my previous blog was a total mess.... so i decided to change the template again.... sad...haha
Actually I’ve finished this blog few days ago just didn’t have time to upload it… here’s the reason why….

1 day after I came back from Bangkok it started to rain HEAVILY…. I thought it was just a the usual heavy rain but then the next morning when I woke up oh my gosh! The house was flooded! ( I was staying wif my grandparents in a kampong btw) The water got into the house and was half already halfway to the knee. Everyone started to clear the things. Water level was rising every hour mainly because the stupid cars kept passing which pushed the water into our houses….. another was because the dam had to release the water cos it was overflowing….. after 2 hours the water was at knee length. 1 hour later waist length and in the end above waist. So busy every1 had to carry the things, drawers, TV, computers, microwave….. The washing machine and fridge had to be carried outside to the big carpark which thankfully had shelter and wasn’t flooded. At about 3pm I think they started to shut the water down and electricity =( dang. I was basically stuck on the 2nd floor most of the day.

Next morning thank God the water subside, water level was till the feet. Not bad. Had to use the pump and pump the water out and basically spent the whole day taking the water out, rearranging stuffs and bringing all the stuffs from 2nd floor and from the car park back home and really it wasn’t an easy job………One funny thing was my Grandmother…. She didn’t help out and was scolded by my grandfather lol, what’s funny was when we were busy carrying things upstairs and bringing things out she was asking ‘xia mian hai you dong xi chi, you kuih ah, yao pao milo ma?’ LOL I can’t stop laughing, she was saying ‘downstairs has things to eat, have kuig or you want to make milo?’ HAHA. We were all busy sweating our hearts out moving our belongings which is freakin heavy to our room and she’s just standing there watching not helping and asking us to eat ?? =.=””” I guess that’s where my father got his appetite from and where I got from too. EAT EAT EAT everything is all about Food!! Haha.

Bangkok was fun, spent about 5 days there
First day I went to the Safari Park and wooo It was awesome! I love animals <3!!! My fav was the dolphin show, reminded me when I was at the states when I was 5 at the underwater world ^^ hehe. I just love dolphins!! Took picture with a tiger too *roar* hehe. There was loads of other cool shows and animals.

At night I went to this show called Alcaser? Or something I cant remember the name…. but it was nice! I didn’t know that the show were all performed by transsexuals!! They were all men who cut of their ‘wee wee’ went for surgery operation and got their ‘boo boo’ .I admit They were pretty and HOT! Show was awesome, singing, dancing and all…..I didn’t know that they were trans until the end of the show when my mum told me and when I saw what the show were about….. They even had a picture taking session at the end of the show lol. Lots of those in Thailand.

Rest of the day were just sight seeing some Thai stuffs

Went to Pattaya on the 3rd and 4th day. Nice place. Stayed almost near the beach and in the tour guide told me in the afternoon lots of urm Chicks sun bathing nude at the beach =.=” Good thing I didn’t go there in the afternoon lol. Went shopping instead. Speaking of shopping, the stuffs there are cheap, a lil cheaper than Malaysia. So it’s good to shop there, I got 2 original PC Games for Rm100 and the game just came out 2 months ago. Cheap! Haha. Bought lots of clothes as well =$ hehe.

FOOD now I can’t leave the food out can I?? I found out that pork is the main meal in thailand?? Everyday! And I mean EVERYDAY LUNCH DINNER The food we ate had Pork!!! PORK! Seriously… I’ve gained a few pounds when I got back and a big tummy too…. Really need to go exercise and im sick of Pork now! I’m so fat! Urgh. Anyhow the FOOD in Thailand is GOOD! GOOD! Woooooooo y’all got to try it ! and no not all Thai food are spicy only the tom yam and some vege meals that’s all.

Last day of Pattaya went to this street called urm Wil king street ( I cant remember the name) yeah.. Urm strictly not for kids under 18 haha. Urm let’s see it’s a street where no cars can go and in between the streets were rows and rows of buildings. Mostly selling food, clothes and about 65-70% of it were Clubs, pubs, Peep shows etc etc you get my drift yea? Haha. There was many lady outside holding cardboards to promote their stalls. Cheap drinks! Happy hours! Hot gals! The bars and pubs are open air so you could see the people inside…. Honestly I kinda feel sorry for some of these people… Most of them are old westerners, and the gals at the bar… well they’re not so pretty, don’t get me wrong there are some pretty ones… Don’t get it why they are so desperate to get a gal. The tourguide kept telling us ‘I’ll show u the Cola girl’ I was wondering what the heck he was talking about and apparently the ‘Cola girl’ was a place where it’s a small room with glass and there’s a cola sign inside where a girl was doing some ‘dancing’ or teasing. Of course no free show la, just some dancing to attract customers. Okok enuf of that, you all go see it for youself lol. Honestly though you want to see pretty gals? Don’t bother goin to the bars, they’re not so pretty, the pretty ones are all at the mall, where the high-schoolers are at =p

