What a hectic weekend, just got back from an awesome time at camp, will share more about the camp later when I get the pics and also went surfing the day after the camp. Came back sunburned =.= will talk more about it later as well because this is yet another overdued post and like lamo said Im the worst blogger in the world haha XD

Here are the long awaited wedding photos... There were more pics but I only managed to get the pics of one person only. It was the first wedding I attended that is someone actually close to me. When Jocelyn came in , Fabian actually cried! which got me thinking.... if that was me I think I would do the same -_- *got to practice not to let any tear come out* anyway I did shed some tears , who wouldnt? Heck even Big Jon did hahahha (Sorry bro) oh and I was honored to be the usher for the wedding =)

Fabian sang a song to Jos , it was so sweet =) Jos is going 'oh my Gosh' haha jk

Girl's being girls =]Congrats again Fab and Jos and it's good to have you both back again in the Coast !

FINALLY !! I've uploaded the long awaited Paintball Skirmish pictures -__-" I had the pic in my hardisk for 1 month+ now and the reason I didn't upload it was because one picture was huge because my friend took it with this bigass camera , and you photographers know that one picture file is huge. So I uploaded it in facebook and took the pics off facebook , smart! Anyway here are the pics and yes its 1 month ago and my hair was turning to a jungle.

Booby Trap!! Notti Jon cover the word LOL

Mary Got stuck trying to get her pants with her shoes on -_-

anyway it was pretty fun and a good experience, first time I've played paintball and man it does hurt! Some dumb people don't know the rules of 'Raise your hand, surrender.... Don't shoot' Funny how you raise your hand high high and bullets still come aiming at you -.- pride, race, blood, hairs, color and sweats were all at stake but in the end MY team emerged victorious wahhaha.

after paintball we went to surfers for Baskin Robins and Bubble tea, its like a tradition nowadays, after every event we would just go baskin robins and get cheap ice cream haha,.

and of course going out , there always has to be a time to be vain and take pics.....

speaking of which I cut my hair already and let's just say its back to Black hair, no color at all and surprisingly people didn 't know black was my natural hair color haha. That's how long I had colored hair for T.T It's shorter now and more 'goodboy' looking right? that's what everyone commented anyway, not looking like 'ah beng' anymore. Personally I think this is more Korean hair style ay? 2 more assignments to go!

I was just looking back at the past and I can't help chuckle on some of the things that we used to do

1.) Before the Internet and Mobile Phones we would call each other with our house phone. Not only that but it was one of the best way to 'Kao' a girl and I bet everyone has done this before.

"ok bye"
"why are you still here? bye"
"urm i duno hehehe..... bye"
"you put your phone down first laa"
"dunwan you put first then I put"
"okokok on the count of 3. 1......2.........3!!!"
"hello? u still there"
"hehehe, why didn't you put down your phone"

2.) When the internet came up ,MIRC and ICQ were the in-thing. You can find anyone virtually from anywhere in the world, and I found lots of my old friends from primary school through MIRC. But the funny thing was the era where everyone just clicked on someone randomly and went 'ASL?' 'ASL?' (age/sex/location) and you can make your details up.. 24/F/Alaska , waaaa you're from alaska? cool! do you have any pic?

3.) 90' s was the era I think of Michael Jackson , almost everyone LOVED Michael Jackson, I still have a video of him perfoming live in Jerudong Park. Oh and not to forget pop bands /boybans like Backstreetboys, Westlife, Boyzone, 911, MLTR, Spice Girls , B*Witched....

3.5.) I forgot to metion that I used to play the song that my crush likes whenever I'm talking on the phone with her , because thats how crazy we were liking boybands!!

4.) Remember the times when people would wear baggy cargo pants and shirts that are super huge?

5.) Oh I loved captain planet, TMNT, Ultraman, Dragon Ball (sadly the western part of the world are only now into Dragonball when we were already in it in 1990, and now they're making a dragonball Z movie which is going to be a disgrace to the anime) GOGO POWER RANGERS!!!!

