haha merry christmas to you all!
it's a wonder how lots of people are online at this time of the nite when I thought we shud be doing something else hehe. anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS and i want presents!!! >=) hahahaha

okay i cant blog now i wanna go chattin on msn haha RAWR =D
Short update: no time to update cos internet sux and im on dial-up….

-PlanetShakers was awesome!!! Met some new people hahaha and as usual we Merchandise crew were the most noisiest, wackiest bunch of group again lol. I’ll post all the P.S photo once I get back to
Bruneiwhere I have broadband dial up really sux >=(
-Im practically broke, shop most of the stuffs for friends till I don’t have time to shop for myself haha. And there are still a few friends left who I haven’t got gift yet because I don’t know what to get for them!!!! So freakin hard to get gifts for people you know -__--Gonna go KL in a few days to do last minute shopping haha

-Im at my grandparents place now and few minutes ago I was helping to clear out some junks from the kampong house and guess what I found? LOVE LETTERS of my parents!!! Ahahahah so funny…. But too bad I didn’t get to read it though cos when I started to get the plastic bags with like 30+++ hand written mail my mum whacked me and snatched the bag from my hand .. crapppp haha. I so wanted to check what did they write in the mail and hopefully could learn some ‘skillz’ from them XD

Anyway that’s about it,.. dead bored in kampong , started to miss P.S crew ppl and cant wait to go back to
Bruneiand the Gold Coast


p.s- get me presents ya hahah jk
aiyoooooo im so frustrated hahaha. whyyyyyy air asia so lousyyyyyyy..... my flights at 6pm and i got there at 5pm thinking i might be late and guess what? Flight Delayed till 10pm waa sad, i dont know what am i gonna do now, im actually at the AFC office atm waiting for leonard... after his done talking see how am i gonna spend my time waiting for the plane. hopefully it wont be delayed again.

on a brighter note. I forgot to post my Exam results which was out
I got
D for accounting
C for employment relations
C for Food and beverage
P for Intro to research

D is distinction, C- credit P-pass anyway D for ACCOUNTING??? What the?? I failed my accounting last year in KL and when i found out that i had to take accounting this year i was like -___-"" wanna cry cos it was really hard and i failed it badly. Thank God i trusted in Him and also helping me out with the exam... the end result was Distinction and did way better than the other easy subjects. phew. Glory =)

anyway im done bloggin, gonna find out what to do for the next 4 hours haha. oh my malaysias number is +60164852796 for those who needs to contact me. Cheers
got back from freshwinds few days ago and it was awesome! Presence of God was all over the place, having an encounter with God and everyone brought back sumtin from the camp =) Ya i came back with a BAD FLU!! thx a lot Piggie hahha. cos i slept under the aircon, woke up 7am and ate breafast, 8am go swimming, walked around the hotel with no shirt on and showered after that, conference room aircon, everywhere also aircorn therefore = BAD FLU! im sick of aircorn

but then leehh......... the day after my friend called and asked if i wanted to play basketball in JIS i thought hey why not? JIS b.ball team sux... They were good before, we had national team players in the senior team the next year we had ME who got silver and bronze medal in the forbissea games wasehh haha, but seriously year after year the team just detrioriate. This year I witnessed that the JIS team had 5 bunch of little kids. i mean it , short and big size.

Now that's no laughing matter because i have to hand it to them, they have a BIG heart to play the game. I haven't played b.ball for like 4 months, no stamina, no skill to shoot, i cant run and jump, WHAT CAN I DO?? nothing. I had no trainin or warm up even before the game, how nice is that? only thing i got left is my speed but still, sprinting up and down the court for 10 seconds and i'm already lying on the floor crying out for oxygen.

let's just say we lost the game, that freakin kid in the last 10 seconds shot the ball in and got the lead, and we lost in the end. SAD. We had the lead for 3 quarters, and in the last quarter the lead was gone because of fatigue and cockiness HAHA.

lesson learned : NEVER be too confident in a basketball game, this reminds me of my team the Indiana Pacers who has a a tendency to get comfortable when they have a good lead and in the end lost the lead >=( angry man.

after b.ball went to cybercafe and played DOTA and o2jam wif them again from 10.30 pm -4am???????? wat the ^%$#@^#@ i didnt noticed the time also so saddd man, i aint gonna do that again. really terrible

anyhows ill be flying off tomorrow to KL for PLANETSHAKERS Conference!! GET READY TO SHAKE THE PLANET YO!!!! gonna miss u guys back in brunei =( see u all in a month haha
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