Let my Faith rise up
I need your strength and your Spirit
more of you, I can't do anything without You
I'll give up but not give in, i'll stay strong and persist.
Victory is not mine but yours.

Let your word be true and speak to me.
I may fall down but by your grace I'm still standing, ,your grace, amazing grace
You pick me up, shelter me, cover me, I hide safely in the shadow of your wings, my refuge.
Words can't describe How Great You are , or fathom the deepness of your grace.

Your arm is not too short, you are mighty to save
You're alive , the Lord my God! My king

Then he said to me, "Prophesy to these bones and say to them, 'Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD! This is what the Sovereign LORD says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life. (Eze v5.-6)

So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breath entered them; they came to life and stood up on their feet—a vast army. (v10.)

ICBones UCanArmy
I wasn't feeling well this week, partly due to exams and partly other personal stuffs but you got to check this video out, it made my day =)

I had an exam today and just 10 minutes before the exam started my calculator fell on the floor and it BROKE! How unlucky can I get? Good thing my friend beside me lent me his calculator so I had to rush the questions before he could use it phew.

I'm having a headache now studying hard for my exam on Thursday morning..... I have exactly 24 hours to get this mid term done and its killing me. I only started my revision now........

wait I'm blogging =.= , okay im off studying now, Financial Control Woopeedoooo...........

In comparative horizontal analysis, the terms absolute and relative change are sometimes used, the absolute change shows the dollar change from one period to the next, a relative change is the absolute change expressed as a percentage. An absoulte change may apper large (e.g $10,000) but when compared to its based figure (e.g. 1,000,000) represents a relative change of only 1%
Don't worry too much about the previous post, it's just a lil song I composed few nights ago.....

Here's a couple of pics from the convention.
Does it look like a cover for a Korean drama? haha.
That's actually my Big Mama.....I mean it! so gangsta =_=
No i'm not being emo painting my nails black!!! c-mon!! If i wanted to be emo I would have put on black eyeliners and black hair (like those guys hanging at the mall in Brunei XD)Pastor found out we painted our nails black and started praying for us LOL! nah, He's cool about it =P
or not.......

Seriously, that's gonna be me up there in a year's time !
Aussie aussie aussie!!! oi! oi! oi!


I'm tired of this, coming back to the darkness
Going deeper in the hole I've dugged
Walkin in Circles, thinking I'm going somewhere
but ended up going nowhere

I don't wanna feel this anymore
so tired of running
In my brokeness, I cry out
I've been strong but it's just not enough

Can't make it happen, just won't happen
Need you to Breathe on me....restore
me for I'm lost without You

Feels like I'm trapped in these chains
Tryin to break free, but pressure's too stong
till' I can't breathe no more
It's burning, it's rising
Let your compass lead me

I don't wanna feel this anymore
so tired of running
In my brokeness, I cry out
I've been strong but it's just not enough
Can't make it happen, just won't happen

Need you to Breathe on me....restore me for I'm lost without You

And when things go wrong, when things don't seem right
I'm gonna stand strong in faith
To believe, to believe, to believe for You cannot deny yourself
You are faithful....


Name: Epiphone SG-400 Limited Edition
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Tune-o-Matic with Stopbar Tailpiece
Pickup: 2 Open coil Humbuckers

Okay, I'm absoultely ecstatic over my new guitar!!! One reason is because I used my hard earned cash to buy this amazing guitar. I got the guitar for only $600 which comes with a small amp+headphones, guitar bag and a guitar cable. And the best thing was thing was that it was originally $997 and I got a bargain of $600 how cool is that ??? Oh yeah this guitar I got is a limited edition cos if you see the pickup and stuffs it's gold in color baby. Looks like a $1000-2000+ guitar if I didn't tell you the price. pros: It LOOKS expensive =)

And it's not called SG-400 for nothing, SG stands for Sexay Guitar, yup that's right, follows the root of it's master ey ;) haha. joking.

Let me tell you a little story about the sg.... Once upon a time I was called upon the elder gods cos' when I played this guitar the ground shook , the sky tored open, they asked me to fufill the prophecy by defeating the demons of the ninth dimension, to play the guitar, to save the world, to shred 4billion notes a second, so yea i would say that this guitar rocks.....

