my previous blog was a total mess.... so i decided to change the template again.... sad...haha
Actually I’ve finished this blog few days ago just didn’t have time to upload it… here’s the reason why….

1 day after I came back from Bangkok it started to rain HEAVILY…. I thought it was just a the usual heavy rain but then the next morning when I woke up oh my gosh! The house was flooded! ( I was staying wif my grandparents in a kampong btw) The water got into the house and was half already halfway to the knee. Everyone started to clear the things. Water level was rising every hour mainly because the stupid cars kept passing which pushed the water into our houses….. another was because the dam had to release the water cos it was overflowing….. after 2 hours the water was at knee length. 1 hour later waist length and in the end above waist. So busy every1 had to carry the things, drawers, TV, computers, microwave….. The washing machine and fridge had to be carried outside to the big carpark which thankfully had shelter and wasn’t flooded. At about 3pm I think they started to shut the water down and electricity =( dang. I was basically stuck on the 2nd floor most of the day.

Next morning thank God the water subside, water level was till the feet. Not bad. Had to use the pump and pump the water out and basically spent the whole day taking the water out, rearranging stuffs and bringing all the stuffs from 2nd floor and from the car park back home and really it wasn’t an easy job………One funny thing was my Grandmother…. She didn’t help out and was scolded by my grandfather lol, what’s funny was when we were busy carrying things upstairs and bringing things out she was asking ‘xia mian hai you dong xi chi, you kuih ah, yao pao milo ma?’ LOL I can’t stop laughing, she was saying ‘downstairs has things to eat, have kuig or you want to make milo?’ HAHA. We were all busy sweating our hearts out moving our belongings which is freakin heavy to our room and she’s just standing there watching not helping and asking us to eat ?? =.=””” I guess that’s where my father got his appetite from and where I got from too. EAT EAT EAT everything is all about Food!! Haha.

Bangkok was fun, spent about 5 days there
First day I went to the Safari Park and wooo It was awesome! I love animals <3!!! My fav was the dolphin show, reminded me when I was at the states when I was 5 at the underwater world ^^ hehe. I just love dolphins!! Took picture with a tiger too *roar* hehe. There was loads of other cool shows and animals.

At night I went to this show called Alcaser? Or something I cant remember the name…. but it was nice! I didn’t know that the show were all performed by transsexuals!! They were all men who cut of their ‘wee wee’ went for surgery operation and got their ‘boo boo’ .I admit They were pretty and HOT! Show was awesome, singing, dancing and all…..I didn’t know that they were trans until the end of the show when my mum told me and when I saw what the show were about….. They even had a picture taking session at the end of the show lol. Lots of those in Thailand.

Rest of the day were just sight seeing some Thai stuffs

Went to Pattaya on the 3rd and 4th day. Nice place. Stayed almost near the beach and in the tour guide told me in the afternoon lots of urm Chicks sun bathing nude at the beach =.=” Good thing I didn’t go there in the afternoon lol. Went shopping instead. Speaking of shopping, the stuffs there are cheap, a lil cheaper than Malaysia. So it’s good to shop there, I got 2 original PC Games for Rm100 and the game just came out 2 months ago. Cheap! Haha. Bought lots of clothes as well =$ hehe.

FOOD now I can’t leave the food out can I?? I found out that pork is the main meal in thailand?? Everyday! And I mean EVERYDAY LUNCH DINNER The food we ate had Pork!!! PORK! Seriously… I’ve gained a few pounds when I got back and a big tummy too…. Really need to go exercise and im sick of Pork now! I’m so fat! Urgh. Anyhow the FOOD in Thailand is GOOD! GOOD! Woooooooo y’all got to try it ! and no not all Thai food are spicy only the tom yam and some vege meals that’s all.

Last day of Pattaya went to this street called urm Wil king street ( I cant remember the name) yeah.. Urm strictly not for kids under 18 haha. Urm let’s see it’s a street where no cars can go and in between the streets were rows and rows of buildings. Mostly selling food, clothes and about 65-70% of it were Clubs, pubs, Peep shows etc etc you get my drift yea? Haha. There was many lady outside holding cardboards to promote their stalls. Cheap drinks! Happy hours! Hot gals! The bars and pubs are open air so you could see the people inside…. Honestly I kinda feel sorry for some of these people… Most of them are old westerners, and the gals at the bar… well they’re not so pretty, don’t get me wrong there are some pretty ones… Don’t get it why they are so desperate to get a gal. The tourguide kept telling us ‘I’ll show u the Cola girl’ I was wondering what the heck he was talking about and apparently the ‘Cola girl’ was a place where it’s a small room with glass and there’s a cola sign inside where a girl was doing some ‘dancing’ or teasing. Of course no free show la, just some dancing to attract customers. Okok enuf of that, you all go see it for youself lol. Honestly though you want to see pretty gals? Don’t bother goin to the bars, they’re not so pretty, the pretty ones are all at the mall, where the high-schoolers are at =p

