I know, I've said I won't be blogging till I get my internet but I just felt the need to blog anyway =P

Whats Happening.
Saturday- Throw a Snag on the Barbie. (BBQ) If you're interested to get on the beach, n just chill before Uni starts then come along and join us!

Sunday- Sozo+Vision Sunday
Sozo definition from studylight.org
to save a suffering one (from perishing), i.e. one suffering from disease, to make well, heal, restore to health

we'll be emarking on an new exciting series called 'Sozo' ALL ARE WELCOME to join to learn to be healed yourself from past hurts, scars, that are deep. Also learn how to be used to heal others! It's seriously gonna be great....

Also God has something exciting installed for us this exciting year, come and discover the call of God in our church on impacting the Gold Coast and discover your destiny and God's vision for you life =)

If you're reading this you're officialy invited and if you're on the Coast you HAVE To come, if you're anywhere else drive, fly here because its that worth it! kidding... (or am I?)=P
Yes, this blog will be on hiatus indefinately till I get my internet. It's amazing how priorities in your life changes when the internet is not there. Sounds s2pid but Two major things I noticed in the past 2 weeks without having the internet. Its amazing how clearly you can hear God more clearly without the internet =P

1.) I started dedicating to playing and practicing on my guitar more after more than 2 months of absence.
2.) I got time to reflect on my Spiritual, emotional and phyical health.
  • I find myself at times seeking God's hand rather than His face......and........
    Learnt to trust and seek God for WHO HE IS not what He can do!
  • I need to learn to grow in carrying in the presence of God, I am dreaming of this and so encouraged by testimonies from Charles Finny and even Peter when his Shadow just healed the sick.. WOW!
  • Had a breakthrough in my life moving in the spirit more after that 20day fast.


  • Need to set aside a time to start interceding again, havent been doing that since I've moved house
  • Started playing basketball again (finally) and.... after a long 6 years I've picked up tennis again.
  • I'm starting to look old and skinny. I was all skin and bones during the 20day fast and injured my shoulder+spine when I was playin the guitar in Church. (didnt know guitar was so heavy!) Need to start taking care of my skin properly, its getting wrinkly XD
  • I'm adding veggies in my meal, don't worry guys!!!


  • Having imaginary arguments with people in my mind over stuffs people said to me or things they said made me go crazy
  • I had issue with Pride, thinking TOO much of myself which affected my self-esteem. I should think of myself less but not think less of myself. Thank God, God's been speaking to be bout servanthood and humility (alot!!)
  • Want to learn to speak life to people, encourage them and lift them up.... more

That's just a couple of stuffs that I was reflecting on anyway =) See you till I get my internet !

Finally moved out, got a new place which is heaps better than the other house, had a couple of dramas here and there , some people weren't very helpful, and lets just say it was very stressful. I'm glad and happy that we moved in to the house we got, it was really a miracle how we got it within 24 hours with only 2 person applying for a 4 bedroom house. Some problems came up during the moving process.... wasn't to serious but I'm hoping God will do something that I don't deserve. With all the crap that has been going on while moving, I never thought I'll say this but I actually was looking forward and actually enjoyed my work... guess its just getting away from everything and just talking to my awesome colleagues and the friendly guests really helped alot.

anyhoooo, its a brand new place, with a brand new start and I got the smallest room in the house but its looking very sexaayyy I must say ;)

Don't have the internet yet, so won't be updating much this week.

Eph 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us
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