It took me quite awhile to think of a name for my guitar, I was in my room wondering..thinking...... what's a good name for my guitar?? Cherry.....nah that's my acoustic guitar's name, Lucian? nah....... what's a good name for a Red guitar that has two 'devil horns?' and then something caught my eye................ something that just made me went "That's it right there.... that's the name"


He/She ( I still have no idea if Elmo's a guy or girl =.=) anyway He/She... IT was sitting right there on my PC, my friend helped me spot it as well XD

See how happy elmo is? XD

The two devil horns... heck ya! Rock with Style baby.
And you can see the Gold, on the pickups, limited edition baby!

Well personally I have to thank Banana for being such an inspiration that without you I don't think I can come out with the name Elmo for my guitar ROFL! ......no doesn't mean I like elmo haha

So there it is....meet my new guitar, which is red, looks expensive because of the gold, design with a two devil horns and the name ELMO! XD Rock on dudes =.=

After giving some thought on what happened I decided to vent my frustrations before I go to sleep.

I have a presentation due tomorrow and I'm in charge of the powerpoint slides. Turns out that I couldn't find my Pen drive. I was looking for it all over my room and I couldn't find it.

That's not the point really...

I think anything to do with Gadgets or computer..... they hate me A LOT! and I really mean it..

1.) I lost my Pen drive somewhere, I can't remember where but I have a feeling I brought it to uni and I might have left it at the campus computer.

2.) One of my external hardisk died on me after a year and so I decided to get a new one in January, THE NEW ONE DIED AGAIN in LESS than 2 months!!!!! it's making this 'click' sound and it's not even reading properly. Now I have to get a new one again urghhh

3.) I sent my Laptop in Brunei for the guy to reformat it, and that smartass so-called computer guy formatted my LAPTOP WITHOUT A COOLING PAD?????? wow. so much for knowning much about computers. the result is that my computer somehow broke down halfway while it was in the process of reformating because of the heat. so the guy had to break apart my computer and fix it, yea he fixed it alright. Now my keyboard is a bit screwed up, if you type halfway suddenly everything you typed will be gone or will go to the top line for some reason. My CD's reader is not even reading properly. It doesnt read properly if you put 'pressure' on the laptop, if u know what I mean. and worse of all I can't play PC games, cos that smartass guy did something to my graphics card.

you see I have this lines that I can't even remove now, and its a dead pixel I reckon. I have 8 beautiful permanent lines on my monitor now from the result of playing games because my Geforce7300 overheated or something, which was perfectly fine before that guy made a huge mess to it. I want my money back seriosuly

4.) My Creative Zen broke 2 years ago when I came to Aus because of the HOT summer. I think the heat fried the hardisk.

5.) That same year the sun fried my motherboard and I had to buy a new laptop which is also now messed up thx to that Brunei Computer dude.

so how unlucky can I get with gadgets and electronics stuff huh? Go figure.

and Fyi I do take care of my stuff properly...
Yes this overdued post will be about ME~!!! As most of you might know my bday passed about 2 weeks ago, and i'm officially 21, I'm legal to do anything cos I'm now an Adult , gah but i'm stil young at heart. I had a conference during my bday so during our 3 hour break we had a BBQ with good food and MARS BAR CHEESE CAKE!!! How cool is that? I always wanted one and I got it for my bday woot! It's actually my 2nd bday cake haha. more on the 1st cake later..

Before that I would like to introduce to you....... *drumrolls* jeng jeng jeng!! My new girl Cherry!!! Yup after a long thought for a name for this guitar I came up with Cherry, not so creative I know ^^ She's a beauty cos she's semi acoustic and when I plug her in the amp she makes beautiful sound. ok that didn't sound so right -__-

ps- Krystal my ex is doing fine, she's being well taken care of =)

And here's some pic of my 1st bday cake that the my friend celebrated for me. They celebrated this actually 1week+ earlier , cos in my group we had like 3 ppl having bdays on March, yes I know March people are uber cool =) BASKIN ROBINS ICE CREAM CAKE!!

How cool is that??

lalala Happy Birthday to me!!! 23-3-08
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