Overall Bangkok was fun, Good Food and nice place to go for a vacation for a few days just to go for some sight-seeing lol.
ahhh!!! I'm stuck in this kampong village where my grandparents are....NOTHING TO DO!!! I can't use my PC and play games all day cos I wud get bored after a few hours and my PC will get overheat =s, its also hard to go im happy to b online atm but also nutin to do! check friendster, mail, sports news thats it! 30 min gone and nutin to do. Started playin gunbound again ahaaha and man i suck! havent touched the game for about 6 months! =s urm yea so i was playin games, watching tv (which has nothing much) , eating <3 (only good thing i have here and dang im fat =s) and SLEEPING!!! Im such a pig, spending most of my time eating a sleeping.

I just got back from town (finally out of the kampong for a day!) played at the Arcade to kill time and watched NARNIA!!! Good movie, recommend to everyone of you out there! Lots of meaning to the movie too! its kinda like the cartoon version of narnia I watched when i was a little kid. Almost the same except with real people..... GO WATCH IT!
Signing off now, Gonna go do my packign cos im going to Bangkok for the week, Shopping!!! , Beach!! FOOOOODDD!!! hahahah.... hope i have fun there....until then people.. take care and I miss you guys...

---finished writing this blog in 10 minutes, rushing to type this cos my grandpa wants to sleep -__-"" ---
It Feels so Good to be able to go online again!!! Wooo! Finally after 3 days!! the feeling was like a smoker who has to give up smoking for 3 days and finally being able to smoke again -__-“ so what happened for the past few days?

Dec 2- Left Brunei airport and met up wif Leonard and the team going for a mission trip to India. Good thing their flight time was the same as mine lol. At least I can hang out with somebody before I leave or else I’ll be a sucker waiting at the airport for the plane
-.- I reached KLIA at 2.30pm and had free time till 8pm. Which is my transit from KL to Alor Star. Since I’m so free I took the KLIA express to KL central to go midvalley and hang out hehe. Ok so the ticket in total cost = RM70
Had to buy contacts lens asap. Cos my old one’s finished, need to look good u know haha =P, RM120++ gone.

Hair was long, mum said I looked like a monkey…. And my hair couldn’t really stand anymore…. Went and got a hair cut since I’m so free haha. I told them I wanted junior stylist cot it was cheaper they said none available, the salon was doing good business so I got the senior stylist instead (this better be good) and it turned out to be good haha. Bought Gum for my hair as well. So urm in total RM124 gone.

Met up with Julian and Michelle, good thing Juls was staying near mid haha and mich was in KL visiting Jul. So yeah… Good that I cud hang out wif them and kill some time. Bought something for a fren… birthday coming up =.=”

Day 2- I slept like a Pig really… cos the night before my flight I slept at 4, playing games and chattin haha. When I got home last nite I slept from 2- 11.30….. that’s like more than 8 hours of sleep but wasn’t enough! We had to get ready to drive down to Penang cos my mum had a reunion dinner with her classmates whom she hasn’t met for 30 years exactly. Slept a lil bit in the car then was driving for my dad down the highway… Gosh it’s been a long time since I drove manual car. When I started to drive there was this screeching sound like the one from the racing car!! I scared everybody and I cud hav sworn the petrol guy on the back was jumping. =.=”” That’s what happens when u don’t drive manual for a few months haha. But it was alright. The dinner was boring , it was all talk and had to wait 20min for the next meal to arrive. I saw my mums pic when she was young, haha. Man I couldn’t stop laughing cos compared to how she looked now, she was a lil chubbier back then. But was still pretty =P. Felt good for my mum cos all her fren looked old, but my mum being 48 she still looked young and pretty. Serious! Feel ppl thought that she was my older sister and was asking who our parents was until my mum introduced herself. Lol. Her frens couldn’t recognize her hehe.

Day-3 Today I became Fish man. We went into this place called ‘Restoran Kolam Ikan’ Fish Pond Restaurant? Something like that. The place was deep in the jungle but a nice place if u like adventure. The place was beautiful with different types of fishes. And you guessed it… all we ate was FISH FISH FISH. Never tasted such tasty fish in my entire life…. It was GOOOOODDDDD! Fresh fish from the pond. Not the frozen one’s you get in other restaurant. I cant’ remember all the names but I remembered there was a Cat fish. Yum yum hehe. That’s what you expect from Penang. Food from heaven =P

Ok my lazy fingers are tired and I haven’t typed a blog this much for a long long time. Take care people and happy holidays!
hahaha sorry people haven't been bloggin for quite awhile, thought the blog was 'dead' eh haha. Urm nah its just that I didn't have time to write even though it was on holidays......

