hoho, as I said I'll probably blog once in a week, because I'm so freakin busy. Yesterday I slept at 2 and woke up at 5 am. why? There was a karate belt grading test in KL and it starts at 8.30am. So we had to use my friends car and bring the group to the train station. We left at 6.30 so we should reach there at 7.30 but nooo we reached there at 8.... because there were problems with the train. There's always problem with it esp when it's raining. Speaking of rain we had to walk in the rain the the grading place after we got off the train station. That sucks. We were all soaking wet. The test was ok, I know I can pass but I was hoping to get a 'Double grade' meaning skip one level but I wasn't good enough. so sad =( after that me and my karate mates went to Sungai Wang to do some shopping. Bought a new bag and a few clothes.

I had karate training at 6pm later again.... this was no ordinary training, its a training for those who are going for MAKAF. Just so you know MAKAF is like the biggest karate competition in Malaysia, and not many people can join it, only the best can join *wah seh* haha. Yea thank God, i got selected. I'm representing KL. The training was killing me, I haven't been exhausted for a looong time. I came back with injuries on both of my toes on both legs, my left wrist and the fingers on my right hand. *ugh* Good thing my friends were all waiting for my training to finish so we can go back together, don't wanna go back alone, so boring. And so we came back at 11pm. Practically I spent more than 12 hours in KL. Oh, and at nite me and my frens, we drank this Korean wine/beer, I wasn't so sure. It's called chunghua I think. It tasted a bit like wine sadly it was only one small bottle, wanted to dirnk more hahaha.

Take care people
yo, how you doing people? Yea, haven't been bloggin for quite some time huh = =" I guess this will be the first time im bloggin in my site in this new layout =D A big thank you to April for lettin me to blog in her site, it was fun haha. I don't think I would continue bloggin if it wasn't for those bloggin I did at your site. ^^

been pretty busy and crap these few days.Lots of problems going on. School, people, friends ugh.... I got my bio test back and it was 69/100 which is a B- i think its not tat bad considering i studied few days before the test. Next week i have a Math test comin up and i havent studied yet , im dead, oh and tomorrows my driving theory test hehe, hope i can pass and then I can drive! weee!!!
As some of you might know, I am the president for the karate club and lately I've been doing a very shitty job, 30 members joined the club, but every training about 10 or less turns up. I duno why are they not coming... maybe the trainings boring and not intresting? i don't know ..... Im not doing a good job in keeping the club 'alive'. argh. I'll find a way

im goin to my sensei's house in a couple of hours. His treatin us for dinner and we're goin to get ang pao!! ^_^, guess thats about it for today, dont feel like bloggin actually but I'm bored. Take care people.
so im out of aprils site and now im back here again, wont be bloggin there again as the site is entirely hers -_-" , so sad now no one will come to this lousy site. Might as well not blog anymore....... since not many people will come and read hai~
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