I love the song Who am I from casting crowns but when I saw this skit I was like Wow! check it out!

it's not everyday you'll see Spiderman in McDonalds!

Spiderman sighted at McD at 2200 Hours


Life so far has been great, well not really, just busy. I only get to have one day rest since I got back then the day after I had to help out with the Valentine's day event we had, which I will post the pics some time next week hopefully. Did I mention I spent AUS$300 in just 2 days?? Getting myself food for the summer season, buying a new printer and just going out to eat because I'm just so lazy to cook. MANNA KOREAN BBQ RESTAURANT I LOVE YOU!!!

Other than that I'm back to that crappy Thai Restaurant again. The boss called me and asked if I wanted to work, cos she needed people again. So I just got back from work and I'm dead tired, which reminds me why I didn't want to work there in the first place, but what to do? I need the cash badly. I'm gonna work there for about 2 months then I'll quit and get a job in a hotel or something. That place is dam far, dam dirty (cockroaches in the Kitchen?? c-mon!), ppl very kiam-siap. arghhhh, at least I get to eat good thai food again keke.
other than that............

really die again =(
Woot! I'm back in the Gold Coast and I was hoping I could relax more but after just one day rest who knows I have already lots of things to do. Me and the guys have lots of Valentine's day preparation to do. Don't wanna get into details yet but its heck a lot of work but definately rewarding I think. (I learnt how to make flowers with tissue paper!)

Anyhow coming back to the Coast was a bit of a problem at the airport in Brunei.
1.) The screw in my specs came off just 5 min before I left the house, Couldn't find it so had to go to the shop and get one, thank God that the shops were open.

2.) Max 30 kg. I went over by just 4kg and I had to pay was it $355 or 655 i couldn't rememeber but what the heck either one still a lot of money to pay

3.) I booked my flight early and I found out I was upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS!!!! woot! hahaha. Ok I might sound sakai abit but I've never eeevvvverrrr been on a business class so this is my first. After all the trouble I can finall relax. Of course they treated me like a superstar, cooking me good food, getting my own personal TV, and big nice comfy seet after all that trouble hohoho.

Here's some pics for those losers like *Potato *cough* who don't believe me XD (jk)

Like what Borat would say 'Very nice.. I like!'

miss y'all back in Brunei! Happy Valentine's Day!
My last night in Brunei and to be honest I'm really happy and I can't wait to go back to Gold Coast, not that I don't like Brunei or anything haha. It's just that I have things to settle and do back there and I can't wait to go back and get my hands on deck.

Coming back to Brunei has been fun, meeting up with 'old' friends and new ones, chilling and the usual go to the mall, eat, watch movie, RF thing, 29nerz and SG (sexay group.... haha jk) , Banana our lunch time dunno where to go and eat thing haha, we so blur =.= the beach and of course the food! =) Miss you guys loads and I definately had a lot of fun!

I might/might not see you guys again after today so.......... BLARGHH! don't wanna think about it right now haha. Keep in touch !

Take good care and don't miss me to much =P Rock on !
Ok last post on the mission trip, just some random pics on the fun stuff's we did. Enjoy =) (if you havent read the last post, pls read it haha)

BTW if you're under 18 I suggest you don't scroll down further to look at the pics cos I think there's some R rated pics LOL. (not really) but yes still...............

Chillin' at Starbucks

Okay before you say anything It's not animal cruelty!! The cat is just ............dumb. Seriously, he was lying there seeking attention while we were working and so we decided to bury him under the sand, and pile him with bricks while he was lying down. Honestly the cat was PuuurRRrring , He loved it!!!! (and it was all my pastors idea =.=)

Elephant ride next!!

The lady on the mic said this with her thai accent 'and this elephant is drawing to show how much they love each other' -____-"""

Well at least the elephant ride was good but I witnessed the elephant in front of me pooping as it was walking =.=

At least the monkey school will be fun right? I mean look at them so cute!!
Not this one, this monkey dam naughty run up and down jumping on us
Yeah, I have no idea how this picture came out, it was an accident! somehow my head was there also for some reason ....... did I make the monkey happy?
at least the orchid garden was relaxing... phew

Enjoyed my Mango and that was on the truck with our bags on the way back.... Happy Chinese New Year =) Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

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