We had life group yesterday and I was leading praise and worship. It was tough to play and sing at the same time especially when you're not naturally a good singer and musician haha.

Praise God after lots of praying and practicing it turned out good, not only musicially but the presence of God was there :) After life group I was sending one of my cool sister (and my backup singer) Paula home and she said 'I really like your singing Jason, today you sounded different, was different than practice, and I think she was 'wow' by it in a good way. I was very encouraged and touched when I heard that *cries* I mean this is coming from a person who was in the school choir its like Michael Jordan just said 'you can make it to the NBA' and your heart just beats 500bpm because of that one word

of course I know I have LOTS to improve on in my singing but that word itself really encouraged me and even my LG leader said PnW was good. I don't really get this much,the last I got was from my music teacher few years back (07) when she said that I have a good voice but need to work on my pitch. that really meant a lot to me lolz.
I've learnt one thing though... its easy to give encouragement and honor to someone you can relate with, how about someone that annoys you and someone that is so bad that you want to distance yourself and protect yourself from them so you won't cry, be hurt or whatever negative thoughts there are? Remember God Holds All things together (Col 1:17) and if your relationship with that person seems falling apart and you can't hold on to it, remember God holds all things together, He is that bridge that will bring the gap smaller therefore decide to love and honor that person just right infront of you....see them as how God sees them, the destiny they have, see them as who they will be and not who they are now.

Okay I dunoo why I started writing that part, the plan was just to tell you guys about the pnw session lolz. maybe its God :)

ohhh and let me let you in a secret ...*I've started writing a diary* Not princess diary but its the Prince diary HAHAHAHHAHA okay Jason you're lame shaddap now
look out for a special performance by JJ!! =)
JJ will hold a special one time performance of their new hit single for a special someone :)

When: 29-11-09, 5pm
Where: Southport State High School , Enterprise Centre

Seats are limited...first come first serve~!!
Autograph and photograph session will be held after the service.
For those who might miss out be sure to check out youtube next week~!!!
omgosh, haven't felt like this (dying) in ages... I can't remember the last time I came down with sore throat, flu, fever and a super weak stomach.

Mum's gonna kill me when when she finds out I drank cold Pepsi, ate fried crackers, slept late, showered, and going out tomorrow to the beach under the hot sun playing touch footy >.<

yup I'm not gonna get any better aren't I?
I want my mum mmy=(
This blog.... needsssss lifeeeee.... its saying.... 'brinnnngg meee toooo lifeeeeeeee'
kiddin ;P i'm suffering from 'cantbebotheredtoblog' syndrome...

Prespbetry was great, will talk more about it in the laterpost

till then... stay cool people, you guys are amazing!

oh and Zaraffas is awesome!
Just want to share one funny ‘God moment’ I had today...

I was driving on my way to work and was listening to one of Bill Johnson’s sermon and he was preaching something on Jesus being baptized and then the spirit descending on Him like a Dove further later in the sermon he came to the verse on Luke where it says "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor." Suddenly on the podcast he asked everyone to pray for the Sprit of the Lord to fall on us with a greater anointing, that will blow us away etcetc and as I was driving and praying I don’t know why but I looked to the van on my right lane and on the back of the van it has two doves with the writing ‘Dove Released’

I can’t help but smile at this ‘God moment’ and its as if God was confirming to me that it is done but God was filling me with not just an anointing but double portion (the two doves?) hahaha. Don't you love it when you have those moments? God is Good :)
The temptation to eat is so strong >< but its all good, i'm positioning myself to receive more from God and positioning myself for greatness. I'm really praying for guidance, confirmation and even things that are greater than what I could ever dreamed of. More importantly direction for where our Church is going, its exciting and I can't wait!
Its good to just go out there and do the things you like. I was pretty bumped for the past few days but just making the decision to go out and play basketball really refreshed me and I had heaps of fun =) Of course we must be careful not to do it till it is an 'idol' in our lives because we must have a balance between work and recreation. Rest when you should be resting, work when you should be working and always remember to continue to serve God in whatever you do.

Here's a video that really touched me and I would like you to see it too :)

Never in my life I lived in a house where you get it clean then it gets dirty the NEXT DAY and never in my life I had millions of cockroaches crawling on the kitchen floor and dishwasher, trillions of ants invading our lovely home and today for the first time ever.... gazillions of maggots lying on the floor and carpet... waddaafreakk! >=(
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