the html stuffs, im still workin on it..... I'm tired now.. will try to make the site more colorful. Change the style/color of the fonts, etc etc etc. Lot's of people asking why all white wan? I guess it makes it dull huh =/ will try to make it more colorful......Soon! If i can find help from people -__-"

oh btw.. if i haven't link you all, which i prob hav forgotten bcos the HTML stuffs is drivin me crazy!! pls do msg me and i'll link y'all yea.... Take care... im off to DOTA!! n00bxors
I got this a long time ago and found it again in my friends blog again..... I have nothing to do so might as well post it for fun =)

Attractive personality. - hahaha i dont know? up to you guys to jduge me ^^
Sexy. - oh yeah =D
Affectionate. - definately
Shy and reserved. - starting yeah i guess
Secretive. - oo i can keep secrets ^^
Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. - yup yup
Loves peace and serenity. - definately
Sensitive to others. - nah
Loves to serve others. - Serve GOD! and others yea
Easily angered. - nopey
Trustworthy. - Definately
Appreciative and returns kindness. - yea
Observant and assesses others. - yea
Revengeful. - NONONO
Loves to dream and fantasize. - used to
Loves travelling. - yea! SHOPING!
Loves attention. - eeehh 50/50 ?
Hasty decisions in choosing partners. - hah?
Loves home decor. - duno yet
Musically talented. - oh yea! hehe
Loves special things. - i treasure everything
Moody - nopey used to be

ok all in all this is a bunch of crap really....... >.<
That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying our spirits are being renewed everyday. For our present troubles are quite small and wont last very long. Yet they produce for us an immeasurably great glory that will last forever! So we dont look at the troubles we can see right now, rather we look forward to what we have not yet seen. For the troubles we see will soon be over, but the joys to come will last forever.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

There are times when i feel down, and stressed because of so many problems, i used to have 'PMS' (mood swings) for no reason, and when i hav troubles i just let it wear off which doesnt help much.....but this verse encouraged me... that's for sure... just look for the Big guy up there and everything will be fine =) I know all these troubles will go away in a day and the Joy that im feeling now and forever will last forever. He comforts us in all our troubles takes away our sadness and sorrow. The small guy down there cant do a thing to bring me down, because these problems will just last for that long and i rather look forward.






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