Thanks for Bananagurl for doing this XD

Yes, as some of you may not know, I am a superstar *gasps* and I've been working secretly in the media industry for awhile. The only reason why I didn't want to tell anybody was because I don't want any stalkers or paparazzi :)

Okay.. Enough Krap.....
Happy New Years Everybody!! See you guys in 2010!!
Looking to make Pepperoni and Caramelised Pumpkin Mini Pizza or how about a simple Salami Open sandwich with tomato chutney?

DON is doing quite a bit of promotion for their meats during this Christmas-New Year season and you can check out free recipes from their website on the corner of the blog. They really have good recipes for good food ;) If you have no idea what DON is... they sell good fine quality meat and no doubt you'll see more of them in Australia. I know they're already bringing it up in Sydney and Melbourne.

(if you're reading this on FB, head to and the link is right there)


December is the month where we remember the greatest gift ever given to mankind. It is the gift of God’s only begotten Son for the salvation of the world. For many, it would also be a month where we express our love and appreciation toward people we love and cherish. However, the irony is that very often, Jesus, who is the reason for this season, is not the focus of our celebration. This was the case in Micah 6:3, where God’s people became weary of God.

However, I want you to look at the amazing response of the Almighty God and His great love for His people. God replied “O My people!” Is it not remarkable that such language should be used by the eternal God? It is the voice of earnestness and an appeal of love. Love injured, but living, pleading, striving and entreating. Divine love yearns for the reconciliation of the rebel.

Once upon a time, there were two boys living with their father. The younger boy had an itch to go to the big city. He said to his father, “I’ve had it with these chickens and cows … Father, you are, in one word, obsolete. You don’t know how to live. What I’m asking for is my inheritance now so I can go to the big city and really live it up!” So the father relented and gave him his inheritance and off he went to the big city.

The people who came back from the big city taunted the man as he waited for his son to return, saying, “Hey mister, you must be pretty proud of your little blue-eyed boy. He’s always drunk and spends half his time in bed with some women … he’s really living it up!” But the man waited and waited. And one night he saw his son coming home. He could tell by the walk, the stride and swing of the arms (signs that only love would notice) that it was his son. The father immediately ran out and embraced him, and in that moment, as tears ran down his father’s cheeks, the boy heard him say, “You’re home; that’s all I want.”

This is the familiar story of the prodigal son—and it’s the story many of us have personally experienced. We think that God is here to kill our joy and rob away our fun without realizing that God is for us and He really loves us. This Christmas, let’s appreciate our heavenly Father for who He is. “If we are faithless, He remains faithful” (2 Tim. 2:13). What a great God we serve!

Rev Kong Hee
City Harvest Church

Remember I posted a note 2 months ago about me being rewarded at work to go for a rainforest cruise and going to tropical fruit world? I also mentioned that if you write a comment on why do you think Jason is cool then you just entered yourself to win this awesome experience trip with me :) but because nobody did (fail) then at the end I went there with my colleague.

Here are couple of pics from the trip and more pics in my facebook album check it out :)

Because Blogger is lame and because I'm not tech-savy I don't know how to upload and sort these pics out forgive me.

er, yes I know I look like that statue, tahts why I took it XDDid I mention I took a short trip to Mexico?Me and Sharon in Mexico
Oh and I managed to catch this huge Mud Crab and eat it too

Satay aaa satay..!!! Kidding XD those are use to catch oysters
Don't wanna shre my fruits with you hmph~! Oh wait forgot to mention I had chocolate fruit (reallY!) and it was very very good
Loved the feeling of fishing again, but as you can see the fishing rod was quite lame -.- had to kiss the fish goodbye as I put it to the oceanCan't wait to swing to 2010! Ciaoz

Last year, the Indiana Pacers were terrible, the Utah Jazz had a good run but got knocked out by the Lakers. I thought with the new acquisitions, the Pacers might do well this season, but with injuries and lack of defence this team is breaking my heart. Hope defered makes the heart sick..... and this team isn't doing my health very good.

A winning team will bring healing and comfort. Pacers (and Larry Bird) if you're reading this stop it with the bad offence and start playing good defence! Don't make me turn into a free agent and change to another Eastern Conference Team just as I did to the Nets (before J.Kidd got traded).

Jazz you're doing well, and I love you! just stop losing to bad teams like the Timberwolves (twice!)

1.) New Hairdryer
2.) Bedsheet for my queen size bed
3.) Ps3
4.) Wii
5.) Bean Bag
6.) Lazyboy chair
7.) computer chair
8.) one ticket to Japan pls
9.) oh and one to melbourne thank you
10.) and get rid of this stupid virus/spyware where when I turn my internet explorer my pc goes to blue screen and restarts. tcpip.sys error (any help?)
Man, I'm in need of a breakthrough. Like a big one. God has been speaking to me in doing something and I tried before but failed. So i'm gonna try doing it again after Christmas. It's gonna be a challenge but if I want to see myself move in some areas and have victory in some areas then I'll obey what God has prompted me to do just as Luke 4

Power!!!! Vrooomm Vrooom!!! (if you were there you would understand this hehe)

on a side note
There's Christmas Evax coming up this Wednesday (16th) if you're interested, we'll be going out to the streets giving out candy cane and telling people the true meaning of Christmas (fun!) I believe christmas is a season of eGiving (extra giving) and we should go out there give what we can and most people out there needs love, care and hope even now because its shocking but people do get lonely during christmas

Then we'll be having christmas party next Wednesday (23rd) at my place, so pls do come because there'll be lots of goodies, me making ice cream cake, and gift swapping :)

oh and Christmas Service (20th) this Sunday!! Don't Miss out!
Is it just me or did I now only realised its December!!! 2009 is ending soon and seriously time flies really fast this year especially when you start working.

Compared to 2008, 2009 was good... the first 3 months of 2009 was probably a struggle but thank God He helped me pull through and move ahead. I've definately gone to another level now ( played to many games hahaha.. ok lame.. hope u got the joke). This year I've gone deeper in my worship with God and my relationship with Him. Not only have I grown Spiritually but in my character as well, people have been commenting on how much I've grown Spiritually and in my leadership... im so encouraged! Praise God! I know my character still stinks but seeing the stinky Jason before and the stinky Jason now I don't stink as much :) There are of course bad times, storms that do come in and times where I've struggled but I know its not the time to give in, not the time to give up but to continue to move forward and look on whats ahead, trusting in His Grace.

alot of people has been asking me...'Jason!!!! do you have a girlfriend yet!!??' Hahaha no I haven't and I'm not planning to make that my goal next year either... and friends back home please don't call me Gay! eh guys I'm only 22 ok,still young, single and ready to mingle.... kiddin XD.seriously though I feel I still have a lot to grow in and things to focus other than that, besides I don't need one, I'm married to Ministry hahaha. The special someone is somewhere out there I know, I know in God's timing it will come to pass =)

I'm also excited that its not just me but EVERY single individual in church has risen this year and I can see how everyone has a role in God's kingdom and the impact they'll be making!

