Wow wow wow, this is awesome.................
I was working on monday, and then it was boring, no customers, maybe like 2 customers every hour? so it was pretty quiet, I actually prayed and asked for customers to come in, but no customers so the boss asked me to start packing up at 9.30 and so I did,

as I was packing up these group of people asked if the restaurant was still open, my boss said yes. bummer I cant go home. then more and more groups of customers came in. In the end there were like 6 groups of table that came in in 5 minutes! WHAT? i was about to pack up and go home and sleep then these customers came in. I complained 'WHY NOW? why u bring customers in Now and not just now?' then this verse just pop into my head "And we know that that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose on them" Romans 8:28

so i went 'okay there must be a purpose to this and I'll see what happens'. and it did happen, I saw pastor neil smith walked by and talked to the customers and found out that these customers were actually from a conference, so i went and talked to customers abit and found out theres PLANETSHAKERS THE NEXT NIGHT AND UNITED LIVE THE NIGHT AFTER!!! woot!!! awesome! its the annual AOG conference held in queensland and man the night was awesoommeee! Ps Brian Houston, Ps Russell Evans, Joel Houston, REUBEN MORGAN, the ps crew were all there + many more. but the main purpose was the message during that night, very powerful message and I got blessed to bring it back to my church that is growing at the moment. awesome night. Funny enough of all places, the gold coast =P

I choose to stand for my generation!

Ps Brian Houston of Hillsongs Church
im back from melbourne! im back to blogging again!! sorry for the lack of updates as the moment I returned from melb I had to turn myself into nerd mode and started studying for my mid-terms.

Melbourne was fun! Honestly the food there is way cheaper and more yum yum than the one back in gold coast, its more authentic, cos they cook it to fit the asian people taste unlike here trying to fit the Ang mo taste. the convention was awesome as well! y'all missed out man, its about a prophetic church and we had prophets coming in, shud hav been there to experience the power of God move during that time, it was just so awesome! also it was good to see my old friends back in melb and met new ones as well =)

besides that I dont know why but for the past 2 days my uni day has been crap. I haven't felt like this in many many months

thursday- My Jap listening test sucked big time, I couldnt remember what I've learnt and suddenly during the test my mind just went !BLANK! *sigh* hopefully at least can pass that. n let me tell u in advance, its not an easy subject, and i was just down the whole day for the fact i mite not do well cos i scrwd up big time.

friday- I had to wake up at early cos I had class from 8am- 1.30pm STRAIGHT. It was our first day working as chefs in the restaurant and the recipes were all so confusing and new to us. Took us longer than we need to prep things up and therefore only 15 min break instead of 30 min.(not good) I had headache in between, + the teacher kept yelling at us and scolding us for being slow and doing mistakes. we were being graded for our performance and again I think I did badly zzzz. Thank goodness his not Ramsay or we die kao kao liao.

If u notice that bird just poop on the poor statue hahahahah
O ya, me and aaron decided to dye our hair 5 hours before our flight to melb lol. dyed at 1.30am

WAITAMINUTE?? wheres the cute happy feet that I was suppoed to go see?? apparently most of my time in Philip island was at the camp conference and had no time to go see the penguins so that kinda sucked. BUT nothing beats a box of 2 dozen Krispy Kreme!!!!!! KRISPY KREMEE!! Ting and Joyce you hear that???? hahahhahaha KRISYP KREMEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Well its 2am right now and ill be at the airport at4am, dont think i'll be sleeping! OC 2007! here i come!!! It's gonna be awesome and I have high expectations there, blow my mind Big Guy =) Oh and I'll be in Philip Island for 3 days (Island of Happy Feet) then to the city in 2 days... I can't wait to see the 'Happy Feets!' huhu

take care guys
much luv

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