haha, it's rare that I blog twice in a week or earlier, usually I blog by the end of the week..... but hey! It was a special day! It was my birthday!! ^_^ ok so I was expecting it to be like the usual birthday I had last year and years ago where it was just another day and ppl wishin me a happy bday. But today was very different! I don't know how to explain this but I haven't felt this happy in a very long time. Today was just all about joy and laughter, no sadness and all that.

So I had two test, a history and bio test. The history test was at 8, and luckily during the class the teacher said it was open book. yay =D No time to celebrate because in 2 hours time I have a bio test which i really didn't study because of the karate competition. Went to the test unprepared. It was a good thing the class was small and we were all persuading the teacher to give us an open book test because the test was hard. So she said for the last 20 min the test will be open book. wohoo!! It's like wow! I'm soooo blessed today =P haha. So after that there was the lsat council meeting for the sem we got free food!! KFC to be exact ate 6 pieces of chicken hoho. After that went to CF. And Pastor Sandra came all the way to talk about Relationships. (Hui hui and 221, if you're reading this you should know who pastor Sandra is =) she was at the camp last year and it was exactly one year since I 've seen her now I get to see her again. haha. Her talk on relationships were funny and intresting. *ahem*. anyway Yeah. For the whole day I was getting lots of greetings and calls from friends wishin me a happy bday keke.

The nite was the best. Josh came into my room and asked me to go dining hall. haha. So I went and we were celebratin my bday there. Really surprised they made so much effort to get a cake for me. I really appreciate it. There were only 6 ppl though, me, Zy, Janice, Josh, SP and Lay Hoon. The cake was errr coffee cake with chocolate chips and strawberrys on top. yup. And the cake had 'Happy Birthday Jun Jun' haha ^_^

Just wanted to say I really Had a good time today guys. Thanks for everything!!! Arigato Gozaimasu! Even though i'm down y'all tried to cheer me up and all tat. So thank you again to you all. I really love you all. I really havent been this happy for a loooongg time. And I love this feeling. Also a BIG thanks to the BIG GUY up there. You shaped me and brought me in this world. thank you. ^_^

cheers~ people =D
hey people, how have you been doing? just got back from the karate tourney....yea, its 1.45 am now and I have a class at 8am... So I'm going to try and type as fast i can keke. urm So I left KL on the 17th to Perlis and it was heck a long of a ride 8 freakin hours in the bus!!! Basically I was doing 3 things, study (a lil bit), eat and sleep haha. Sleep most of the way anyway. I haven't travelled for so long in so many years....anyway Perlis is a nice and peaceful place, a bit like brunei actually, just that it's not as clean... the people are so friendly and food there is spectacular and cheap... the nite before the tourney I had a nasi lemak nasi pattaya and a MONSTER MUG of Orange Juice just for myself muahahaha =D yes, the nite before the tourney i must fill my stomach with nice food ^_^ why? tell the truth whenever I'm sad or depressed there are basically 3 things that cheers me up.... (1.) Food, good food makes me happy, I just enjoy eatin (2.) Punching the punching bag, taking out my frustrations on the poor bag (3.) Going to the arcade, play games aimlessly, just playing it for fun doesn't matter if I lose hoho so if you see my sad next thing, take me out for a meal muahahha ....speaking of Arcade I was playing in there for quite sometime after the toruney....

urm so y'all must be wondering what happened in the tourney? or why am I not mentionin it earlier... It's obvious ain't it? If I had won, the first few sentence would be a happy one as if I just won a lottery. I lost the damn match. Maybe because It's beacause of the injury but I don't want to blame on it and how I can't take care of myself. I really felt I could've wont the match really..... This is the first time I got eliminated from the first round and It's really sad. Yea, some people might say 'Try again next tourney, take this as experience' call me stubborn, impatient whatever but what I feels is that I think I've gained enough experience and It's time for me to start winning matches because I'm sick of losing and I've been a failure most of my life... I've never really achieved anything great.... also I don't have much time.. I 'm going to the U.S probably next year and there won't be a 'next time' for me because I'll be leaving...... crap... I dont know how... I'll see how it goes.. my injury is getting worse.. I took painkiller before the match and it was alright but I'm sure I won't be walking properly tomorrow. What i need to do now is rest rest rest....let the injry heal and then get ready for the Shito-ryu national game.... which is er this august or september I think. That will definately be my last tournament so I'm hoping to get healed fast and train hard. Oh i forgot to mention there were loads of cute girls in the tourney hehe. Sadly I forgot to bring my camera =( but hey at least i got to know a few of them anyway.......