okay fine I was kinda lazy and I wrote the blog halfway and didn't bother continuing it... but hey here I am finished writing the blog. =D

okay 2 weeks ago was the Planetshakers Conerence 2005. And man It was AWESOME. The experience was undescible (dun think ther's such word haha) but u all have to experience it urself. I really wish y'all cud have been here. It was really really great, God was moving and touching people's heart. anyway i'm already looking forward to P.S 06 heh. I missed everyone there esp the new frens i met from FGA and Johor. The Merchandise team especially... WE THE BEST ! haha. Crazy. Jump around jump around, sing till no voice, stand and run here and there till our muscle aches lolz.
So i'm back in Brunei now, for a week alreadi, what have I been doing? Basically just online, playing games wif my frens , readin books, hangin out and watchin movies, animes and tv shows . What a lazy bum I am *sigh* Not only that the 1 week i was in Brunei have work to do already, I was asked to help to sing in the choir for this event. Singing tenor (HIGH HIGH voice argh) and the day after I'm gona worship lead in church? oh man. That's to fast, 1 week back in Brunei and so many things happenin .... I mean I want to do it... and i know i can do it. Pray for me.... My singing aint that well yet but its improving day by day..... hope i dont screw up , I wont!!

lastly, I'm being such a bum I havent been exercising, PLANNED to go to the gym twice! but in the end canceled ahah. Not my fault! me and my frens were lazy too! lolz. urm only thing i did so far was played a bit of Basketball that's all. Aint much but at least i sweat right? Gosh i got to do some exercise , im gettin F-A-T. =(

Phew!!! So tiring!!!!! ~>.<~ After spending almsot 2 hours i finally found the blogskins i wanted and edited some of the stuffs. Yeah it's not completed yet.... My fingers are numb, my eyes are tired lol. And yes THAT IS WHY i rarely change my Blog Layout/template because it just freakin takes alot of your time + I'm not good in HTML stuffs so, I have to do some trial and error to work things out BUT I did learnt a lot. I'm getting the hang of this now.

Yeah Panda, if you're reading this I hope you're happy I changed my layout lol, keep bugging me to change it and i Finally did XD, thx a lot yea, keep reminding me to change the layout, i hope you like it -__-" pls do tell me if it isn't nice i'll try 2 change it again =P .yeah i would change it anyway because my previous layout was dark and sad so i'm changing it.

Anyway any comments on the new layout would be appreciated, i'm gonna try to improve the layout, i'm still working on the coloring, dont know which code is for what color *sigh* =D


No more blogs? We’ll see, it’s just that I’m so not good in bloggin. There are times when I feel the need to express myself, my feelings but it’s so hard! Considering that my Vocab is limited = im not good in words. So if I can’t then what’s the point of bloggin right? This MAY be my last blog…. For the moment… gonna take a break from it for awhile cos exams is just around the corner BUT I definitely will change my layout in okay? But bloggin not sure yet haha. Anyway lots of my friends are leaving to the states soon, gonna miss you guys! I really cherish the memory we had together here, all the fun and cRaZiness haha. Urm it’s just so sad when you start to make new friends, start getting closer to them and the next moment you’re leaving in a few months time? It sucks and it’s so sad……. It’s as if you want to spend more time with them a little longer……. To those who wants to do that , here’s a suggestion …. Purposely fail your exams so you’ll have to retake, that way you can still stay wif your frens hahahha. NO! Don’t do that okay! Just a thought in my mind but NO don’t EVER do that……. -_-!!

Note= haven’t officially started blogging… (I said so ! >.<) this is more like an announcement

okay so the reason i'm writing this is because LOTS of stuffs happened today. Let's start with me waking up at 8am. My class was at 10am but woke up 2 hours earlier to get dressed up, and go to the music room and carry the drums to music class which is FARRRR!!! Why am i carrying drum set? Took Music Class for fun and now im suffering because I have to attend concert (which made me feel bad , read previous post) , and now we have to do a presentation. My group was Janice, S.T and myself...... singing I will follow him and Silent Night, and for the last 2 pieces was instrumental, winter sonata and some chi songs. Jan playin the Piano, S.T= Triangle and me the Drums. Overall I think our grp didn't do that bad. The lecturer commented us that our tempo was a bit off when playing the instruments AND I HAD A GOOD VOICE =D, finally some1 saying something good about my singing BUT I have to work on my pitch. That's all. We got a 6 out of 10. which issssssssss OKAY i guess but i was hopin she'd be more generous giving a 6.5-7. Considering how much we prepared and our grp doesn't have any music background. Me, S.T and Jan played the piano til grade 2. Other grp had people who can sing, who can play well Grade 8++ the guitar aisk. I offered to play the drums cos i Learnt a little last time. One reason why we got 6 was because my singing sux.... my pitch was wrong and i screwd the tempo when i was playin the drums... soooo SORRY my dear grp members =s. *sigh* i suck, I'm not talented in music, not smart, not talented in sports, not good in this and that..... what the heck am I good at??? nothing.. im so useless