Really stoked on the upcoming 2010, with confidence I know that God IS going to do greater things in my life and the church. It isn't just me but many of us has said its a time of preparation now, getting in the word and build our wells so when the semester starts, I feel that the harvest is just going to come in and come in till we don't have time to prepare for ourselves because we'll be giving, teaching and disciplin :) aweeesoooomeeeee

"May the fire in you continue to burn, so bright and strong that it'll be infectious..."
I've been playing this cute addictive little game called mybrute. Its a game where two cute characters smacks each other to death in a battle simulation. You don't do much in the game except for picking your characters and choosing who to battle with and you let the simulation do the rest. Little did I know it can be so much fun.

Basically if you google mybrute people whould ask you to be their pupil and you can get a Bear or Wolf.. NOTTRUE. However I do believe it gives you good item and skills for a start though. Anyway its a fun game which really takes you 5-10min MAX!!! Join the game and be my pupil!! click on this link here create a charater and challenge me :)

and look!!! *gasps* Iron Man 2!!!

We had life group yesterday and I was leading praise and worship. It was tough to play and sing at the same time especially when you're not naturally a good singer and musician haha.

Praise God after lots of praying and practicing it turned out good, not only musicially but the presence of God was there :) After life group I was sending one of my cool sister (and my backup singer) Paula home and she said 'I really like your singing Jason, today you sounded different, was different than practice, and I think she was 'wow' by it in a good way. I was very encouraged and touched when I heard that *cries* I mean this is coming from a person who was in the school choir its like Michael Jordan just said 'you can make it to the NBA' and your heart just beats 500bpm because of that one word

of course I know I have LOTS to improve on in my singing but that word itself really encouraged me and even my LG leader said PnW was good. I don't really get this much,the last I got was from my music teacher few years back (07) when she said that I have a good voice but need to work on my pitch. that really meant a lot to me lolz.
I've learnt one thing though... its easy to give encouragement and honor to someone you can relate with, how about someone that annoys you and someone that is so bad that you want to distance yourself and protect yourself from them so you won't cry, be hurt or whatever negative thoughts there are? Remember God Holds All things together (Col 1:17) and if your relationship with that person seems falling apart and you can't hold on to it, remember God holds all things together, He is that bridge that will bring the gap smaller therefore decide to love and honor that person just right infront of you....see them as how God sees them, the destiny they have, see them as who they will be and not who they are now.

Okay I dunoo why I started writing that part, the plan was just to tell you guys about the pnw session lolz. maybe its God :)

ohhh and let me let you in a secret ...*I've started writing a diary* Not princess diary but its the Prince diary HAHAHAHHAHA okay Jason you're lame shaddap now
look out for a special performance by JJ!! =)
JJ will hold a special one time performance of their new hit single for a special someone :)

When: 29-11-09, 5pm
Where: Southport State High School , Enterprise Centre

Seats are limited...first come first serve~!!
Autograph and photograph session will be held after the service.
For those who might miss out be sure to check out youtube next week~!!!
omgosh, haven't felt like this (dying) in ages... I can't remember the last time I came down with sore throat, flu, fever and a super weak stomach.

Mum's gonna kill me when when she finds out I drank cold Pepsi, ate fried crackers, slept late, showered, and going out tomorrow to the beach under the hot sun playing touch footy >.<

yup I'm not gonna get any better aren't I?
I want my mum mmy=(
This blog.... needsssss lifeeeee.... its saying.... 'brinnnngg meee toooo lifeeeeeeee'
kiddin ;P i'm suffering from 'cantbebotheredtoblog' syndrome...

Prespbetry was great, will talk more about it in the laterpost

till then... stay cool people, you guys are amazing!

oh and Zaraffas is awesome!
Just want to share one funny ‘God moment’ I had today...

I was driving on my way to work and was listening to one of Bill Johnson’s sermon and he was preaching something on Jesus being baptized and then the spirit descending on Him like a Dove further later in the sermon he came to the verse on Luke where it says "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor." Suddenly on the podcast he asked everyone to pray for the Sprit of the Lord to fall on us with a greater anointing, that will blow us away etcetc and as I was driving and praying I don’t know why but I looked to the van on my right lane and on the back of the van it has two doves with the writing ‘Dove Released’

I can’t help but smile at this ‘God moment’ and its as if God was confirming to me that it is done but God was filling me with not just an anointing but double portion (the two doves?) hahaha. Don't you love it when you have those moments? God is Good :)
The temptation to eat is so strong >< but its all good, i'm positioning myself to receive more from God and positioning myself for greatness. I'm really praying for guidance, confirmation and even things that are greater than what I could ever dreamed of. More importantly direction for where our Church is going, its exciting and I can't wait!
Its good to just go out there and do the things you like. I was pretty bumped for the past few days but just making the decision to go out and play basketball really refreshed me and I had heaps of fun =) Of course we must be careful not to do it till it is an 'idol' in our lives because we must have a balance between work and recreation. Rest when you should be resting, work when you should be working and always remember to continue to serve God in whatever you do.

Here's a video that really touched me and I would like you to see it too :)

Never in my life I lived in a house where you get it clean then it gets dirty the NEXT DAY and never in my life I had millions of cockroaches crawling on the kitchen floor and dishwasher, trillions of ants invading our lovely home and today for the first time ever.... gazillions of maggots lying on the floor and carpet... waddaafreakk! >=(
I know some of you are having exams so here's something for you to watch and chillax
All characters and events in this music (and even the supermarket girl) are entirely fictional.

Enjoy the number #1 Hit on the Gold Coast Chart on Hot Tomato 102.9!!! SUPERMARKET GIRL by JJ!!!!

Jon: "Yeah, filming this was such hardwork, I want to thank you the staff of our productions, Love you all, lastly I want to thank god for giving us the ability to share our thoughts and express ourselves in music....."

Jason: "Yeah, firstly I would like to thank my LG Viewty Phone, altough we are on a tight budget with no camera but the Viewty really pushed its capabilities and delivered an awesome music video *sniff*"

Supermarket Girl
Ive met this girl she made me twirl
I dont even know her name but I would love to see her again
She works in the supermarket attracted me like a magnet
I want to see her again
My supermarket girl

Yes, its the lovely supermarket girl
I loved to see her face again
perhaps we could get a name
Take you out on a date maybe one day it could be fate
Im guessing your name is Kate
we lock into each other like dead weight
so please give me your name on my numberplate
my crazy supermarket girl
baby girl you really make me twirl
but I really want to know your name please girl...

Supermarket , supermarket girl
You are beautiful just like a pearl
I wanna get your number
rescue you from danger
because youre getting hotter
bringing up the fever
my supermarket girl.

You make my heart melt when you smile girl
you got the hottest style
please give me your number for my mobile
we could clash together in a new lifestyle
but first update your facebook profile
that would make me smile
take you on a date to Moscow if you would allow.
.ends at flow!!

First time playing with a mask and boy its hot in there! Can't see anything -_-'

I know there were some mistakes and its not the best out there, but enjoy it anyway, its for fun ^_^ taken with my KU990 Viewty. next time i'll take a proper video with proper practice hehe, feel free to leave comments hehe

watch out for a video for halloween =)

Ps John Jacks and Monnett is coming again in a month time and i can't believe time flies so fast! The last time I got it was somewhere end of October and now I'm actually honored to be chosen to be prayed over for. Belle said that leaders gets the first priority but she picked me and a couple of others to be prayed for so that's cool. I know I didn't get to share my prophecy from last year... well there are some stuffs you share and some you don't :) wait, I didn't actually share a single thing from last year did I? here's one of them ...

