Wow , Prespetry was awesome!! God was moving so powerfully in the past 2 nights. I just wanna say that everything was spot on, and I mean exactly spot on. They knew what each individual character was like, they knew what they have been through not only that but the giftings they had and what God will do in their lives, it was just simply mind-blowing. For me personally I got prophesied over as well, don't want to get into much detail just yet because I haven't got the recording and I need to go thru it with my shepherd first.

BUT what I can say is that I learnt, when you fast and pray to get prophesied over it doesn't mean twisting God's arm to get what you want but it's to be ready to get what God wants. Ps John Jacks also jokingly said 'Prophesy is not to make you feel good but to destroy your life, because now you have the responsibility to do what God has called you to do , cos you know it now' Might sound funny in a way but when you look at it, its true also and honestly my life was 'destroyed' But God is Good, and I'm going to put my Hope in Him through the Good times and the bad times cos My God reigns

My God Reigns - Matt Hooper & Jock James , new song by Abundant Life Church

(Verse 1)
I have a hope so sure
An anchor for my soul
My peace in the worst of times
I trust in God alone

(Pre Chorus)
Let every voice declare it now (

Chorus) My God reigns His love will never fail me
My God reigns – He’s ruling over all In all my Life
In every situation I know My God is greater
My God is over all

(Verse 2)
By faith I have believed
And on this truth I stand
No power in life or death
Can take me from His hand

Above all sickness,
above all fear
Above every heartache here
In earth and heav’n – My God reigns!

Above all power,
above all thrones
The greatest love I’ve ever known
Today, forever, my God reigns!
Wow I can't believe that the semester is going to end in 1 week + and I'll be having my finals in 2 weeks. It's my final semester and I keep hearing people telling me that Final Semester Subjects are hard, you're gonna get stressed out rarara~ To be honest I was pretty slack this semester, doing my presentation in the last minute, started doing my assignments one week before its due but hey! God is gracious! =)

One of the assignment I had was a 2000 word essay and when the teacher was handing the assignment back in class, I saw people getting 40-55/100 and I was nervous. Praise God tho I got 78/100 which isn't too bad ay =) I would like to thank Ms Handy again for pushing, whipping and scolding me to do well in my essay back in high school haha

The other aassignment was a 3000 word report on Strategy and Change and my topic was on Night Clubs. We got 25/30 so we were eligble to do a presentation which was out of 5 and for the presentation we got 4/5 = Total marks of 29/30 !!! wooot!!! How cool is that? The presentation was so freakin' awesome and the students were in a frenzy that my tutor went 'I have a question, you seem to know about night clubs a lot, do you go there often?' HAHA

anywayzzzzz my point is NEVER EVER in my whole 3 years of uni life Have I ever got that high in my assignment! 29/30!!!!

It's not everyday you can see 2 Rainbows.

Note: Comments for the posts are up!

I've been working really hard recently, I worked close to 18 hours last week, not to mention 10 and a half hours of work straight from 9am to 4.30pm and start work from 5.30-9.30 in Marriott. Oh also one of the client said to me 'you're doing a good job! you should get a raise! go tell your manager that" lolz

I'll be working for about 10 hours+ this coming friday as well -_- . However I know God has blessed me with this job... I Remembered before I got this job, I prayed that the money I earn from this job will be use to be a blessing to others and two events occured where money is needed.

1.) One of the our pastors wife in Perth got cancer terribly, so we need to take up donation for her operation. If you guys could include Hannah in your prayer for God's healing that'll be much appreciated!

