I got tagged by bananagurl might as well do it since I have nothing better to do lalalala

10 Years Ago, I...
1. 11 years old I think (1998
2. was in primary 6, and I miss my primary 6 friends! they're a bunch of awesome people!
3. The Nick Jason Sensation was born because of this girl I liked and almost everyone in 6A, 6B and 6C knows it ...meh
4. LOVED and was PRO at duo bi qiu (dodgeball chinese version)
5. My friend did exposed something to me that I was never exposed to and it was bad... real bad.

5 Years Ago, I...
1. was 16yrs old (Year 2003)
2. was still a basketball freak
3. Had my dumb tennis elbow, now I have a phobia for tennis
4. Was very emo
5. was a very naughty kid

3 Years Ago, I...
1. got to know this girl more n then liked her -.-
2. was deciding to study in the United states or Aus
3. was BORN AGAIN :D :D
4. met bananagurl
5. was a karate champion n representing the state and country =)

A Year Ago, I...
1. Went to my first Mission Trip and it was a life changing experience!
2. my guitar rockstar preformance is shooting up
3. Gained 5kgs and am fat (no seriously!)
4. Surfed =D
5. Gila dota again

So Far This Year, I...
1. Gained a belly and I'm trying to lose it
2. Got myself a new <3 Elmo and im lovin it
3. wont say it was the best year but im learning a lot
5. I started jogging and playing basketball again

Yesterday, I....
1. met a new friend
2. was extremly tired for some reason
3. attented two meetings
4. Found out next week I have to start at 5.30am for work

Today, I ....
1. am %$#@& just to go for one hour lecture n come back home again -_-
3. am going to jog
4. am going to practice my guitar
5. am going to cook yum yum chix wings

Tomorrow I will...
1. attend my pastors bday and celebtrate my ex housemates engagement partayyy
2. be sittin outside the lonely rain pouring on my face and be emo , comformo XD
3. be playin games
4. be going to tour around Brunei, malaysia and australia for my band
5. shred 40million notes persecond and kill the whole world muahahahha

Im gonna tagged?
1. Lamo -cos you're bored
2. Lulu
3. Lawrence T
4. Izzati

Man! doing this tagged reminded me of the past and the crazy, embarassing and fun moments I had! How I wish I could turn back time and have those moments or change some embarassing moments haha . not much in a mood to blog atm. so lets leave it at taht
Jeng jeng jeng Can't believe its been a month and this holiday has been draggy , felt like it has been 3 months but Thank God I managed to get a job haha. Winter break has been fun, Finally its 11 degrees and all, I know melb and NZ ppl are all telling me 'Its not Cold!' but I don't stay where you come from so its cold for me haha XD Last 3 subjects, last semester and I'll be finally done with Uni life and on to working world! I'm still kinda lost on what Job to do right after I graduate because Working in Events as a banquet staffs is hard work and you don't have any life seriously, 14-16 hours a day? No time to find a gf and If I do get a job I'll prob stay single for the rest of my life. that's not good is it! In addition my dad wants me to get PR and I don't have enough points to get a PR so my next choice is either a Temporary Resident or study something else in Tafe so I can get more points. Study again?? Im not sure, should I? Its like a short course where I can choose watever I want to do like hairdressing, cookery, bakery n stuffs. Study again? I'm not really sure.

Other than that Life has been great altough I had my share of ups and downs but God is faithful and God has just been doing so many great things in my life and the church there's just to much to type here haha. Let's just say this is the beginning and the best has yet to come ;)
Im burned out! now this is what I call a proper job!

I finally got a shift to work in Conrad Jupiters, one of the top hotels in Gold Coast with Casino. My eyes are now opened to how the hotel works and I must say the management and everything is more hectic than I thought it would be. Different departments has their own duties, but all has to work together as a team with other department or else the hotel would fall apart.

Woke up at 4.30am and had to reach the hotel at 5.30am, greeattt. Next day shift was 7am so that was a bit better

I was assigned to Event Staff, basically doing banquets, serving food, going to guests smiling "would you like any Coffee or Tea :D" for a room of 1000 people waaa I've never done banquet and its scary cos u have to carry this huge jacktray and its super heavy, I still don't know how it works except that my back is going to hurt soon. I made one mistake though, as I was clearing the customers food, I dropped the knife and fork on the guests back and I think he was pretty annoyed. I mean c-mon it IS a 5 star hotel. Wat am I a 1 star waiter doing here haha.

Oh I had to serve coffee and tea and believe me it's not easy, my fingers were numb even after the first round. I even had trouble pouring coffee on the guests cup while trying to balance the tea on the other hand. One of the guests went

'Is this your first time?'

