Malaysia at its Best

Let's see I was practically born and raised in Brunei, lived there for 17 years and grew up there however I hold a Malaysian passport. That said, I go back once every year to visit my relatives and do shopping there =) When I was in Brunei I always thought, "man im proud to be a malaysian, malaysia has the best food, shopping so cheap, lenglui, everything cheap cheap" HAHA, dont get offended okay, that was way back when I had a small brain and immature thinking, I love Brunei, what makes it unique is the people and friends there and how everyone practically has connections to one another, and it is MY hometown then again I have a malaysian passport so I have to support and love malaysia as well no?

wasnt until this happened, the Bersih Protest. watch it and have a laugh p.s- listen carefully at 2.00

I don't understand much about politics like democratic, liberal parties and such BUT what I do know is His words are conflicting on what he said, he said protest is allowed, then illegal??? when he talks is l-li-like this. I dont understand how this guy is the Malaysian Information Minister, He can't even construct a proper english sentence, and I dont know to laugh or cry =_="
English Crash course 101? Clearly He doesn't even understand the question and what he was talking about. I still have no clue how he became a minister =x and this is a disgrace to all Malaysians =x

I'm glad im not fully malaysian so when people asks where I'm from I can say Im from Brunei ;)

Minister: YA! It's a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. X_X
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Leo said...

...I'm also proud to say I'm malaysian....until this idiot spoke....Disgrace us all with his illegal "Erection"