My friend from Malaysia/Japan visited me 2 weeks ago and brought her to Movieworld. My first year in Australia went to Movieworld, 2nd year in Australia..... Movieworld again. This year ......Movieworld AGAIN!! (oh joy!) ....I tried persuading my friend to go dreamworld or wetworld but alas, she wanted Shrek and Batman. I wanted hardcore rides XP No more Movieworld for me next year and I mean it lol.

A pic with Batman and Robin !! How cool is that!!
Then we went to the beach, yea abit cloudy it rained a bit later

Don't ask... They put my hood up and made me literally look like a Whiteman

Oh and I made Kangaroo meat too!!! So the dish didn't look as good I admit, I was under time constraint ba........ Roo meat yum yum
Easter is coming and my birthday is on the 23rd of Sunday how cool is that XD

haha okay, so I haven't been updating as much I guess it's just be being lazy updating, heck I don't even have time to go check other people's blog, I come home late night eat, then play Dota, and after Dota its like Sleeping time!!! so there goes my time for updating XD

so here's a summary of what Happened.........

Friend from Japan visited me for 5 days so had to bring her around and went to
1.) Movie World
2.) Surfers Paradise
3.) Casino .. I played bacarat but luckily didn't win or lose phew!! you know how it's like when you win and you wanna win just some more then a littttlee more then next thing you know your money fly away just like that.

went Ice skating the week after and then laser skirmish

the other reason why I didn't update is because I haven't got my pics yet so I managed to get just the laser skirmish, here it is!

btw I know some of you might say Paintball is wayyy better, heck ya its way better but laser skirmish is just as fun, trust me =)

that's right, that's me sniping woot!

oh and our team won best out of 5 match, of course my team would win cos got the captain *cough* me =D
I was hit by a bus once. and Yesterday the same thing happened. Its stupid how you're walking on the pavement and as the bus was driving, it just turns and the front of the bus would go into the pavement and hit you. yea so I got hit by a bus, that was okay.
Then on the top of the bus wrote '3- Southport' which was where I wanted to go, So i went in the bus and even told a lady behind me where the bus was going cos I was being helpful not kepo okay. Anyway the bus went on the opposite direction and went the other route instead so instead of going west it went east. ARGHHH!! Had to walk back to Uni again to catch the next bus T_T

other than that I got a free dye on my hair because my friend whose doing hairdressing decided to dye my hair as a bday gift cool huh ! ONE MORE WEEK!!!
Soso what do you guys think? It's an anime pic of me! haha. Yeah my friend drew it for me! how cool is that! =)

Okay so not much has happened I think, other than Uni's gonna be starting tomorrow and I only have classes on tuesdays and fridays, how cool is that? I don't really know what to do yet, but im gonna try find a job that allows me to work in the morning instead. So i can quit my thai restaurant job that pays me crap money. Oh an dmy friend from is gonna visit me from Malaysia/Japan so there goes my hard earned cash =(

Im so not looking forward to uni now, I mean I have and was excited but after checking the course outline today, and the assignments that I have to do..........die lo
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