kanzaro kachi ichiban!
it's been a crappy week all right, days go by and my day is getting worse. The injury I had weeks ago is not healed, and the tourney is next week. Yesterday I tried sparring and my skill has gone down a LOT. I don't like it, because of the injury I haven't been training. One week to go can I get my skill back and injury healed? I hope so. My studies are except for math, I failed my first test and I'm goin to drop the subject AGAIN. ugrh. make matters worse, my friend..... I just found out she commited suicide yesterday. Jumped down from a tall bulding. I dont know why she did that... She seemed ok when she talks to me whenever i see her however I know she has this pain in her heart but I guess she didn't want to share it out and I was afraid to ask her to share it out as well. She was my classmate ever since when we were in primary skool and just met her again last year when I got here. I don't know the reason why yet.... but I do know she coudlnt handle that her father commited suicide last year. It's so sad when people do that, I coudlnt pay attention in class, and I keep thinking to myself "why do people do that???" To me i dont think its a way to solve all problems. anyway I'm goin to get ready to go KL, going to have a little 'drink, with my friends. Just for social.

People when you have problems, I know it's hard to sometimes tell other people about it but I also learnt sometimes if you keep everything to yourself and not share it with someone, It's goin to be really hard. Maybe you feel uncomfortable when you share it with someone else. Try God. anyway you can look for me as well ^^ My fone and ear will be on 24/7
Practically every Sunday I'll have to go down KL. Which means I have to draw more $$ to pay for the train tickets and food.... damnit. Today I went down to KL with Janice and Joshua. haha its the attack of 3 J's =P er anyway as usual there were problems with the KTM, we were delayed for 1 hour to be exact half hour for waitin for the train and another half in the train. When are they going to fix the problem!! I was almost late for my karate training as the training starts at 2pm i arrived at 1.50pm (left at 12pm) and I quickly went to McD and ate.

Ok so I was rushing to the training place right? On my way this indian guy stopped me... and went 'Excuse me, I just got out of prison'. After hearing the 'prison' word in my mind I was like 'ok get ready to attack this guy whatever happens' hahaha. anyway that guy was asking for some money because he just got out of prison, he showed the form thing about his release and was explainin how the stupid police dropped him in KL central and not his hometown. He looked innocent enuf and I was lookin at his pants nno wallet or anything and was explainin to me how he had son family when i asked if he was lying *raising eyebrows*. So he said he wanted to go to nilai which is where I'm studyin actually.... because of the rush of time, I wasn't thinkin thoroughly and I went 'ok here's RM5, then he went thank you, thank you, then I coudlnt really make up the rest of the words he was sayin. After that he wanted and extra bucks he wanted 8 in total but i said 'look i gave you 5 which is enough for the train and heres and extra 1 for the bus' after that he left.

Was he telling the truth ? I don't know. Yea, there are lots of people who con. But me being a nice guy haha, er gave him the RM6. I just hope he was telling the truth and wish him the best to him and his family . If he was lying then I hope something bad happens to him,if he took the money for bad intentions, let the bad intentions get back to him and if i ever see him again I'll kick his ass.

So I was late for training, or was I? I reached at 2.30pm ran to the trainin place asap. To my surprise the door was locked. Grrr yeah, the coach was late and the team was waitin outside for 1 hour............... And we didnt even train all we did was talk about whats gonna happen and what we need to do then bye bye. Ugh. So since I didn't train and wasted money for buyin the train ticktets. heck might as well go do some shoppin in mid valley. Jan and Josh were at korean village and sg wang, didnt want to join em, cos I wanted to give em some 'private time ' =) haha, besides its so far. I bought a new pair of sandals because the old one is spoiled and played a bit at the arcade. Did a bit of window shoppin, was restrainin myself from buyin new clothes lol.

Crap what a day. And I can't believe I blogged that much hahaha.
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