"let me(God) impart into you(Jason) the things that will give you life and others life" Sometimes there's so many things to share I only get to share some through my blog or with my shepherd and sheep, I haven't got the courage to share some stuffs with the church yet because sometimes I feel other people have better words so I can just back out. I guess its something I'm working on and being sensitive to the spirit.

anyway I'm really going to fast and pray hard for this upcoming prespetry, I need some confirmation and guidance. All in all I don't want this year to be like last year where I kinda got disappointed because other people got their confirmation and all I got was something else. Don't get me wrong, I was disappointed at first but thank God after seeking Him and I realize what was it about so its all good. I've already prepared my heart to receive whatever is coming hehe.

Here's a little something I got from my quiet time that I would like to share from 1 Thess 5:14-15
We are told to encourage one another, because at the end of the day we want help others grow. Its easy to see the whole package from the outside on their attitudes, and the way they act, in the same way we too need peope around us that are not quiet but always encouraging us and correcting us with grace that can help us grow in our attitudes as well, with this environment of encouraging and loving one another we can help each other grow in love and Godliness.
I had my probation review few days ago and it was scary.... there was a chance where after my 3 months probation I might either keep or lose my job. Obviously it has been more than 3 months and so I've kept my job but my performance for the past 3 months is scary.

It's intimidating how you sit in the office in front of your manager ( + shes a female which adds more to the intense atmosphere) and we're in this wide open space anything can be said.

Overall my manager was pretty happy with my performance. Giving me VG and G in all categories. no average or below average. I won't be getting excellent because she said she's strict >=( anyhooowww, here are some summary from the review
  • I'm polite and considerate internal and external, progressing well
  • Willing to help customers, and I get along well with the staffs and takes cares of the 'girls' well. (there's no male in front office)
  • Gaining confidence and showing initiative

IMO its pretty good review however like all reviews there are areas we can improve on and my improvement is to work on engaging guests more and coming out of my shell so the 'real Jason' will shine and start performing well. its a fair comment, and I agree strongly... yes I can do my work well however me holding back abit and honestly struggling a bit to get out and talk more to guest is a problem for me. However I really thank God for such lovely colleagues in my workplace who are so super friendly and open, so I'm slowly building my confidence in talking to aussies :)

an hour later after all that nerve-wrecking review, I was summoned to the office and my manager said because I'm such a good worker they believe I deserve a reward and they offered me a Rainforest Cruise to catch crab, eat seafood and after that a tour to tropical world farm to taste exotice fruits!!! wahhhh!!! She asked if I wanted it and I told her 'if they could get a spot for two then I'll go, if not its alright and I won't go' WHAT? HOW COULD YOU JASON to pass an amazing offer worth close to $200?? as much as I would like to go I rather go with someone so I can enjoy the tour if not im all on my own and it would be super boring.

anyway after that she said she'll see what she could do and she'll let me know.... sooooo just in case, if there's rainforest cruise trip for two , you lucky readers of might have a chance of winning a rainforest cruise with me!! just leave a comment on 'why is jason so cool to you??' and the best answer wins the prize!!!

hahahha I'm joking (or am I), I always wanted to do that like those celebrity bloggers always having this contest thing XD In the end I just want to thank God for blessing me with this job and helping me grow and mature in my workplace, next step is to build relationships, see souls saved, and I noticed a lot of people who can't walk properly and even blind people( I don't know but there's just something about me and praying for eyes) are there which I would really love to see a miracle in the hotel!!!

Dare to Dream
Go far with that dream
Don't overlook the significance of the little things as its positioning you for greatness
Don't live your dreams alone

God has been encouraging me to Dare to dream. you know the 'truth and dare' game we play? Yeah its as if God is challenging me 'c-mon Jason, dare to dream,don't be afraid to dream, my plans for you are way bigger than you can even imagine, don't settle for second best'

Michelle Tumes 'Dream'
"There's a dream in your heart
And His heart is your prayer
You can move mountains with your life in His hands
He'll tear down the walls and He'll walk where you can't
Have faith in the power to believe
He has given you a dream"
Dare to dream guys, I dare you :)
Times and times devil you want to push me down
to steal my joy, my worship
my love for God
to rob me off my destiny

You tried to break my bones
damage my inner spirit and soul
and suck the life out of me.

You’re scared... very scared that I will rise up,
to lead a generation to their destiny
to plunder hell and populate heaven

Do not gloat over me, my enemy!
Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in the darkness,the Lord will be my light

There is nothing my God cannot do,
Your love and power is indescribable
Your mercies are new everyday
Your love never fails

I delight in my weaknesses,
for then the Lord will be my strength
and your grace is sufficient for me

You are the strength when I am weak,
You’re the light in the dark
You’re my feet when I can’t move on
Your whisper brings life to my heart

You’re the author and perfector of my life
You who begun a good work in me shall see it come to completion
Use me to be your hands, to be your feet and your voice
To be a mover and shaker, one that can change destinies
Never again will I live a life of passivity

Do not gloat over me, my enemy!
Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in the darkness
the Lord will be my light

I just want you Jesus :)

haha my friends are all on hiatus and guess what? I think I'm going to be on hiatus as well... probably for a week or so ++

and yes I got my net back woohooo!! I have to many things on my hand right now so I won't have time to go online or FB do send me an sms if there's anything =)
Mmmm haven't been blogged for awhile. Net at home is dead, well actually the phone line, maybe they cut our phone lines because the bill was not paid? I don't know I'll call telstra and find out since no one in the house has been doing anything, everyone is just waiting for some miracle XD

Other than that Life has been good, because God is good, and if God is good all the time means life will be good even through the rough times. (wow I just wrote that, no idea where it came from haha)

okay I would like to write more but my friend is here so I have to go now, will update this post soon :)
Let's be honest here, how many of us has been in an awesome Praise and Worship session and said to yourself 'One Day I would like to be a Worship Leader' and the reasons can vary, from having the heart to lead people in worship to God, or just want to look good on stage singing on stage mesmerizing the crowd with your voice (kidding), but you know what I mean.

Late 2005 was the year I was born-again, and I was at the Planetshakers Conference getting pumped by good music and worshipping God with all my heart, mind and soul. It was then I saw a vision of me leading the youths back home in worship and getting them in the presence of God. I didn't understand at first but then I just had a thought maybe God has called me to be a worship leader. Most of my mates had a calling for their life and I was wondering what was it, I didn't know. Fast forward to 2006 in Aus. I was praying for 4 months 'God, what is my calling? Is it to be a worship leader? I know I desire it in my heart but I want it to be your will.. what's your will?' and one day I just cried out in desperation and I just heard God say 'I want you to be a worship leader' and suddenly I just burst out in tears. That SAME Sunday, I went to Church (2nd time in Church) and the pastor's wife was praying for me and she said 'God has called you to be a worship leader, you're like Joshua who loves to linger in the tent in the presence of God when everyone is out.... etcetc' I'm like wow! Confirmation on the same week!! Quickly I called my close friend and he said 'huh? I thought that was your calling already..' For some reason couple of people already had the impression that I would be a Worship Leader because they see the passion and the way I worship God (thats what they said, I have no idea why are they looking around during worship)

The big dilemma here is that I can worship God and I Love it! I love to sing but I can't sing well, people would ask me to shut up so it wouldn't rain, or the roof will fall. One worse case was the Senior Pastor of a church I attended asked me not to sing but to mime the words when I was serving as a backup singer (ouch!). That really left a scar for awhile but thank God that part is all healed now, but still I would have the fear of leading and singing even now.