'Yes maam'

'It's pretty challenging ey'


'no worries, you're doing a good job'


The next day shift was the same thing except I had to serve food this time and I got told off twice by the cranky captain *sigh* one of them was because I cleared the cups on the tray but then I had only a few cups and then the captain went 'I don't want to see you come out with this little cups on your tray." crap. this was because I was scared that I'll topple the tray and the cups when im trying to pick the cups on the table. anyhow I had to carry and clear the WHOLE huge room of table, chairs, plates and stuffs , and what I can say is for those who said I'm slim you're wrong, this is my Gym, I've built muscles from the result of carrying these heavy things. Like Spiderman , skinny the first day the next day muscular hahaha.

The best part of the job?
  • Free buffet at the cafeteria

  • Spent 1.5 hours polishing cups, thats easy $18 an hour hahaha

  • lastly, it was quite fun and I met about 12 new people in 2 days , one new person I met even offered to bring me home , I was like waaa

One thing I learnt though, you really have no life working in the hotel, you'll be a workaholic. At least 16 hours a day- 80 hours of work a week. No way Im doing that, I wont even have time for church and IF I had a family I won't have the time to be with them because most of the time you'll be in the hotel .

was tempted to quickly take a pic of my uniform at work XD

Yay!! It was my first job today!! ^^ I've been jobless for 2months+ now and it is refreshing to work again. My agent called me and asked me to meet at 2.30pm not knowing where the place was I left and arrived at 1pm. After waiting for one and a half hour under the Hot Sun, my agent told me that I'll start work at 4pm instead and I'll be working in the snack bar!!!

Initially I was supposed to fry the chips , fish and chicken but I was moved to scooping the fries and serve the fries in a cup + doing the same thing with the fish and hot dogs. Basically something you would do in McDonalds -.- But it was quite fun it was a breather to not talk to the customers but work behind the scene for once.

OH! and I was working in the stadium because there was a special function, RUGBY!!! GO GOLD COAST TITANS! Its like the normal NBA, NHL, NFL game in the States, a normal soccer match game in Malaysia and...........errr Michael Jackson performnig in Jerudong Park, Brunei.
It was my first ever live Rugby game and during my 30min break I was so lucky to watch the Titans score and even caught it on video! How cool is that??
Too bad I didn't bring my camera , fortunately I had my trusty LG Viewty keke

The Place where I worked

This guy's rugby Hot. Lamo's fav
My 30 min break woot!

Do check this 1min clip, it just so happens the Titans scored woot! and for guys out there there's a bit of bonus points at the end as well.... okay maybe not, quite normal stuffs lolz

Oh yeah, some people might not like it but Batman: The dark knight was an awesome movie! Heath Leadger two thumbs up
Man Winter is almost over and I'm kinda disappointed, the weather wasn't as cold as last years, with the exception of it being very cold for 3 days. other than that was just the weather being cool, gloomy and raining for no reason. Today the weather was super Hot! felt like summer for a minute there.

Went for RSA (reponsible service alcohol) training yesterday and it was boring just sitting there for a 4 hour lecture about the laws and regulations, and man who would have thought that working in a bar would have lots of responsiblities, one small mistake of suppling or serving drinks to a minor you'll get on the spot $225 fine. -.- thank Goodness Im a waiter and dont work in a bar but its a requirement for me to do that course so yea , sat down 4 hour lecture then did the exam which we can copy from our workbook and friend lol. funny

oh yea results came out a week ago. I've got 2 C and 1 P dang it. Financial Control exam was really tough for me because I could only do 1.5 out of 5 questions confidently and honestly the rest was just crapping because the stuffs I studied didn't come out at ALL! So I was expecting maybe fail (choi!!) or Pass . But miraculously I got a C (credit) and for service ops I was expecting a C got a P -___- what is this.... zzzz

I know the reason I'm gettin F-A-T now. It's my housemate who works in KFCtatbringshome2bigbagsofKFC that is causing it T.T
finally got a job!! It took me about 3 weeks but really Praise God He provided me with this job. Been praying and praying but even though nothing happened I know God is my provider. If I can trust Him for my salvation which is the Biggest of all, how could I not trust Him for the little things? That was what kept me going, to persevere and believing for the job. I even had one friend coming pointed and laughed at me ' haha no job yet' yet I keep believing and on Monday I was praying again but this time was different. I did pray but this time I really seek God , asking no answer nevermind , but I'll keep seeking and knocking and then the holy spirit went 'pray for a call after this prayer' I was so desperate I didn't doubt and prayed for this miracle to happen. After prayer I went online to look for jobs again and as I was searching this guy called me and asked if I was available for an interview!!! woot! Praise God!! Actually not one call but two calls!! I had another call later, I applied for F&B Attendant and the other position I was so desperate I even applied for this ad I saw 'Models, Extra Actors needed' HAHA

Unfortunately I think I'll pass the Model/actor work because I dont think I'll have the time and I found out I have to pay $160 to set up my own personal site and take professional photographs for marketing purpose. If I didn't get the hospitality job I might have taken this job but its cool.

