hmmm okay new layout and it still needs fixing, the site is dead prob because of the boring posts I post and not ver interesting to read hey? haha. what the heck its alright.... those who visits and reads my blog i really appreciate it......... really =)

anyway... finals is just around the corner ... and guess what? I've been busy with my assignments till i havent got time to revise... not even a bit... this whole week i'ma try and get myself to study mode..God help me! haha. The past weeks have been kinda rough and i dont wanna think so much about it... i'll just put my trust in HIM that he'll guide me thru it.

Besides that I'm trying to get ready and in shape for basketball games. I'm looking forward to play ball with Bwyant, Melv and the rest of the UNITED TEAM! haha yes i came up wif the team name..United.... i came up wif Wolfpac , O2, H2O and eXtreme but they didn't agree and some names were taken so we agreed on united. so yeah, what do you know? i've quitted basketball many times and now have gone back to playin it again.

Today i played with some outsiders who came to uni and they were streetballers doin the and1 Sh*t. I'm sorry but as a baskeballer, played many games and a Pacers/Nets/Heat fan.... i think doin these and1-like moves are disgrace to basketball. They are just for entertainment but too me it aint entertainin. You travel a whole lot(not to mention other fouls) when u play wif us...its not proper basketball... take it to the streets and play wif ur street mates. If u wanna play proper ball then come here. Don't ever bring ur and1 moves in a proper basketball game.. just ticks us off. yes we will beat you in a game of basketball too, go learn some defence as well and some fundamentels, doing and1 style crossovers we can do that too, sheesh.
lol a friend gave me this site and it's so funny and at the same time it has meaning in the whole funny clip... enjoy the clip =)
well here's the new layout........i didn't really do it but BIG thanks to Jana who helped me with this new layout.. i like it ! i'll update the site and add some stuffs to the pics when my exams are over which is in a month keke. so be patient ya =p
BIG SORRY to all my friends out there if you've been wondering what the heck have I been up too and not been keep in touch wif y'all.

Ok let's hear the excuses.... I'm very busy here, like I said, I have one assignement due every week, so when I finished one assignment, I couldn't take a deep breath and say 'phew time to relax' nononono I have another assignment waiting to be handed in the next week =( sucks i know. I hav actually one assignemnt due in 2 days time and I HAVENT started... been busy wif other assignements and quizes till i dont have the time to go on wif the next assignment *sigh*

2nd excuse- My laptop as you know was busted for nearly 2 months so i couldnt come online except when i'm in Uni but I finally got a new one ^^
  • Intel pentium M processor 760 (2 ghz, 2mb l2 cache, 533 mhz FSB)
  • I can watch TV on the laptop by just connectin an antena
  • 17inch LG screen
  • Sensor Lock (i love this)
  • Nvidia Geforce GO 7300
  • 100gb hardisk
  • 1024mb DDR 2 memory
  • 8 channel audio "(dolby)
  • comes wif a free orignal program, headset, remote control and mouse
  • for just a whoopin aus$2200!!! its cheap and a good investment if u ask me hoho

3rd excuse- No credit, I cant sms or call because i've used up my free sms and callin other people with different phone company costs heaps!! I'm thinkin of havin 2 lines so it'll be cheaper now....zzzzz and lastly i've been busy as well because i'm in the worship team, leadin praise bit for the moment =D , cg on wed, catchin up on fri, church on sunday guess the only time im free is sat -__-

so that's all the excuses i got.. and im really really sorry again to my friends out there who I havent been keepin in touch, i'll try to make up for it and catch up wif y'all soon yea =s

WeiWei - I am really sorry, i havnt been catchin up wif u and talkin the way we had before =((
Panda- I know you're busy wif ur mid terms n i hav my assignments so It's hard for us to catch up yeah, wait til ur exams are over yea
Michy- Heya, I havent been talkin to you for a long time, i'l try to chat wif u if i get the time to get online yeah... Raj sends his regards!
Brunei frenz- what to say? When i come back we go YamCha!!!! hohoho
Msia frenz- Aisk, Sometimes i dont see u all online, i know inti connection sux lol, but i'll try my best to chat wif u all yeah =p

yes yes, call me the lousiest, worst fren or whatever you want, the excuses are lame i guess but its true haha =.=" uni life is tough and stressin esp when u're in the 1st year ~~

Much Love!

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