Anyhow my point is that my eyes has opened and I think I know what God meant when he called me to be a worship leader. I always thought that my calling to be a 'Worship Leader' has to be a title. It might be, but for now it's something else. Frankly I believe it's not about the title in my case because I know how sad would it be if that was my only dream? I know God has infused bigger dreams than that for my life.

You see leading worship is not all about getting up on stage and leading people in the presence of God. Worship.... is a lifestyle. The Apostle Paul said that we must "offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing, this is your spiritual act of worship." (Romans 12:1). It's not just singing, jumping, kneeling but its all about the Heart of Worship. God see's the inside of our heart if we are going through the motions or really worshipping Him in awe and reverence. In short it's 'God...Take all of me for All of You' You surrender your all to him, you live a life that is pleasing to God. That is worship, because as we do things that right, you're bringing glory to God and that itself is an act of worship. How do we react to situations? Disappointment, discouragement hits us, do we blame God? do we try to do things our own way? or do we ,in the midst of storms look to God and make the decision to worship Him and despite what we're feeling because we know God is Good and He makes all things work together for our good? God has been challening me in my walk with God to live a life that pleases Him. To live a life that has a heart that hides God's word and beats the heartbeat of God, a heart that serves one master, a heart that brings a smile to my Father's face, that is a sweet aroma of worship to Him. I'm convicted to live my life in God's way that can be an example to others so they can be a true worshipper as well. Do you know even in your house, you spending time with God in your room worshipping Him or even in Church giving your best to God in worship or serving Him is a worship to God? You never know who you can impact by doing those. I have some comments from people saying my passion for worshipping God has lead them to want to worship God even more, Praise God for that! That itself is being a lead worshipper where you make an impact in other people's lives to dwell deeper in God!

So let us start living our lives getting soaked in the Presence of God, going out there with His presence, shining His glory, bringing heaven to earth, leading our life by example that can make a difference in our city and nation! Ultimately the name of Jesus has to be magnified and glorified and us living a life that brings glory to God.

What about those singing on the stage stuff? Honestly I don't know, let God do the promotion, I'm already playing the guitar so let the music I play be anointed and will lead people to worship, but to be on upfront on the stage leading people...? That's in God's timing and if it does happen or not happen... no matter what I'm still going to be a lead worshipper in my lifestyle, its not about the title.

Me and Jon made this last night, wrote the lyrics in 30min and recorded in 10 min at 12am. So pls do forgive us if its bad, pls comment.. thanks :D ENJOY!

This is a video that me and Jon made in 40min so pls forgive us if we mucked up a bit. Pls enjpy the video and pls comment, Thanks :)

This is Ah Lee and this Ah Wong , we in da house yo
Yap ee Sam (1,2,3),
mikofone testin Can you all hear me?
This lap vely farni so pls give us good lating ok
after we go dating

Ah lee you Ready a???
Ready la of course
yo yo..
my name is J.Lee
My hometown near mangali.
Wo mei you hip hop kaki (no hip hop crew)
dan shi wo de turbo hen kou li (but my 'turbo' is strong)
I bomb the U.S so smelly
Ppl say I farni, cos Iook like bugs bunny
..but some say I still verlly sassyyyy,
I love to count moneyyyy (who dont like la)
I finish my degree .
I used to be emcee
My bro is a chimpanzee
So that is all about my family..

This is my flen ah wong.
HALLLOOO AH!!Check 1, 2, check 1,2.. ok
yo, my name is J.Wong
I look like king kong, my fav sport is ping pong, tong tong tong tong tong
I also vely strong, especially when I wear sarong..
My gong gong is mao Zedong, my fathers name is ah long!!
Thats why I very GONG GONG
Want to eat my egg fu-yongI talk got sense of right and wrongmy sister loves dewgongso that is the family of ah-wong
Thats why we click alongso come and sing along
Wa ku lu kong (i'm telling you)
Lu kong si mi.. (what are you telling me?)
Wo ai chiack Maggi Mee..HEHE
together we both live in Gold Coastl
ike England people eat toast. when you listen to us dont overdose, we are so sweet like glucose

Look at our tattoo,tattoo looks so cool
My one says moo moo
My other one says Bless you
This is our previewplease give us good review
Or we will come find you
Thank you!!
If you like our lap please tell us so we can do more video

Like I said in my previous post, I'm just so lazy and can't be bothered to spend time with my friends because of a risk of getting hurt again but during and after the camp, little did I know God changed me from the inside out and I realized I'm getting out of the shell. During the camp Belle shared an amazing revelation about love and forgiveness. After the camp , I was invited to my friends house for dinner on Monday and Tuesday night and I'm so blessed that my tummy is filled :) but whats more amazing is how I said 'ok I'll go' and during the steamboat dinner I find myself sharing to people and other people opening up and sharing. Just basically doing life with one another and investing in our friendships. I think its just one of those little things that God is doing in me and I realized, hey its not so bad afterall!

I often say 'Let's catch up next time' but that next time never comes, I have to really make the effort to arrange the meetings and say 'hey wanna catch up today?' instead of waiting for the other party to do it.

On a side note, Camp was beyond awesome and I'm infused with Christ's DNA! :)

CALEB’S SONG (Joshua 14, especially verse 12)
The challenge now is here – What cause is there to fear? I will follow to the place where God has called. And though the task ahead is great, there is no need to wait;God's command is
"conquer cities fenced and walled."

This mountain I shall own, But not for me alone –For my children I shall claim this promised land.Because the Word of God is sure, The future is secure;All the power we need is in God’s mighty hand.

Take courage and be strong – We'll sing the victor's song,All the blessings God has promised we may claim.So let us hasten to obey, Our Saviour leads the way;He will help us win the battle for His name.

I realized one thing that has been missing in this site is PICTURES!!! No wonder its been so dead lolz. A new baby has been added into the Jason Lee Rock'star family!!

this baby came knocking in front of my door a week ago... I wonder what it is?
Gasp! *screams* Its my Podxt LiVe!!
I slowly unwrapped it like undressing.... er a salad
and I became sakai cos I've never seen this in my life ever, inflatable packagingI almost fainted when I touched it, this baby costed only $415! oh yea and it was my first thing I bought with my salary hahaLittle did I know, my little piggie was the first one that had a little play with it >.<Oh and for those who hasn't seen me with my new glasses, here it is hahaIts been awhile since I've done a youtube video, I'm going to record one soon with my new baby weee!
For some people who don't know I'm more of an introvert, meaning I rather spend my time on my own doingmy own things rather than going out with people. Some of you might say 'What???' Because I know I appear talkative, high, making lots of jokes and go crazywhen I'm around people. That's WHEN I'm around with people. This tells me one thing about myself is that I love spending time with myself but when I'm with people I'm an extrovert because I really enjoy the company of others and talking with them. I think as humans we need each other company at times, I think that is why only certain times I would be willing to go out. That said, I found my problem.....