Overall Bangkok was fun, Good Food and nice place to go for a vacation for a few days just to go for some sight-seeing lol.
ahhh!!! I'm stuck in this kampong village where my grandparents are....NOTHING TO DO!!! I can't use my PC and play games all day cos I wud get bored after a few hours and my PC will get overheat =s, its also hard to go im happy to b online atm but also nutin to do! check friendster, mail, sports news thats it! 30 min gone and nutin to do. Started playin gunbound again ahaaha and man i suck! havent touched the game for about 6 months! =s urm yea so i was playin games, watching tv (which has nothing much) , eating <3 (only good thing i have here and dang im fat =s) and SLEEPING!!! Im such a pig, spending most of my time eating a sleeping.

I just got back from town (finally out of the kampong for a day!) played at the Arcade to kill time and watched NARNIA!!! Good movie, recommend to everyone of you out there! Lots of meaning to the movie too! its kinda like the cartoon version of narnia I watched when i was a little kid. Almost the same except with real people..... GO WATCH IT!
Signing off now, Gonna go do my packign cos im going to Bangkok for the week, Shopping!!! , Beach!! FOOOOODDD!!! hahahah.... hope i have fun there....until then people.. take care and I miss you guys...

---finished writing this blog in 10 minutes, rushing to type this cos my grandpa wants to sleep -__-"" ---
It Feels so Good to be able to go online again!!! Wooo! Finally after 3 days!! the feeling was like a smoker who has to give up smoking for 3 days and finally being able to smoke again -__-“ so what happened for the past few days?

Dec 2- Left Brunei airport and met up wif Leonard and the team going for a mission trip to India. Good thing their flight time was the same as mine lol. At least I can hang out with somebody before I leave or else I’ll be a sucker waiting at the airport for the plane
-.- I reached KLIA at 2.30pm and had free time till 8pm. Which is my transit from KL to Alor Star. Since I’m so free I took the KLIA express to KL central to go midvalley and hang out hehe. Ok so the ticket in total cost = RM70
Had to buy contacts lens asap. Cos my old one’s finished, need to look good u know haha =P, RM120++ gone.

Hair was long, mum said I looked like a monkey…. And my hair couldn’t really stand anymore…. Went and got a hair cut since I’m so free haha. I told them I wanted junior stylist cot it was cheaper they said none available, the salon was doing good business so I got the senior stylist instead (this better be good) and it turned out to be good haha. Bought Gum for my hair as well. So urm in total RM124 gone.

Met up with Julian and Michelle, good thing Juls was staying near mid haha and mich was in KL visiting Jul. So yeah… Good that I cud hang out wif them and kill some time. Bought something for a fren… birthday coming up =.=”

Day 2- I slept like a Pig really… cos the night before my flight I slept at 4, playing games and chattin haha. When I got home last nite I slept from 2- 11.30….. that’s like more than 8 hours of sleep but wasn’t enough! We had to get ready to drive down to Penang cos my mum had a reunion dinner with her classmates whom she hasn’t met for 30 years exactly. Slept a lil bit in the car then was driving for my dad down the highway… Gosh it’s been a long time since I drove manual car. When I started to drive there was this screeching sound like the one from the racing car!! I scared everybody and I cud hav sworn the petrol guy on the back was jumping. =.=”” That’s what happens when u don’t drive manual for a few months haha. But it was alright. The dinner was boring , it was all talk and had to wait 20min for the next meal to arrive. I saw my mums pic when she was young, haha. Man I couldn’t stop laughing cos compared to how she looked now, she was a lil chubbier back then. But was still pretty =P. Felt good for my mum cos all her fren looked old, but my mum being 48 she still looked young and pretty. Serious! Feel ppl thought that she was my older sister and was asking who our parents was until my mum introduced herself. Lol. Her frens couldn’t recognize her hehe.

Day-3 Today I became Fish man. We went into this place called ‘Restoran Kolam Ikan’ Fish Pond Restaurant? Something like that. The place was deep in the jungle but a nice place if u like adventure. The place was beautiful with different types of fishes. And you guessed it… all we ate was FISH FISH FISH. Never tasted such tasty fish in my entire life…. It was GOOOOODDDDD! Fresh fish from the pond. Not the frozen one’s you get in other restaurant. I cant’ remember all the names but I remembered there was a Cat fish. Yum yum hehe. That’s what you expect from Penang. Food from heaven =P

Ok my lazy fingers are tired and I haven’t typed a blog this much for a long long time. Take care people and happy holidays!
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