2.) Prophet John Jacks and his wife Monnett will be coming to Gold Coast next week and this is a well-known and spot on prophet. I really respect and appreciate just the fact that he made a time slot to just come to our little 40+ people church to prophesy over the leaders and leaders in training. Not only that but usually when you ask well known prophets to come over to prophecy they'll probably ask 'how big is your church?' 40? sorry can't, 2000? sure thing. Some do it because of the money they'll be getting from a large church. Ps John believed that the large church doesn't need to be prophesy over as much as the small church because he believes that the large church would already has their own prophets rising up ... Wow! This guy would come and help build small churches so that it can grow ! So yeah, although we are a small church I want to bless the minsitry of Ps John and Monnett as much as I can. I've seen them prophesy last year in our church conference and all was spot-on, kinda scary when you think about it haha

I'll be fasting like crazy , repenting and seeking God hard next week >.<

Other than that My assignments are all done and now I'm back to slacko mode..... exams starts on the 10th .I still have time to play play a bit hahaha.
Went surfing during the mid-semester break and it was heaps of fun! Brought my friends along to surf and this was my 3rd time surfing but this time I didn't take any lessons, I hired a surfboard and went surfing by myself.

Wazaaapp!! Surfs Up boys! ( I need to start working out ay)

Preparing for lessons

Everyone managed to get to stand on the board once so that was cool heheDaz me managed to surf after 1 year of not surfing haha, apparently this was the only pic my friend was able to take so sad =(After that camwhore!! That's me and my housemate Shaun, he went boogie boardring , I'm going to get a boogie board as well The highlight of the day was prob this lost pink undie.. it somehow got to us and we just started to throw it to one another haha. MUST take a pic with the her haha

All in all I had an awesome day, met couple of new people and had fun hanging out with my friends.... except for the next day......... all because of these 2 pics that some perv was trying to take when I was putting sunblock on my body.

Because they quickly pull their camera out to take my pic so I became shy shy and forgot to put the sun block entirely on my back.....which results in a massive sunburn I got the next day.............. Took me one week to heal -_-Thanks a lot guys, now I don't need a tatoo, this would do XP

*sniff* I'm so touched, katomojomania just nominated me for having the coolest blog that he ever knew and my blog was awarded with the Butterfly Award. Firstly I would like to thank the blogger Jason Lee whos the coolest guy in the planet, w/o him would not win this butterfly award. last but not least my loyal fans who has been checking up and reading and even tho sometimes you guys never leave a comment or tag, I know there's someone always reading and somehow can impact or just touch lives with *choke* sorry tears coming out, I can't contain it... have to run to the toilet'

Once accepting this award, the rules are as follow:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

*I'm going to add my own rules, I wont be leaving a msg for my nominees because I know they'll read this haha*

Fyi its not in any particular order =)

9o4 Banana
For her talent and skillz in designing templates for blogs, not only that but she has lots of lengzai pics for girls to drool at, and whens my pic going to be there haha kiddin.......

Hope Brisbane
This is definately one of my fav blog. With book reviews, whats' happening in the church and wonderful insights from the Church leaders, a must read!

I randomly found his blog and now can say we're blog mates. Very interesting to see what's been happening in high school life and bring me up to date with some Christian news/vids that I might miss out.

She just started bloggin not long ago but its very interesting to check on what she has been up too and dont worry no pressure just blog whatever, its good =)

The pics and some updates on church outings really bring me back to the 'old' days in Brunei, miss hanging with them guys

a blog where Skyjuice is being real, true and someone who wants to lead ppl to their destiny.

Meh, Lamo.... why did i even pick you HAHA. naw personally I love it. its unique and I guess through her blog you can know what are her thoughts besides the whacky silly gal.

After seeing pics of him and his friend lying on the roadside dead + the dumb video he posted, whats not to love ?

Melissa from JB
The reason why my internet cap is at its limit is because of her blog. Its long with TONS of pics . but this is some1 who has achieved a lot in virtually every category, be it singing, performing, debating.... wonder woman!

lastly, this blog has........... oh. wait. I can't nominate myself?
Woah, can you believe this?
Monday- Beach
Wed- Beach again
Sunday- Beach again!!

How cool is that?? This is what you call living on the Gold Coast, the beach, the slow relaxed lifestyle n just chillin' =)

I'm almost done with my 2k word essay, left with one more assignment and presentation!

oh and you guys HAVE to check this out its a MUST!
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