I'm not willing to invest into people's lives and I find it draining and sometimes a waste of time. Furthermore from past experiences, I don't like being close to people in relationships, only the surface level, reason being is I'm afraid that I'll get hurt again if I do get close so I rather distance myself away so I choose who to share my deeper thoughts carefully.

I really thank God for making me the way I am but I know His chellenging me to get out of my comfort zone and start to 'hang out' and willing to sacrifice my time for others and be willing to invest in their lives. It was already hard enough when God challenged me to get out of my shell 4 years ago ,but I'm glad I did because of that I'm an extrovert in front of my friends =)

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender takes one look at it and asks: "So, why the long face?" HAHAHAHA
Things has been going on lately in my life that shows me how weak I am... praise God that I have seen my weakness through my failings. There's something I must do if I want to get serious , things that needs to be changed, hopefully after 4 weeks there'll be a breakthrough :)

Good nite

Stamina reflects how strong your heart is
Ps Lance and Belle are off to Redding, California for the School of Prophets conference in Bill Johnson’s awesome church. It’s very encouraging to hear the amazing things that has happened during the conference and even managed to get in touch with Kris Vallotton who im sure will be coming to visit us sometime next year, an amazing prophet of God i’ve heard!

I am excited to see everyone in church growing in maturity and intheir gifting in God, everyone is running after Him and im even amazed at the amount of faith the young ones are having. This shows that we are all going to a whole new level and are ready for the Harvest that God has prepared for us! Other than that because Ps Lance and Belle are away Ps Gary from COC came and preached to us and is God amazing or what? 3 days before Church service, I was actually praying and fasting for direction for the Church and myself and one thing that God spoke to me was ‘The vision that God has given us is dead, speak life to it and I’ll breathe life to it, prophecy to it.’ Which was from Ezekiel 37:4 Some of the visions and dreams that God had for me was dead, I didn’t believe in it because there wasn’t fruit or rather, its dead and once its dead its dead. However I began to speak life to it, prophecy the visions and dreams God has for me...

Funny enough on Sunday, Ps Gary was preaching about ‘Barrenness’ and how God wants to give us an increase in believing what God has installed for us and at the end he started asking us to speak life to the part of our life that is barren and I was like ...’Wow God, confirmation on what He was speaking to me 3 days ago! How cool is that?’

Some of us might be barren in our family, because they’re not saved yet, some have financial barrenness, marriage barrenness, study or relationship barrenness but whatever you’re going through I want to encourage you to trust God even in the midst of unfruitfulness and start believing and take unbelief our from your life. because unbelief is from the devil, and if we have unbelief we’re partnering with the devil. I think it’s no coincidence what God has revealed to me and to the church on Sunday about this particular area and I want to share this little gem that I got from God to you guys. Remember, don’t look in the natural thinking its impossible... it was impossible for Hannah to have a child but God gave her one, it was impossible for Nehemiah to complete the walls in 52 days but God gave them the strength to finish it, it was impossible for Elizabeth to have a child because she was barren but God gave them a child!!! Gideon only had 300 men to face thousands and thousands of enemies but God gave them victory. Remember... in the supernatural God can do anything... BUT GOD!!

Not many people know this song, but its an awesome song from one of my fav band, CCC

The road is long
The valley's deep
The ocean's wide
In front of me

But God saved the day
Jesus You're the way
The truth, the light, the hope for all mankind

But God saves the day
Urgh Kaleidoscope people are having ice skating right now as I'm writing this. I so wanted to be there to have fun, chill and meet new people but I'm stuck here working and what makes matter worse was the time I got my roster for the next two weeks. I'll be working from today till next Thursday 7 days in a row which is gonna suck the life out of me. On top of that I don't have Wednesdays off for my Life Group, acts29. It was so good being there last wed seeing how the group has grown from 5 to 19 people only by God's grace and still growing. It was really great worshipping and having discussions together. I really hope I can swap my shift on Wednesday.

I'm still praying and believing for God to change the situation..... actually he did one time when my manager asked if I would like to work 4 days instead of 5 days so I can get Wednesdays off but because of Pressure from work and money I said No....... Stupid me, but partly in me was hoping God would do something, and well it kinda happened as a position for night audit had opened. Through this something came into my mind... If I have Friday off every week maybe...Just Mayybbbeee I can Pioneer a Life group for Friday! I don't know haha just came into my mind, still praying about it.

Through All this I know that I should not look at the disappointment but look that there is an opportunity for miracles! Remember 'Hope deferred makes the heart sick... ' Prov 13:12 =)
My no:1 Fan Potato is upset because theres a lack of updates in this blog. Jez fer yoh ill update! Hmph! X(

Actually I’m typing this at work again but I was so bored I decided to rummage through my drawer and I found this 2008 Calender and it has some quotes at the bottom of everyday of the month and it brought a smile to my face =) So those who are emo and sad here’s a little something for you =)

  • So many of us use the expression ‘Better late than never’ A qualification: Too late is the same as never
  • The worst thing about history is that everytime it repeats itself, the Price goes up
  • A meeting consists a group of people who have little to say..... until after the meeting
  • If two men agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking.
  • If everybody is thinking alike, then something isn’t thinking.
  • Some people talk in their sleep, Lecturers talk while other people sleep.
  • Computers are useless.. they can only give you answers

    And I love this one by Mother Theresa
    ‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Have a blessed day :)

Im still recuperating from the Darwin Mission Trip. Had 10 hours of sleep yesterday to make up for the 4 hours of sleep I had when I got back and had to work the same day, good thing I survived. Darwin was really different and in some ways doesn't feel like Aus at all if you know what I mean, it smells, feels a lot like Malaysia and the place is really laid back and relax, Darwin is really a special city. I really took a lot out from the Mission Trip and got to see how God had moved in our Mission Trip. This was really a special time for the team and my sister Gwee whos starting a life group there. One thing I got during our prayer meeting was God was asking what are we expecting? Do we want to go to just do 'Missions' or do something great and be History Makers? Well we finally broke new ground, saw 3 souls saved, did street preaching, and had our first ever Hope Darwin Life Group (soon Church! lets believe together)! Praise God! I've been challenged a lot personally and honestly it was good to get away from work relax a bit and reflect abit on my life. Good thing I did that because now I see the flaws and weaknesses I have and where I stand in my walk with God and how I can improve.

