edit: suddenly have to add this.... "I will rescue those who love me, I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on ,e, I iwll answer, I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue them and honor them. I will satisfy them with a long life and give them my salvation" Psalm 91:14-16

you know what.. i just feel like posting this..... seems like the people/friends around me are all having some sort of problems... hurtings deep within, emotions problem, girl/guy problem, blablabla. you name it.

I just dont get it really....... Yes you're having problems.. and being hurt can suck that much... i've gone through it...and you're looking for a way to solve it. But some don't wanna let it out and tell it to their friends?
  • -because they dont wanna bother their friends with their problems
  • -or just think they can solve it by themselves and keep all the pain and hurtings all deep within. -
  • Sometimes you expect that someone would help you... and understand you when you dont even wanna tell them ANYTHING! just keeping quiet there...
  • dont keep it in there for a long long time.. and show them that bigfake smile of urs when you are really hurt and sad within

bottom line is.... you got to open your mouth and tell it out to SOMEONE.. at least someone.... you trust and y'knw can help you...if they are not being helpful look for some1 else. if you dont.. seriously nutin will ever change.

yes it can feel as if a dagger just pierced your heart.. I've felt it that way too.. who hasnt? But i've gone over it... how? By talkin and sharin it to my friends.. yes... there is ALWAYS some1 would be there for you and listen to your problems..and they will help you out... if they can't they'll try to find solution too... if your friends cant be botherd to help u then they're not really being a good friend at all

Just wanna end by saying that you know whoever you are I'm willing to lend my ears to listen to your problems and helping you out whichever way is possible. I'm on 24/7 (ok its just a figure speech lol) but yeah... whenever! my fone is 24/7 =p you must be wondering.. what the heck is this guy doing? askin ppl to tell him their problems???? nah.. im just saying im willing to help, its just that somehow I just dont like seeing ppl being sad and all and that for some reason i just Love helping ppl out wif their problems... makes me feel good and seeing them happy again.. so yea..

just wanna add a big thanks+hugs to the people who had helped me a lot during my troubles and problems I had =) esp...
-The BIG man up there, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! you took all my hurt away =)
-Panda, thanks for everything really, miss you
-Leo, hai~ It's good that i can share stuff wif u although u were never really a big help to solve problems but a good listener XD

haha... yeah the title says it all... I've been here in Aus exactly one week and what have I been doing besides, getting my uni and bank stuff settled. PLAYIN GUNBOUND!! WOOO!! ok that sounds sad. Thing is when i first got here my interet was SUPER FAST.. i can dl one movie in a day, thats how fast it is but then after 2 days i got here the interet started to get busted.... I have problem connecting to the net, and internet is SLOWWWWW. I cant go online play Star wars or Warcraft.. so there's only one solution, GUNBOUND! w00Tz! haha. going to town is a hassel... walking 500m+ under the hot sun to the campus and have to take the bus down and back just costs $$. Dont have the $$ so I'll have to save me cash. Practically been staying at home sleepin, eatin, watching tv, playin Gunbound and readin the 'chun' book! >.<

I'm staying with a singaporen boy atm, and funny how his doing the same course as mine lol! Let' see the past few days I've been eating not so proper meals? Frozen ready-made meals and isntant noodles.... yup. yum yum! No im not sick at it yet cos I love LASAGNE!!! *droolls*

Went to youth grp on Friday and made a couple of frens there already(and im the only chinese there >.<)... The people in Aus are jsut so friendly. After that night they brought me to Q1 which is the WORLD TALLEST RESIDENTIAL TOWER and it has the FASTEST elevator. I got to the 77th floor in like 5-10sec? wow. The view is just awesome and beautiful.... Can practically see the whole of Gold Coast, and the moonlight shining on the waters on the beach.. it was just loevely =) Sat nite they invited me to their house and palyed some pool and watch movies >.< Well yea u cud say I've been hangin out wif the Aussies alot and that I think in a couple of weeks time I'm gonna have that aussie accent lolz. Still getting used to the culture here... it's aight nothing much of a diff =)

Well that's all for now...till then
Take care ppl! Luv and miss y'all!