I just got back from the interview and training and I passed em' all so I'm ready to work next week =D You know how secret agents get calls from their boss and asked them to do missions? e.g Charlie Angels?
Well I'm doing the same thing, except its Serving Food so if there's any job available the client will call the agency and then the agency will contact me to go do my 'mission'. hooya! Im so excited!

other than that Linda came to Gold Coast for holidays, hung out with her for a day and thx for the Floor-flavored ice cream haha. Don't worry bout the pics, purposely didn't take so you can come over next time when It's sunny and we can take photos lol! It's winter and I had like 4 days of steamboat in 2 weeks already, how cool is that! ok not so cool... the ingredients costs a lot -___-
Help Me! I can't stop listening to this song
Help Me! to stop tapping my toes, this song rocks! Help Me by CCC

Help me to stand up each day, walk in your way To read your word and pray
Help me to fight a good fight, to stay in the light To praise you day and night
Help me to not just survive, to be so alive Smiling on the inside
Help me to let your light show, to let your love flow So all the people know
Whoa o o o o o o o.... my heart cries out to you
Whoa o o o o o o o....your grace will see me through
Whoa o o o o o o o.... you give me heavens view
Whoa o o o o o o o....it all comes back to you
Verse 2
Help me to walk in your love, sent from above, Lifting me up
Help me to sing a new song when everything's wrong You're keeping me strong
Help me to stay by your side, I don't have to hide I'll live you on the outside
Help me to always be true, I'm carried by you I know you'll see me through
Help me, help me, help me, 'cause all I need you
This holiday hasn't been one of the best, decided to not go back to Malaysia and Brunei because I was hoping to apply for a job and work during the hols but unfortunately no calls yet, and I got rejected twice from the hotels I applied. Oh man I really need this job, I've been spending a lot going out to eat and shopping again. I decided to chill with my friends because they wanted to go shopping but in the end I bought a $89 coat. This baby caught my eye and I just Had to buy it! haha.

Besides that the highlight from last week has got to be the church conference I went to. Honestly, I didn't felt like going, but something in me went 'just go, and have faith and believe something great to happen' the other half went 'just go if not ppl wud just keep asking why dont you wanna go' ...... at the end of the day I had only one choice which was to go hahaha.

Boy was I glad I attended the conference. I bet everyone encountered God in a powerful way just as I did. No one left unchanged, but challenged and transformed. I was encouraged to read what God has done to the people who attented the conf and what God has spoke to them. awesone stuffs guys! The topic can never be so timely.... a community church and I believe its in season not only for the church but for myself.

My character has been lousy lately, my attitude stinks and I'm so glad got corrected and challenged me to change these things in my life. If I don't change, If I don't renew my mind then I'm going to cause a lot of problems in the community. Funny thing is before the conference, I was challenged by God to rise up, to take that call to lead my Life group, especially the guys group which is kind of weak at the moment, and I asked God "what do you want to see in this Life Group?' and one of the thing God put in my heart was the friendship, tangible relationships and bonding with one another, funny enough the conference was about community ey? Actually I've been frustarted with my Life Group not moving forward, not growing, frust at myself that I'm not doing a better job cos I know I can do better but instead of correcting or scolding me.

Went for altar call and this guy who didn't even know me prayed for me, and God used him to speak to me. One thing was that God knows the dissastisfcation in my heart, He also has a part to play in it, I was also beggining to doubt my calling but God just encouraged me to not look at what I don't have but He will fill those things that I don't have. He has heard my cry and will continue to mould and shape me. This was all I was felling before the conference!!! and this guy who didn't even know me prayed and spoke these encouragement for me after all that i've been thru. Indeed I have some self-image problem and this guy even knew but he said that God is beginning to chip-away those things...Praise God! Came back with a renewed passion and vision for the life group and church and I can't wait to see what God is going to do esp in my life group. I know it'll take time but it's going to be worth it..

All of my life, in every season,YOU ARE STILL GOD, I HAVE A REASON TO SING
I HAVE A REASON TO WORSHIP (taken from the new Hillsong album, Desert song by Brooke fraser, get the album its out its awesome!)
I'll take the stand
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