after presentation, our Econs class was cancelled. So we went to the Lab and kill time using the net for 2 hours haha. Urm thing was when we are using the lab rules was that we had to put our bags at the back ( they scared we steal thier comp stuffs) anyway we did la. After killin time at the Lab we had another 2 hours of freakin music class. At that time one of my fren who went wif me to the Lab found out that the money in the wallet was missing! It was prob tat that time while we were usin the net at d lab. There were 2 suspicious ppl though, but i cant remmeber their faces. IF I CATCH THEM.........see what i';ll do to them. Point IS... I HATE THIEVES! I lost 80 bucks in brunei when i was playin ball in JIS. I know the feeling of losin cash and now i feel so terrible for my fren and i can;t do anything much.... I just hope that the person who stole the money. 'Enjoy the money, and surely in awhile somethings bad gona happen to you that's for sure.'

There was this orientation night thing at night. We have that every semester. It;s where the freshmen are chosen to participate to be one of the models and win the Mr and Ms Inti. The models for guys are... well... screw them lol, i dont look at guys >.< For the gals allof them are hot and pretty. In short this monoglian girl won and she is HOT, Sizzling HOT! woo. If y'all want the pics pm me, i'll send it to you lol. dang. anyway waste of my time goin there jsut to watch catwalk and some performances =s

phew lots of stuffs happening... okay im gona go DOTA before i sleep...take care people. AND I can't believe i wrote that much???? (this will be the last time im bloggin, Serious!)

FYI, I'm NOT bloggin okay. Just writing some stuffs because I just woke up froma nap and getin ready to go 4 ballroom dancing lessons. Okay i spent over Rm500 in 2 weeks.... why? 2 weeks ago I went to Johor and I spent 200... i can't believe just goin there for 2 days can spend that much? Last week I have this Orchestra concert to go to which is compulsory for everyone in music class. We had to attend and listen to the cocert for 2 days... which lasted about 1 hour+.
The orchestra was good, very good. I was actually inspired wathcing the people play.... esp the flutist and the pianist... the flute and piano are the two instruments i wanted to learn most. I really regretted quitin my piano lessons. Watching Ivo Pogorelich and Akiko Nakamura play the piano really inspired me to play the piano even more. The way they express themselves when playin was so unique. Ivo has lighting fast hands when he was playing. It was as if time had been fast forward when he was playin heh. Akiko, was the one that really inspired me, she was graceful, lovely, inspiring when she was playing. Sad really.... it's to late for me to learn.

anyways I spent 200+ as well just to find a place to stay in KL with my frens and then I could'nt control myself and spent 100 on clothes -_-" (some1 help me!) seriously i wont be shoppin until my exams are over! anyhow the food in KL are whack as well.... T_T so yeah that's why I had to spend so much! ad now what? This Week... it's advanced room booking week. I hav to draw money and book my room for semester break.... not only that this weeked i'll be goin down KL to cut my hair (my hair is freakin long). Haven't cut in 2 months ++ sad... that's gona cost a lot. I'm pooor now wahhaa.

p.s- dis is not a blog.

p.p.s- i wont be bloggin anymore , not until my exams finishd anyway. There MIGHT b a new . might ok.. im so lazy to blog

blog is dead, cos im lazy to blog...... but i might be blogging again with a new layout and all... this ones to dark.. too sorrowfull... to sad... to.... ok enuf.... im changing the layout tats fer sure....
hmm so it's been 2 weeks since i've blogged... okay so about the intiball it was boring! yeah boring! the food was okay but not good for a 5-star hotel... the event sucked, i don't even know how they pick the people for prom king and queen as well... i saw quite a few other people who deserved to be one but didn't get chosen... hmmm anyway forget the ball, it was a great experience even though i spent so much on clothes and ticket... but i'm definately not going again if there was another ball unless i have a partner haha. After the ball my friends and I went clubbin.... just to have some fun tat's all....

hmmm exams in 3 weeks, can;t wait to get it over with and then go back brunei!!! Missed my friends there! wohooO! can;t wait to come hang out wif y'all. until then i'm going to be studying hard hard for the next 3 weeks! so take care, c you guys in brunei!
I can't believe it's already the 9th week! Half of the semester is already gone and final exams are around the corner (1 month!!!) ahhh! lots of projects and tests! ugh.......