So as I promised I’ll write a mail when I’m all settled in Brisbane =) Okay let’s see I arrived here on the 11th of Feb, the flight was about 6-7 hours? The personal TV monitor screen I had wasn’t working and I asked the stewardess to help me but I don’t think she did cos the screen didn’t turn on for the whole trip. Sad, I had to lean over and look over to watch what the people in front of me were watching lol, They had the new Zorro movie and Elizabethtown? I WANT TO WATCH! Stupid screen wasn’t working =(( So I was listening to music, sleeping, reading book, sleeping, going to the loo, sleeping, reading, sleeping… urm yeah.. basically sleeping the whole trip heh. Was greeted by Rajan, Maria and My old fren Karthik from the airport. Good thing he had a car and was willing to pick me up cos it costs about 60+ to Rajan’s place.

I was stayin in Rajan’s place for 2 nights, the 2nd day in Brisbane was already awesome, Raj brought me to do some shopping and then in the late afternoon went for a church service. A fren brought us there, and it was great, cos after the service people just came and introduced themselves, had a lil chit chat and invited us for supper in a frens place. It was great really, my 2nd day in Brisbane and I have already met so many awesome frens, sadly it’s gonna be awhile till I get to see them again as I will be leaving for Gold Coast the next day which is FAR.

So on the 13th, Raj and I took a taxi to Gold Coast. It was a 45 min ride from his place to Gold coast and it costs a whopping $110!!!!!!(Taxis are expensive here) ARGH! What to do? I had a fren whos supposed to bring me to Gold coast but I couldn’t contact him.. no choice had to take taxi. Gold Coast’s a lovely place. Haven’t been to the beach, movie/sea world yet but I will soon ! =) Just got all my accommodation settled, nice place except there’s no AIR CORN!! And its really freakin hot here…. Seriously.. hotter than the afternoons in Brunei/Malaysia.

So Far Brisbane has been great, my classes starts somewhere on the 20th++ of Feb, I need to go for orientation and stuffs before that. I haven’t been eating proper meals cos the food is quite expensive here? A piece of roti canai costs $9 I heard. Bummer. Just been eating read-made meals, chips and sodas for lunch or dinner =s. Sometimes even skipped lunch lol. I’m getting Skinny!! >.<

Its great meeting and talking to the aussie people, because you go tell them you’re from Brunei.. they go ‘Where’s Brunei?’ And I had to take my fone out and explain to them where Brunei’s (my fone has a map ^^) and its funny how most of them go ‘Oh your English is good’ (wa of course haha, perasaan eh, jkjk.) because they never thought people from asian countries really speak English? Brisbane somehow just feels like Brunei but wif more ‘angmo’ and with a more beautiful environment I guess maybe the climate is the same that’s why I feel like that heh.

Anyhow that is what has been going on so far.. I’ll update y’all with more stuffs after a few weeks yea? Take care ppl, I really miss you guys…..and oh if you do come to Brisbane FIND ME! My number +61406776858 =P, address not sure yet… I’ll tell u all later heh.

till then Take care and Miss y'all!
God Bless
Tt's 11.44pm and in about 13-14 hours time i'll be leaving Brunei and off to Brisbane!! I can't sleep yet prob there are lots of things running in my head right now. It's wierd because the few months before I had to leave KL for good I just met so many wonderful friends and I just got close to them and wanted to know them more, sadly I couldn't because there just wasn't enough time.

Brunei= Same thing.. I was here for about 2 months+ and I have again met many new, wonderful and cool frens =) most of my old frens have gone overseas and so I didn't have much frens in Brunei. Anyhow, it's sad really.... because these new friends that I just met and got comfortable with and started getting closer to them, I had to leave!! Altough it's been short but I'm seriously going to miss y'all... esp those in acts29. It's been awesome worshipin and fellowship-ing with you all and a blessing knowin you guys. Really going to miss you all... and those in KL as well, the CF people, my Karate group, IMAC, DOTA-mates heh. BUT I know it's gonna be great when I get to Brisbane, many awesome things is gonna happen, another new adventure =p lol. How do i feel? honestly, I don't feel anything atm... usually I feel it durin the day that I leave, i do feel sad when I say goodbyes to my frens, I cried on the airplane when I left brunei for KL last year... no one knew haha *secret reaveled* I Hope i dont do that again when I leave for brisbane lol. I'm a strong boy...

I think that's about it... I'll update y'all when i'm settled yeah... in the meantime take care and God bless....

Bi jing you xie shi bu ke yi
Chao guo le you qing hai bu dao ai qing
Yuan fang jiu yao xia yu de feng jing
sa sa de
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