6.) most guys during the 90's has the Dragonball Trunks look hairstyle

7.) Do you remember movies like "Jurassic Park, The Mighty Ducks, Ace ventura.. and the classic The Lion King"

8.) I am hungry feed me! , wanna play? THANK YOU! - Tamagotchi!!!!! I rememberd my friend literally cried when her Tamagotchi got confiscated in school because her poor doggy was starving and going to die. not to mention the amount of poo in the little tiny screen

9.) I would wake up very early on saturday and sunday morning to watch cartoons! I miss Pinky
and the Brain where did they go??

10.) I bet everyone has read Goosebumps and it still is good!! Go R.L Stine!

11.) Yo-yo's were cool back then PRO-YO!!

12.) HAHAHHA do you remember RING POPS!????

13.) Walkman's were uber cool (if u still remember what that is) and everyone died to have that cool gadget!

and.... the list can go on but I think I'll stop for now. Why am i doing this I don't really know I guess I was just sitting down taking a break from assignments and just remembering the past hehe

It's funny how Ps.Lance was preaching about being a blessing to one another last week and being considerate and loving one another this week. He was basically sharing on how we have to respect one another, submit, be considerate, not slandering, judging one another, etcetc. No matter who or what the person is they are still valuable to our sight because God loves them as well. I took down so many notes and theres so much to share but I just don't have the time now as I have exams tomorrow but I'll leave some quotes down to let you guys think about =)

Being a blessing
Blessing of Affirmation
"You are delightful, I like you being here" Be genuine, take delight in little things and be specific on what you're praising them for

Blessing of High esteem
"You are valuable to me, and are worth my time and effort" and more importantly "You are a treasure worth discovering" (from me: YOU ALL ARE ^^ )

which wil lead to loving one another, respect, favor , submit one another and be a blessing to those in our lives. As humans, all of us , myself included slanders, judges, 'Picks' the people who to hang out with, just cos we 'click' and you know what? After the sharing by Ps Lance for the past 2 weeks , I was convicted and have made a descision to be blessing to others in my life. To serve them, love them even more than before! Not because it suits my purposes or because I felt like it but to do it because I want to put others above myself.

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. Rom 14:19

Speaking of which I received my IELTS Result last week and I needed a 7/9 IF I wanted to migrate to Aus. Funny thing was, it was such an important test and I didn't even bother studying at all , except for the last 20 minutes before the Test starts. Cut long story short I got 8/9 !!! woot!! I was so happy I managed to get my high school's teacher email and just sent her a thank you email for her guidance and stuff like that and this was her reply. Of course I cut some other stuff due to some confidental info. =P

Hi Jason,
I can't tell you how much your email has meant to me. It is so rare in this job to get any sort of thank you, but your email helps me continue to believe that even though many students don't say it, they are thankful for the work we put in. Well done on your IELTS result. I still continue to examine IELTS and know how rare such a great result is

---- cut ------------

Once again, thank you for your kind words and best of luck in the future!

I'm so happy after seeing that reply haha =)

And Cintan Mee said "you have been a blessing to someone random"
yes I have!! :D well not really cos shes my high school teacher but yeah.............. can count also la =3

ok off to study or else I'll not do well in tomorrow's exam\

I just finished my two exams and one more to go!! (and yes I'll finally upload some of the wedding, bucks night and paintball pics) Stop procrastinating Jason!!!