Good news, we got into the Malaysian Book of records... there were about 10,000+ people that participated and performed. We were sitting down the sun for 5 freakin hours just to perform for less than 2 minutes!!! Although it was a big achievement I don;t think I wanna do it again if there's gonna be any next year lol. Last Sunday I went to KL and spent RM500 on buying clothes and a coat. why? INTI ball's coming up! this coming friday... Ok, so i have no Partner or anything why am I going? I have no idea... Maybe because this will be my first and last inti ball experience and that i'll be leaving INTI by the end of the year, so might as well create memories with my friends. I hope that it's worth it , i mean buying those clothes, dressing up smart and gonna get a haircut tmrw....... will update on the event

Tomorrow is the ICF Rally, (inti chrstian fellowship) I am going to perform a dance and a sketch. The live band is just aswesome..... I just hope that everything goes well tomorrow nite and that the nite will be succesful. I also hope that I can do well in Accounting mid-term which is the day after the rally, which means i won;t be able to study after the rally, cos it's probably going to end early. I failed my first acc test but i hope i can do well in this mid term. The week is so damn busy, Rally on thursday, mid term and the ball on friday, karate performance a week after, more tests and assignments, karate training in KL every sunday afternoon.... I don't know how can i cope with this..... lol
till then...
take care
so i haven't been blogging for about 2 weeks..... what has happened? i try to recall but can't remember to well. Well one is the possibly that i might go to aussie and study and not the states. why? many things had happened that i think maybe i shud go there....... besides that my study hasn';t been going real well this semester... i got my econ and accounting test back last week and man was i sad! I barely passed the econ test which i thought was easy and i failed the acc test............ damn. I don;t know what should i do. Tomorrows by csc test and next week i have assignment + econ midterm on the same day... so busy! besides that this saturday there will be a karate performance in KL where the martial artist will gather and perform to try to get in the malaysian book of record.. great huh? I'll get in the malaysian book of record with free lunch+bkreafast, t-shirt, a cert and an allowance of rm30! A friend will be comin to KL and visit us on sunday..... so we were plannin to go clubbin' i dont know if i have the time for that as next week i have to do a project and mid term. BUSY! damn, im so stressed this semester compared to last semester...... so so stressed
Ok my blog site was 'dead for a couple of weeks because I haven't been bloggin.... one word Lazy hahah. I was spending to much time playin games that i dont have time to study and blog. Well I think im screwed. Next week is the 5th week of school and I havent started revising! I have 2 tests and one assignment due on the same day. Yea i havent starterd my assignment as well.... Guess I'll do it tonight. What's wrong wif me , I dont have the will to study since this semester started *sigh*.

There's this blood donation campaign going on in Malaysia now and they have one in our campus... I decided to give blood donation a try for fun lol. No it wasn;t painful cause they put alcohol (i think or some other liquid) on ur hand then give u an injection so when they put the needle you wouldn't feel a thing. The only part that hurt was when they poke ur finger to test which type of blood you have. *ouch* I've actually done that part in bio lab before but i was screaming when they poke it on me last time. Yeah i'm a pussy.

Yesterday, was supposed to be the day I'm goin to fight, cos there was this karate competition goin on. Sensei told me i was fightin on saturday and not sunday. So i went along wif me senior and we had to bring 4 kids wif us who were also goin to fight. When I went there i found out that i was fightin the next day!!! wtf, so im stuck i the competition babysitin kids , no im serious!! I had to babysit those kids who were 10,11,12. and were really annoyin. I had to tell them when they fightin bring them here and there. I was stuck in kl for 15 hours......which sucked. So my fight is on sunday but..... truth is i havent been trainin and dont think im ready for the match yet as i had to pay rm30 for it. So i told my sensei I had tests and assignments and i cant go on sunday. Which is half-true.. the other half was tat im not ready. And so i'm goin to miss the fight and go..... watch STAR WARS!!!
lazy to blog.... been busy busy even though school just started.... hahaha
Yeah, so this is my new layout, I guess I got sick of the old one and I figured everyone else got sick of it as well. Well its a simple layout, nothing much, comments would be appreciated heh. Urm April guess I need your help with the comments thing again =P.

Ok so I was in Brunei for 1 week few days. It was great coming back seeing my friends and family again. First few days just stayed at home and played games. Leonard stayed over my place and I stayed over his after. Played games all nite... DOTA baby! Oh yeah I could drive and I drove back from Miri back to Brunei. My parents didn't trust me at first. Well it's like tat and I had to deal with it. Afgter awhile I gained their trust and finally they let me drive alone. Almost everyday me and Leo would be drivin around brunei doin nutin lol.

Last day in Brunei SUCKED and F*K JIS. I went to JIS one last time to see my friends and then during lunch time I played basketball. ok so i got a little competitive in the game and so I took everything out of my pocket and left it on the ledge. My wallet and phone. The first team was the 'White boys' team and they were cheating beacause the score was 4-2. We were leading and then the white boys said it was 5-4. When the heck did they get so many points???? After they said that I got competitive and went all out and beat their team. They lost bad and after that played against another team. Lost the match and so went to the ledge and get my stuff back but then I found out someone took my Wallet!!!! Freakin shit. I walked around and found it in the changing room empty. My $75 was gone. And i was pretty sure it was the white boys. My fren told me he saw the white boys hangin around the changin room when i was playin the 2nd game. AND usually in JIS the white boys are the one that caused the most trouble. They have lack of respect for Asians and they need those money for Weed (sorry not ALL but MOST). So there was no point in me askin "Who the hell took my money???" because no one would give it back anyway. I went and asked anyway. They're lucky im goin back the next day or else......... When i get back on August i'll definately pummel them, just you wait.
Yea so 2 exams are done and one more to go. My biology I think i did "OK" just ok hopefully pass the exam and get a B. Public Speaking was yesterday and it was good i think. Hopefully the examiner won;t be strict. Last paper= History 2, now this is one screwed up test because the lecturer didnt give much tips and from my friends who took History 1, they said the tips the lecturer gave didnt came out one bit. So im kinda screw up, don't really know what to study and so many things to memorize!! Worse than my biology i think haha.