I'm really not in the mood for blogging at the moment but will definately blog about it once I got the pics and videos :)
2 days to go before I'm leaving for Darwin for the mission trip, honestly I was so ready to go last week but this week was just a bit meh for me. I don't feel ready, I don't feel confident and prepared. Many stuffs has happened to my friends and myself personally which just sucks. I'm okay, just need some time seeking God and praying. I think not just me but I reckon most of the team aren't ready as we should be but I hope that we won't go there for nothing but really expect God to move because it is a very important mission trip as we're going to break new ground in just 4 days. I know its definately the enemy trying to bring us down but we're not going down because we're going to stand firm on our faith and moving forward in Faith. It's not easy but when we come to the place of surrendering and being broken to God, that's where we find times of refreshing and our spirit filled again.

I'm actually writing this at work haha. Just got back with helping a lady clean up a dirty mess her husband just did. HE PUKED ON THE CORRIDOR!! ewww me and my manager were all dry reaching and it was just so hard for us to even get close, the smell was so bad, the tomatoes and rice were all over the floor...... I'm not sure if I can go have my dinner later -_-
I got a call from my manager at work today and she said she needs to have a chat with me. I began thinking 'uh-oh' was it because of the request I've asked for the past week on not being able to work on Wed and Sunday because of Church and about the Mission Trip stuffs I'm going to have? Bad thoughts begin to hit me and I just thought 'okok, God if I do get scolded or told off, pls give me strength to not cry but accept it.' *took a deep breath* went in and see her, and she told me to sit down.

'Jason you're not supposed to wear necklaces at work, pls take it off.'

In my head I was thinking of phew, just that.

'also.... as you know Julia is promoted to Guest Service Manager, and there's an empty slot in Front Office Receptionist, I was thinking you'll do well in that role and was wondering if you would like to work in the front office.' Man! without thinking, I said YES!!! haha.

Honestly, I wouldn't expect to get promoted so quickly, considering I just worked here for 3 weeks and had one accident in valet parking last week. It's pretty exciting that I can work in front office because that has been my goal and prayer even before I got landed a job here. I told God "I don't want housekeeping or food and beverage, I want to work in the front office' and I know its hard seeing most of the Front office people are always women and I don't know I feel like I'm the first guy ever to be in the front office in this resort I'm working in!

I know at the end of the day it was God's favor, His provision and blessings. One thing I would like to share was how in the 5 months of not being able to get a job and working on a measely 9 hours a week in McD, I had just enough to cover for food and rent but not enough for life. I was struggling, my bank acc was running low and people would ask me to go out and I would say no because I don't have money. Even tithing and giving my 10% was a big challenge, I did give my 10% every week but one Sunday all I had was $20 in my wallet and my 10% was $10. I tried asking people if they had change but none of them did and during tithing ,I was still deciding if I wanted to give all I had which was my $20 in my wallet, but God reminded me of the verse

“‘Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,’ says the LORD of hosts, ‘If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,’ says the LORD of hosts” (Mal. 3:10-11).

I took a deep breath and prayed to God that I won't give my tithe just because I had to give, but I want to give with a good heart, knowing that the money will be used for His kingdom and knowing God will provide. True enough a week later I got my concierge job and 3 weeks later, I have this promotion :D I mean c-mon!! Here I am all new to the workplace, and there are people who has worked here for years and I got it? It's definately God and I believe its the same in workplace as church when you have a willing heart to serve and learn and grow then God will definately raise you up.

I believe that tithing our 10% is really important, it's God testing our faithfulness and how we are stewards with our money, and I like how Kong hee puts it that tithing qualifies or disqualifies us from God's wealth and abundance. Its amazing how God says that the Devourer will be rubuked and God will protect our finances from being 'eaten away'.

Is this a prosperity message? *gasps* jeng jeng jeng. I guess it is, because I was never a strong and firm believer in God blessing me abundantly, I was afraid to ask, I was thinking that I would be selfish and God would get angry. God had to break my heart and get me out of my shell to believe God for greater things. God does want to bless us, but there must be a balance as well, because its not all about blessing me me me but with God blessing us, we can be a blessing to the Church and the people we have in our lives, thus I want to encourage you to 'Try God' now and believe for God's blessings in your life!

Well I'm not offically promoted yet, because they have to find somebody to cover my spot but Praise God ey?!! =P

From correspondents in Los Angeles, Reuters

ACCLAIMED director Sam Raimi has been hired to make a movie based on the role-playing fantasy video game World of Warcraft, entertainment industry press reports said today.
Raimi, best known for directing the trilogy of blockbuster Spider-Man superhero movies as well as classic 1981 horror film The Evil Dead, will shoot the film after completing work on Spider-Man 4, Daily Variety said. World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Southern California company Blizzard Entertainment and set in a fantasy world featuring monsters, humans, zombies and magical lands. The franchise was first launched in 1994 and currently has more than 11 million monthly subscribers worldwide, holding the Guinness World Record for most-subscribed multiplayer online game.

Okay.... most of us knows most movies that based on novels or games tend to suck, however this director had a lot of good movies in his repertoire. Finger cross that he won't mess up this movie... seriously. I'm a big fan of Warcraft (although I've quitted DOTA) I still would like to watch a movie based on it so its gonna be interesting >=)
I have a problem that is very unhealthy and that is comparing myself to other people. When I see what others that are close to me are achieving it, and how they are changing and moving forward, I would look at myself and see what a rotten scum I am. I know its very unhealthy and we all have our own individual races thus there’s no particular reason why I have to compare myself to others, I know I should be happy when my brothers and sisters are growing and thank God for His work at their lives. I guess it’s the ‘kiasu’ person in me to want to be the best, to want to be better than other people but that’s stupid because there’s always someone better than you/me. Okay, i’ve identified the problem now I need God grace to work in this area of my life...

On a brighter note, we had our Joshua Generation life group getaway 2 days ago. It was just a day to celebrate and thank God for what He has done in Acts29 and planning for the next 6 months. We also set a time just to thank and appreciate everyone individually which is good because we don’t really get to do that much. I was blown away, touched and really humbled what the ppl in my group were thanking me for. I just never knew the little or big stuffs that I did had made some sort of an impact in their lives. I never knew how my passion for God is that contagious and ppl are encouraged by it, I never knew (and still don’t understand) how I’m a trailblazer, I was also encouraged when they say I’ve taken the transition for a boy to becoming a Man hahah, I was encouraged that they can see how I’ve grown spiritually as well ,although that is still a learning and growing process. There were a lot more but I really can’t remember all of them -.-

Honestly though, I’ve never given much thought on what I did will have an impact in ppl’s lives, Maybe because I just don’t spend so much time reflecting on what I do but I just do it and not dwell on it. I really really appreciate and thank for the wonderful people I have in x29 because at the end of the day its them that has made a difference in my life J
One thing that Belle preached last Sunday really strucked me was how when she first became a Christian, she was so on fire for God that she would do Anything at all for God! She then begin to start a prayer meeting in her workplace immediately, the top people from management would even come for the prayer meeting!! How cool is that? Funny thing was she said looking back now it was kinda embarassing but aren't we like that?