I just finished my conference and convention management exam today and guess what? There was a point when I didn't understand the question at all, so I was repeating the questions through my head "Who builds the majority of the convention centres in Australia?" "Who builds the majority of the convention centres in Australia?" "Who builds the maj.........ZZzzzZZzzz" and I had like 30sec powernap if I was not mistaken. I basically did that about 4 times. tell me why??? I had 7.5 hours of sleep, ate a lot, drank Coke ate Vitamin C and was still tired till I my brain can shutdown during the exam? -___-

Like Joshua marching into the land and overcoming the enemy. Taking the promised land. Someone who fears God, loves the word, who is bold. God has many promises in your life but you need to be like Joshua. Fear God, be bold and take a hold of His promises. -Prophecy given to me a month ago by Peter Truong

I myself believe its true and even the leaders and people around me confirmed it, the Promises are just right there but I need to rise up, to fear God, love His word and be bold! Persevere! I'm not gonna give up ! Tenacious J !
wow wow wow I mean just wow! Had shepherding with Ps Lance and I think it was the first shepherding I had with him since a year ago and it was great for Lance to come over and shepherd us when Fabian was away but I just want to blog and share about this thing that Ps lance shared with us boys. I'll try to remember what he shared because it was over dinner and because I was so into the discussion that I forgot all about my note book and pen -_-

So how do we know its the right person?
  • One of them is how do they react to people above authority e.g. their shepherds and pastors because when you get married , men are the leaders of the house and therefore this shows how they react to people above authority
  • how do they treat/react to people under authority ? e.g. their sheep, new members
    why? because this shows how she would treat her children
  • Are they humble?
  • Are they growing spiritually? and this one really hits me because if you're growing and she's not then in the future she may be something that might hinder you from growing because you have to slow down to her pace, then again if they're growing to fast and you're far behind then you'll probably not ready/ or not the one for her.

    There was one example given , this UK missionary went to this place to do missions and he told his wife 'Don't come with me, stay back in the UK and I'll love and care you from there' why'd he say that? because he knew this wife couldn' take it and would slow his work down. might be a little extreme of an example but you get the point
  • this is another one that hits me... Do they have a vision/goal/ AND what is YOUR vision and goal. It's funny because God has give the command to Adam to be fruitful and multiply Before Eve was even there haha. I was like wow! I never noticed that. God has given Adam a vision, a vision to be fruitful and multiply but wheres Eve? In the end God did gave Adam Eve to help him with the vision, which points to the area that your partner will compliment with you ( not necessarily have the same vision) but he/she will help and support you in your vision for both parties.
  • Confidence and security - Where does your partner's security come from? Do they come to you first or God? Which is the point I already had in mind long time ago as well =) I don't like girls who are 'manja' or go I want this I want that, no call or msg a day and the girl will feel like the end of the world -_-

Another point is for us guys is that we have to know our vision/goal and the ability to lead, girls likes guys who takes charge and is a leader. If you can't lead her , then you can't lead the family. and girls don't get the wrong idea lol because guys are taught to love their wives as their own body , He who loves his wife loves himself =) eph 5:28

There's a good point on spearfishing but I can't really remember well what is it about again -_- but the point goes something like waiting patiently and once you know exactly sure which fish it is after observing and slowly following it . There's a satisfaction and sense of achievement once u catch it because you'll know for sure thats the one you're gonna devote your life to. Rather than blindly fishing, thinking its the right one but then its not because you didn't spend time to observe the fish. gah, I can't remember well but it's something like that la. I know I have fish brains =x

anyway these are the little things that were said, Im sure theres more but my brain can't think anymore because of the upcoming mid terms =.=

I was thinking next year when I start working, I'm going to start fishing
...........but then after the lesson and looking at where I'm at now........ maybe a bit later not so soon lol.
sorry if theres no update, I know I currently owe two posts which is the wedding and paintball skirmish. I'll do that once I find the time because right now I'm feeling the pressure of exams, mid term is exactly one week away and I just started on it. and I have been giving in to the temptations of my friends asking me to go out and eat and eat and eat. I had another all you can eat sushi which was awesome, no not really.......forgive me Lord for I have sinned, Gluttony lol, not good. anyway yea basically been eating out a lot and always procrastinating on studying which is something I have to work on =.=


Nerd mode: On

Good luck to everyone whos going to have their eggzams this week and next week!
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