Last paper's on monday 8am-11am. After the exam I'm plannning to get my drivin license from the uncle. YEA! I passed the drivin test. I might sound like an idiot happening to win a lottery haha. anyway thats how I felt when I passed my drivin test. ^_^ Can't wait to drive when i get back hoho. Anyway I'm planning to go to Mid Valley to do some shopping or just chill out after the exam. Possibly get a haircut and dye my hair again. hmmm what else. oh yea goin back the next day which is Tuesday. yea!

Listening to
Guang Liang- Tong hua
wang le you duo jiu
zai mei ting dao ni
dui wo shuo ni zui ai de gu shi
wo xiang le hen jiu
wo kai shi huang le
shi bu shi wo you zuo cuo le shen me

ni ku zhe dui wo shuo
tong hua li dou shi pian ren de
wo bu ke neng shi ni de wang zi
ye xu ni bu hui dong
cong ni shuo ai wo yi hou
wo de tian kong xing xing dou liang le

wo yuan bian cheng tong hua li
ni ai de na ge tian shi
zhang kai shuang shou
bian cheng chi bang shou hu ni
ni yao xiang xin
xiang xin wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li
xin fu he kuai le shi jie ju

wo yao bian cheng tong hua li
ni ai de na ge tian shi
zhang kai shuang shou
bian cheng chi bang shou hu ni
ni yao xiang xin
xiang xin wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li
xin fu he kuai le shi jie ju

wo hui bian cheng tong hua li
ni ai de na ge tian shi
zhang kai shuang shou
bian cheng chi bang shou hu ni
ni yao xiang xin
xiang xin wo men hui xiang tong hua gu shi li
xin fu he kuai le shi jie ju

yi qi xie wo men de jie ju
well this is a short blog, exam in 4 hours and 3 more to go after that, started stidying but don't know if it's enough wish me luck! hehe. and I can't wait to get back wooooooo.... 2 weeks to go! urm and many people noticed that I've grown fatter -_-" that's because I havent been exercising , for 2 weeks, it's the exam and I spent the whole day in my room pigging around haha ~bleh~ and urm thinking of changing my layout soon
its been a boring week, nothing much has been happening except for the Blackout for 5 freakin hours in campus few days ago. At first I thought they were going to fix it asap because it happened before and it took like 30-60 min to fix it but nooooo, After 1 hour of waiting outside my room walkin around looking at the skys and cars leaving the campus, the head came and told everyone that there won't be electricity for 2-3 hours....or more. Since there wasn't anything else to do and test is coming I decided to go and take my books and do a bit of revision. because they said theres electricity on the academic block which is about 10 -15 min walk. Hung out wif my fren for awhile then went and study at the block the blackout started at 8pm and came back at 1.30am.

Bleh nothing else to blog just that my exams are starting next week , thinking of changing my template and I'll be coming back to Brunei on the 19th and heopfully can get my licence by then =D
haha, it's rare that I blog twice in a week or earlier, usually I blog by the end of the week..... but hey! It was a special day! It was my birthday!! ^_^ ok so I was expecting it to be like the usual birthday I had last year and years ago where it was just another day and ppl wishin me a happy bday. But today was very different! I don't know how to explain this but I haven't felt this happy in a very long time. Today was just all about joy and laughter, no sadness and all that.

So I had two test, a history and bio test. The history test was at 8, and luckily during the class the teacher said it was open book. yay =D No time to celebrate because in 2 hours time I have a bio test which i really didn't study because of the karate competition. Went to the test unprepared. It was a good thing the class was small and we were all persuading the teacher to give us an open book test because the test was hard. So she said for the last 20 min the test will be open book. wohoo!! It's like wow! I'm soooo blessed today =P haha. So after that there was the lsat council meeting for the sem we got free food!! KFC to be exact ate 6 pieces of chicken hoho. After that went to CF. And Pastor Sandra came all the way to talk about Relationships. (Hui hui and 221, if you're reading this you should know who pastor Sandra is =) she was at the camp last year and it was exactly one year since I 've seen her now I get to see her again. haha. Her talk on relationships were funny and intresting. *ahem*. anyway Yeah. For the whole day I was getting lots of greetings and calls from friends wishin me a happy bday keke.