I became a Christian when I was a youth at a youth camp, I remembered the time when I first felt the Love of God and gave my life to him. I would then walk about 40min under the hot sun every saturday to youth group B because my parents was working. That was how hungry and thirsty I was to encounter God. I remembered to want to preach in my own youth group A right away, and want to inspire and impact the lives of the youth because of what we encountered during camp. I even wrote it down ready to preach and asked the person in charge if I could do it.. obviously he said no because I was still a 'youth' and 'young'. I remembered I would do anything as well! I would tell off my parents that God can Heal and you dont need to buy medicines, I would then always find opportunity to tell my friends about Jesus.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still doing that but God is reminding me again my first love, my first passion for Him and to live a different life from who I was. God was convicting me that we would do those because we had childlike faith, we believe that God can do anything through us, because as we are more mature in age we would tend to give reasons like 'ooh, that person has a very hard heart, oh... I can't speak to someone not from my culture, oooh I'm afraid to go and ask that person if I can pray for healing for him' where was that? I would do that when I was a youth "not saying I'm old =P " but yea God was reminding me that passion I had for him and wants to stir that fire in me again.
Lord take all of me for all of you.
Give me a childlike faith..
One that will believe your word , never doubts and questions but would obey wholeheartedly
The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. —Luke 18:27
It might seem little to you guys but this miracle is huge for me.

First miracle was before I started work. My boss called me to see if I can swap my shift on Saturday to Friday and that itself was a miracle because we have prayer meeting on Saturday (Never ever gonna miss that) and we have our Acts29 JG getaway which I really want to attend because we'll be talking and planning for our life group for the next 5 months and I wanted to be part of it. It has been in my heart to really want to go but I never did pray for it but my heart did desire for i. Praise God that He moved and turned the whole situation around so I could go for prayer meeting and our getaway!

Anyway... going back to work, it was the first time I really screwed up in my job. I had to do a valet park and this wasn't a car, it was a van and its really high because it has this bag holder thing on top of the van. I didn't notice it at first until I went to the second level and I started to hear scrapping noise. Got out of the car quickly and found out that I made a hole to the bag holder thing O_O Last I heard, a concierge at my workplace scrapped the paint of the side door of a car and the customer wasn't impressed.. I can imagine what I'll get for this. I was like omgoshhh what am I going to do... but then the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me that I always break down when bad situation comes and I'm not acting how a Christian should live. I then took a deep breath, said a short prayer and know that what done is done , I know the large hole won't miraculously fix itself so I just trusted God that His grace will be with me and I'll not get yelled at.

I quickly told the manager so she could take care of it, then went for a break (and so I can hide away, just in case) came back 30min later, my manager told me
'It was okay, everyone makes mistakes, we're all human :)
....and you're really lucky because the guest SPECIFICALLY told us not give you a hard time because everyone makes mistakes. The guest was pretty nice about it, you're very lucky because 9 out of 10 guest would get mad.' I'm like 'WOW!' Thank You GOD!!! How great and awesome is He?? Amazingly the guest is okay with it and that's all that matters. My manager understood the situation and she was pretty cool about it as well. I'm really thankful to have a good manager as well because usually when things go sour, most supervisors I work with will start to swear and go haywire lol. Actually I think my manager couldn't even believe the guest was okay with it especially when I heard this was the 3rd time this has happened.... I wanted to share that it was God's grace but I was abit emmm... not comfortable and abit scared at the mometn because its just my 2nd week, but I do hope that they can see that God's Favor is in me.

So yeah, in the end I don't have to pay the damages because luckily enough the hotel covers for all the damages.... phew.

Work has been good so far, got commented by my manager that I'm doing 'exceptionally well' and when I asked for any improvements she said 'nope, you're doing good, its a learning process where we learn as we do things and you handled all the pressures well, good job!'

Apologies if this post seems a bit messy, I just got back from work and I need to go sleep now because in 8 hours I'll be working again lol.
We are therefore Christ's ambassadors......

I got this revelation from God a week ago when this came up from a conversation with a friend, and from this revelation came with another awesome revelation. So what was it?

It's culture.... it's the way we speak, act and behave. Its taking a transition from our culture to Jesus Culture.
As a Malaysian one of our favorite quote is 'DIE LAHH' Whenever something bad happens our first reaction is 'DIE LAHHHH'
or when when someone offended us we go 'That person ahh.... He @#$# this and that....... you know what he say....&^%&^ I cannot tahan him you know'
or how about driving and parking?
'waaaa tat $%# took my car park!!!! *&^*&^ tat driver so lousy'
Well that's one of the few of malaysian culture..
Maybe for the Western culture is that they love being sarcasatic? (I'm guessing)

I think you get what I'm trying to say here. Point is... God was challening me that
If I'm representing Christ...
If I'm called to be salt and light and to make an influence of the world then there has to be a standard. That standard is not of the worlds but of God. We stand on our convictions knowing what we believe in. Standard of convictions, standard of truths all from the Bible. Even also not following what other Christians are doing, because not all the time what they're doing are beneficial... its not wrong but not beneficial. So God was challenging me to get into His word, know the truth, get the convictions in and defend it, because those are the foundations that will help build me up and help build others.

So when bad circumstances happens instead of going what us Malaysians would always do like 'Die lahhh, no chance' we bring in the Jesus Culture and go 'Its ok, God is in control.. I trust Him' Imagine what your friends would think with those two different reactions?? Because AT THAT MOMENT.... you can either influence or be the same as the world and not make a difference. Which is it going to be? Thats an opportunity right there.

Prayer Meeting was so awesome yesterday and God was just confirming it through what Pastor Lance was sharing... He was giving the same example like 'When someone badmouthes a person, then are you going to join in and go 'Yeah!! That person is like a cow, He cant do his work well ...etcetcetc' or you can go 'Mmmm I know his like that but I want to pray for him and believe he can change' WOW!!! Is that awesome or what? Lance was then sharing about being imitators of God.. in our speech, in our character... its just basically what God was sharing with me for the past week bringing Jesus Culture in!!

Man, I'm so convicted and challenged to live in a whole notha' level......

Jesus help me then to develop Godly Biblical standards in my life for your glory
After 5 months of praying, fasting, moulding my character, breaking and guidance from God, God finally provided me with a permanent part-time job in a 4.5 star resort. It really took a lot of perseverance and in the mean time God was providing weekly with just enough to survive with rent, groceries and fuel.. just barely. It was my first ever interview and I nailed it!

When I told Cheryl that I had an interview she literally screamed happily as if I just got engaged....and when I announced it in life group today it was the same reacion.. man I'm so blessed to have people around me that really supports and encourage you.

One thing I learnt a lot through this journey of getting this job but one thing I would like to share was not to settle for second best and believe that God has something bigger planned for you. I was actually complaining to God that I know I deserve something more, Im not meant to be in Maccas (not that its a bad thing) but I know I'm meant for something greater and true enough God confirmed to me when he showed me how Joseph was called to be someone great but he was in Prison, but God then took him from being in Prison to becoming a great man in Egpyt. So I was like.. wow! Ok I claim that promise along with the verse he gave me in Mark 10:24 '.....Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have recieved it and it will be yours' Revelation I got was the moment you stop praying for something, you have lost your faith in it, So time to time God has been strengthening me and growing me to be ready for the job.

