back in Brunei and in less than a week I've officially gained 5kgs!! (and counting) *clapclap*

and I think thats pretty much what you can do when you get back to Brunei, go to Gadong, eat then talk, then chill at the mall or go watch movie (or RF) LOL.

who wants to go La MeE with meeee and Ahan Thaiii and ExcapadE!!! =D

update: finally found my wire, check this guy out, no headphones? no problem.....His got his phone stuck under his cap
Finally back in Brunei!! But there were some problems

1.) The lady at the counter told me that I needed a visa to get in Brunei, then told me I need to show them I need a flight that shows im leaving Brunei after 30 days cos thats how long I could stay there apparently. Looks to me this lady hasn't been working long or travelled around south east asia lol. "if you dont have your ticket that shows you're leaving brunei, im sorry but you can't board the plane' kns =_=

2.)One My eyes was itchy, I scratched my eyes and the contacts came out, it fell SOMEHWERE and I couldnt find it, so I was half blind throughout the flight. You know that 'eye thing' you used to cover your eyes when you go to sleep? ( have no idea what you call that) anyway I used that to cover my blind eye lol. suffer aaa

just planning to chill at home for today and tmrw will be my first time going out, have to walk to kiarong bank and meet Banana. no car sad =( my friends of my generation are mostly away and wont be comin back til Dec, COME BACK FAST GUYS!! then again the new friends I met last year have all left to UK or wherever to study need to make new friends again =)

Yam Cha anyone?
well Exams over and Im so free and theres nothing to do so here's a cool test for you to do and see how well you know me , it isnt so hard haha, cheers ^^

Create your own Friend Test here
Let's see I was practically born and raised in Brunei, lived there for 17 years and grew up there however I hold a Malaysian passport. That said, I go back once every year to visit my relatives and do shopping there =) When I was in Brunei I always thought, "man im proud to be a malaysian, malaysia has the best food, shopping so cheap, lenglui, everything cheap cheap" HAHA, dont get offended okay, that was way back when I had a small brain and immature thinking, I love Brunei, what makes it unique is the people and friends there and how everyone practically has connections to one another, and it is MY hometown then again I have a malaysian passport so I have to support and love malaysia as well no?

wasnt until this happened, the Bersih Protest. watch it and have a laugh p.s- listen carefully at 2.00

I don't understand much about politics like democratic, liberal parties and such BUT what I do know is His words are conflicting on what he said, he said protest is allowed, then illegal??? when he talks is l-li-like this. I dont understand how this guy is the Malaysian Information Minister, He can't even construct a proper english sentence, and I dont know to laugh or cry =_="
English Crash course 101? Clearly He doesn't even understand the question and what he was talking about. I still have no clue how he became a minister =x and this is a disgrace to all Malaysians =x

I'm glad im not fully malaysian so when people asks where I'm from I can say Im from Brunei ;)

Minister: YA! It's a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. X_X
I just went to the WWE website and I just found out they came on tour to Australia, Brisbane!!! which is just 1 hour from where I live. I've been checking the WWE website practically everyday and they never mention anything about any tours to Aus until I saw the pictures of the tour, im like WHAT??? HOW COULD I MISSED IT!?!?! Sorry but ima big WWE fan and I loved it ever since 1994 and have been following the storyline ever since. Seriously I dont care how much is the ticket and even if I had to go alone, I WANT TO GO WATCH AAAAAAA =(

exams in 5 hours time, no mood to do exam, I want my WWE *sniff*
and also dam you those who are staying in brisbane not telling me this XP
Exams on Monday and I havent been studying, just been slacking playing my psp and playing online games. Probably because the leture is slack and gave us the Short answer questions and a couple of mcq questions -_- I feel like im in malaysia again haha

here's a cool movie thats coming out somewhere this month called 'One Night with the King'

This movie is based on the story of Queen Esther and after reading reviews from and my friends ,apparently they said it was really good, so catch this movie people! More info and trailer HERE
I think they should have more faith based film like this =)
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