The nite was the best. Josh came into my room and asked me to go dining hall. haha. So I went and we were celebratin my bday there. Really surprised they made so much effort to get a cake for me. I really appreciate it. There were only 6 ppl though, me, Zy, Janice, Josh, SP and Lay Hoon. The cake was errr coffee cake with chocolate chips and strawberrys on top. yup. And the cake had 'Happy Birthday Jun Jun' haha ^_^

Just wanted to say I really Had a good time today guys. Thanks for everything!!! Arigato Gozaimasu! Even though i'm down y'all tried to cheer me up and all tat. So thank you again to you all. I really love you all. I really havent been this happy for a loooongg time. And I love this feeling. Also a BIG thanks to the BIG GUY up there. You shaped me and brought me in this world. thank you. ^_^

cheers~ people =D
hey people, how have you been doing? just got back from the karate tourney....yea, its 1.45 am now and I have a class at 8am... So I'm going to try and type as fast i can keke. urm So I left KL on the 17th to Perlis and it was heck a long of a ride 8 freakin hours in the bus!!! Basically I was doing 3 things, study (a lil bit), eat and sleep haha. Sleep most of the way anyway. I haven't travelled for so long in so many years....anyway Perlis is a nice and peaceful place, a bit like brunei actually, just that it's not as clean... the people are so friendly and food there is spectacular and cheap... the nite before the tourney I had a nasi lemak nasi pattaya and a MONSTER MUG of Orange Juice just for myself muahahaha =D yes, the nite before the tourney i must fill my stomach with nice food ^_^ why? tell the truth whenever I'm sad or depressed there are basically 3 things that cheers me up.... (1.) Food, good food makes me happy, I just enjoy eatin (2.) Punching the punching bag, taking out my frustrations on the poor bag (3.) Going to the arcade, play games aimlessly, just playing it for fun doesn't matter if I lose hoho so if you see my sad next thing, take me out for a meal muahahha ....speaking of Arcade I was playing in there for quite sometime after the toruney....

urm so y'all must be wondering what happened in the tourney? or why am I not mentionin it earlier... It's obvious ain't it? If I had won, the first few sentence would be a happy one as if I just won a lottery. I lost the damn match. Maybe because It's beacause of the injury but I don't want to blame on it and how I can't take care of myself. I really felt I could've wont the match really..... This is the first time I got eliminated from the first round and It's really sad. Yea, some people might say 'Try again next tourney, take this as experience' call me stubborn, impatient whatever but what I feels is that I think I've gained enough experience and It's time for me to start winning matches because I'm sick of losing and I've been a failure most of my life... I've never really achieved anything great.... also I don't have much time.. I 'm going to the U.S probably next year and there won't be a 'next time' for me because I'll be leaving...... crap... I dont know how... I'll see how it goes.. my injury is getting worse.. I took painkiller before the match and it was alright but I'm sure I won't be walking properly tomorrow. What i need to do now is rest rest rest....let the injry heal and then get ready for the Shito-ryu national game.... which is er this august or september I think. That will definately be my last tournament so I'm hoping to get healed fast and train hard. Oh i forgot to mention there were loads of cute girls in the tourney hehe. Sadly I forgot to bring my camera =( but hey at least i got to know a few of them anyway.......

kanzaro kachi ichiban!
it's been a crappy week all right, days go by and my day is getting worse. The injury I had weeks ago is not healed, and the tourney is next week. Yesterday I tried sparring and my skill has gone down a LOT. I don't like it, because of the injury I haven't been training. One week to go can I get my skill back and injury healed? I hope so. My studies are except for math, I failed my first test and I'm goin to drop the subject AGAIN. ugrh. make matters worse, my friend..... I just found out she commited suicide yesterday. Jumped down from a tall bulding. I dont know why she did that... She seemed ok when she talks to me whenever i see her however I know she has this pain in her heart but I guess she didn't want to share it out and I was afraid to ask her to share it out as well. She was my classmate ever since when we were in primary skool and just met her again last year when I got here. I don't know the reason why yet.... but I do know she coudlnt handle that her father commited suicide last year. It's so sad when people do that, I coudlnt pay attention in class, and I keep thinking to myself "why do people do that???" To me i dont think its a way to solve all problems. anyway I'm goin to get ready to go KL, going to have a little 'drink, with my friends. Just for social.

People when you have problems, I know it's hard to sometimes tell other people about it but I also learnt sometimes if you keep everything to yourself and not share it with someone, It's goin to be really hard. Maybe you feel uncomfortable when you share it with someone else. Try God. anyway you can look for me as well ^^ My fone and ear will be on 24/7
Practically every Sunday I'll have to go down KL. Which means I have to draw more $$ to pay for the train tickets and food.... damnit. Today I went down to KL with Janice and Joshua. haha its the attack of 3 J's =P er anyway as usual there were problems with the KTM, we were delayed for 1 hour to be exact half hour for waitin for the train and another half in the train. When are they going to fix the problem!! I was almost late for my karate training as the training starts at 2pm i arrived at 1.50pm (left at 12pm) and I quickly went to McD and ate.