So it's a Concierge Job and tomorrow's my first day at work, hopefully it'll go well. Will update more soon ,gotta go to bed now cos I have to wake up at 4.45 am to get ready for work at 6 -.-

It's a miracle how I got the job (even in the midst of recession) and its truly by God's grace...
Interviewer: 'In your resume I see that you wrote you've worked as a Porter before, tell me more about that'
Me: 'Oh nothing much, just carrying and unloading bags thats all'
I havent been tag for awhile....... thanks Lamo for tagging me

1.Kolomee Pop!
2. Nasi Lemak
3. Chilli Crab *slurp*
4. Pad Thai
5. Buttermilk Chicken/Prawn
6. Lamb Shanks
7. McD Apple Pie (this stuff is addictive -.-)
8. Sushi
9. Mapo Tofu

1.Read my bible
4.Play my guitar
5.Listen to music
7.Watch Drama
8. Lame jokes
9. Style hair and dress up
10. Play Basketball

1. Sleep
2. Lock myself in my room away from the world
3. be quiet
4. Listen to loud music
5. Play games

1. knows to have fun
2. girls with dimples when they smile ( soooo cute ;) )
3. one that loves other people and put others first
4. weird and funny in their own special way
5. girls that has a passion for Jesus!! :)

1. laugh alot
2. Pull practical jokes on people
3. Compliment people alot
4. LoUd!!
5. Basically the sanguine side is unleashed!

1. I want to continue and grow to me a man... no longer a boy
2. To see breakthroughs, in my LG, Church, my sheep and myself
4. See my friends know the awesome and Living God
5. I really wish for either world peace or the world would just end so we can go to heaven and live a perfect life but that wouldn't be possible for now :)

10 People To Tag:
1. Jaqy Wacky
2. Bannagurl
3. Lulu d Alien
4. Phat Sophia
5. Lawrence
6. Ireland Wong oops I meant Jon
7. Pizza Izzati
8. Lyns (if u still blog)
9. Lizzie
10. You! Yes you! you have been chosen!!
My housemate was just talking about this girl he met from London and it just hit me and excitedly I went 'Hey!! I know what to call my daughter! London!!.... London Lee!!!' they burst out laughin and being the crazy housemate we were, my housemates went
I should call mine ' Ireland!' and the other is 'Scotland'

so in the end we have
London Lee
Ireland Wong
Scotland Tan

HAHAHAHA....... lameeeee to the max!

but honestly though... it doesn't sound to bad does it? what do you think? XD
Okay! I admit it! I started watching America's Next Top Model recently (OMGOSH!!) and have got hooked into it.. ( I blame Olivia for transferring her Cycle 9 to my hardisk)

It's pretty interesting to watch actually, not because of the girls but how Tyra picked certain individuals and from the first glance you'll go 'Are you blind girl?? She ain't model material' but after that you'll see them changed to wonderful models, and how Tyra was right to pick them. I found out two things about myself from watching the show, one is that I find that I started complimenting people more without thinking (influenced from J.Alexander and Jay) and the other part I found out which was kinda weird was that these two contestant were the one that caught my eye in the first episode and found myself rooting for them and loving them. Problem was these two girls are pretty unique and different.

Heather Kuzmich (first pic) and Allision Harvard (2nd pic), both are Art majors, both are shy and doesn't talk much, both were teased by people but in the end showed that they are better than other snoobish girls.

Heather was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome ,a mild form of Autism that hinders her social interaction and verbal communication especially in crowds but I really admire how she made it to the top 5 in Cycle 9. She loves technology and especiall Video/PC games =)

Allison is best known for he wide eye that looks like a 'freakish doll' or bride of Chucky, she has a fascination with nosebleeds. She's the runner up in Cycle 12

The weirdest part of all? Both has this ghostly, gothic, very tim-burton's-ish kinda look and I reckon they will do very well in Twilight movies =P So why do I find myself likin them and rootin for them compared to other girls? I don't know really.... I guess I have a weird fascination like them after all ^_^"

Trivia =) ... Believe it or not.. But I did modelled before for B.U.M Equipment when I was 10 =)
I was just out doing my own things at home yesterday morning when God just reminded me in the past. I would always go and say 'I want to do Great things for You Lord!' Looking back its been awhile since I've said it and really meant it. My Zeal and Passion for God is just on the border line, the passion is not there compared to before. Yes, doing ministry work is fine but sometimes when you do to much, the level of ministry will outweigh your relationship with God and that was what happened to me. I was just serving serving and my relationship with God at times would be neglected. Praise God, God is using me in playing the lead guitar in Church and I'm growing in it, Praise God, that I'm ushering and doing transport but I can't miss the most important part. My life, My Breath, my One and only Love.... Jesus.

Pastor Lance prayed for me and funny how the word I got was similar to the word my sister from Darwin gave me and it was about in the lines of 'to fall in love with God again' and 'God never gives you anything that is too big for you to handle' You see, I'm like this child and God has in His hands this wonderful thing but I can't see it and I don't know if I want it ,but God is saying to me not to settlef or 2nd best because there are ministries and things that God would use me in that I would never dreamed and hoped for but I have to get my life right first to get a grip, because I'm like this strong car, Good body and engine, the passion is there... only problem is the tyres, I've got the wrong grip on, its not gonna bring me far. I think it comes down to priority, to not waste times on things that are not beneficial, e.g. games *cough*. Funny enough its also related to a 2nd area.... 'cheeky babe' which I would not go into much details for now. I can just say I'm secure and I know that I'll definately get one :P

for now I need to get a grip! Like this Ferrari........ For.......Fweeeee!!!
Stir it up in my hearts... a passion for your name!
Dear blog...
I slept at 2.30am last night because I was playing Dota and after that I watched an episode of America's next top Model. It was really really cold it reached 5 degrees las night.

My phone rang at 3.10am and it was my supervisor from McD asking if I was coming to work and my shift was at 3am. I was shocked! quickly, I changed to my uniform, (forgot to brush my teeth) and went straight to work. I double checked my roster just in case , I could have sworn it was 3pm. Yup I was right, it was 3....3 freakin am! #$@!%^@

I missed one shift already because I was 2 hours late and my manager was not impressed, and if she finds out bout this shift that I missed for 30min........... I will forever remember her words 'you won't have a job here anymore' Oh God... I need a full time job soon, pls cal me back Vibe Hotel!

Just got back from work actually and surprisingly I'm still awake, but I need my beauty sleep so I'm going to force myself and get some good few hours of sleep.

Good night!
I commit to build solid biblical convictions in my life
I will build convictions that only not I will live but will also defend
My convictions are the foundation for my future and my life chocies will be based on them
Jesus help me then to develop Godly Biblical standards in my life for your glory

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4
80's night rocked and for those of you that didn't come you guys missed out =P I'm a 90's guy (born late 80's) and I can't believe we still managed to get people who was mostly from the 90's to dance lol. anyhow here are some pics... and remember I said i wanted to dress as those dudes in my previous post? I think I kinda overdid it and dressed up as...........


Got Jon to dressed up as KISS as well and we rocked the party that night, we're so cool :) haha. The cost to hire the costume was a bit expensive but was all worth it , cos we liven up the party and I won the best 'thriller' dance and best dressed award.

dats me doin the thriller dance :P

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