Ok so I was rushing to the training place right? On my way this indian guy stopped me... and went 'Excuse me, I just got out of prison'. After hearing the 'prison' word in my mind I was like 'ok get ready to attack this guy whatever happens' hahaha. anyway that guy was asking for some money because he just got out of prison, he showed the form thing about his release and was explainin how the stupid police dropped him in KL central and not his hometown. He looked innocent enuf and I was lookin at his pants nno wallet or anything and was explainin to me how he had son family when i asked if he was lying *raising eyebrows*. So he said he wanted to go to nilai which is where I'm studyin actually.... because of the rush of time, I wasn't thinkin thoroughly and I went 'ok here's RM5, then he went thank you, thank you, then I coudlnt really make up the rest of the words he was sayin. After that he wanted and extra bucks he wanted 8 in total but i said 'look i gave you 5 which is enough for the train and heres and extra 1 for the bus' after that he left.

Was he telling the truth ? I don't know. Yea, there are lots of people who con. But me being a nice guy haha, er gave him the RM6. I just hope he was telling the truth and wish him the best to him and his family . If he was lying then I hope something bad happens to him,if he took the money for bad intentions, let the bad intentions get back to him and if i ever see him again I'll kick his ass.

So I was late for training, or was I? I reached at 2.30pm ran to the trainin place asap. To my surprise the door was locked. Grrr yeah, the coach was late and the team was waitin outside for 1 hour............... And we didnt even train all we did was talk about whats gonna happen and what we need to do then bye bye. Ugh. So since I didn't train and wasted money for buyin the train ticktets. heck might as well go do some shoppin in mid valley. Jan and Josh were at korean village and sg wang, didnt want to join em, cos I wanted to give em some 'private time ' =) haha, besides its so far. I bought a new pair of sandals because the old one is spoiled and played a bit at the arcade. Did a bit of window shoppin, was restrainin myself from buyin new clothes lol.

Crap what a day. And I can't believe I blogged that much hahaha.
hoho, as I said I'll probably blog once in a week, because I'm so freakin busy. Yesterday I slept at 2 and woke up at 5 am. why? There was a karate belt grading test in KL and it starts at 8.30am. So we had to use my friends car and bring the group to the train station. We left at 6.30 so we should reach there at 7.30 but nooo we reached there at 8.... because there were problems with the train. There's always problem with it esp when it's raining. Speaking of rain we had to walk in the rain the the grading place after we got off the train station. That sucks. We were all soaking wet. The test was ok, I know I can pass but I was hoping to get a 'Double grade' meaning skip one level but I wasn't good enough. so sad =( after that me and my karate mates went to Sungai Wang to do some shopping. Bought a new bag and a few clothes.

I had karate training at 6pm later again.... this was no ordinary training, its a training for those who are going for MAKAF. Just so you know MAKAF is like the biggest karate competition in Malaysia, and not many people can join it, only the best can join *wah seh* haha. Yea thank God, i got selected. I'm representing KL. The training was killing me, I haven't been exhausted for a looong time. I came back with injuries on both of my toes on both legs, my left wrist and the fingers on my right hand. *ugh* Good thing my friends were all waiting for my training to finish so we can go back together, don't wanna go back alone, so boring. And so we came back at 11pm. Practically I spent more than 12 hours in KL. Oh, and at nite me and my frens, we drank this Korean wine/beer, I wasn't so sure. It's called chunghua I think. It tasted a bit like wine sadly it was only one small bottle, wanted to dirnk more hahaha.

Take care people
yo, how you doing people? Yea, haven't been bloggin for quite some time huh = =" I guess this will be the first time im bloggin in my site in this new layout =D A big thank you to April for lettin me to blog in her site, it was fun haha. I don't think I would continue bloggin if it wasn't for those bloggin I did at your site. ^^

been pretty busy and crap these few days.Lots of problems going on. School, people, friends ugh.... I got my bio test back and it was 69/100 which is a B- i think its not tat bad considering i studied few days before the test. Next week i have a Math test comin up and i havent studied yet , im dead, oh and tomorrows my driving theory test hehe, hope i can pass and then I can drive! weee!!!
As some of you might know, I am the president for the karate club and lately I've been doing a very shitty job, 30 members joined the club, but every training about 10 or less turns up. I duno why are they not coming... maybe the trainings boring and not intresting? i don't know ..... Im not doing a good job in keeping the club 'alive'. argh. I'll find a way

im goin to my sensei's house in a couple of hours. His treatin us for dinner and we're goin to get ang pao!! ^_^, guess thats about it for today, dont feel like bloggin actually but I'm bored. Take care people.
so im out of aprils site and now im back here again, wont be bloggin there again as the site is entirely hers -_-" , so sad now no one will come to this lousy site. Might as well not blog anymore....... since not many people will come and read hai~
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