All of us has will eventually face a mountain or 'Goliath' in our lives.
And truthfully... the response when God reaveals what He wants to do in my life goes from 'yeah! Bring it On' to 'Oh cripes, what have I gotten myself into' when we really get our hands dirty into it.

We face fears.
David had to face Goliath
Moses had the fear of public speaking
Noah was asked to built an ark and he probably had no idea what it is.
The ten spies had fear when they saw giants in the land.

Bottom line is that God has never asked us to do anything that was easy, if it was then we wouldn't need Him and we must fight through Fear :) Perfect love drives out fear, I believe David had a love and passion for God and his people that he didn't had the fear to face Goliath.

If God has called you, He will equipped, sustain and empower you. Of course it might seem impossible but what is impossible with man is possible with God, that's why in Zech 4:6 it says its by God's spirit, not by our might or power. You may think you are a nobody, or an ordinary person who God wouldn't use. Think again~! God is in the business of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things!!

Acts 4:13
The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they coyld see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures. They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.
Be blessed =)
Read it, love it and got to repost it
Five Reasons Why People Quit The Ministry by Perry Noble

#1 – Burnout
I once heard someone say, “I would rather burn out than rust out.” Uh…BOTH are bad because NEITHER of them finish well. Too many people in the ministry work themselves into a frenzy, never take time to disconnect and refresh and do absolutely nothing for fun…this always goes bad!

When it comes to leadership circles in America we’ve equated being busy with being godly; however, the haunting reality that confronts that idea is what God Himself said in Psalm 46:10, “BE STILL and know that I am God”…not “be busy!”
If we are not taking regular breaks, doing things “just for fun” and disconnecting then burnout isn’t a matter of “if,” but “when!”

#2 – Unrealistic Expectations
Too many people believe that ministry = easy…despite the fact that it seemed to go really bad for everyone in the Scriptures that sold their life out to Him! Jesus went to the “place of the skull” to be crucified…why would we ever believe He would lead us to “the place of the mattress?”

When we impose our plans and ideas on God and refuse to surrender to His…and then things don’t go as planned…it usually leads to people “giving up” because “God just didn’t come through.”

#3 – Criticism
Criticism hurts…it always will…and if it ever doesn’t then, according to my counselor, something is dead inside of you. AND…it is always personal (especially when someone begins with, “don’t take this personally…but…).

You can’t let the critics dicate what you think/feel! If you have a ministry that constantly responds to critics then you will not have one that responds to Jesus. You MUST respond to the people who God has placed in your life to surround you and protect you–that’s not criticism but rather correction. However, you cannot allow those who know you the least to control you the most–period!

#4 – Discouragement
Every church leader I’ve ever chatted with has done some serious battles with discouragement. After your message on Sunday the enemy comes in and begins to accuse you, telling you that you did a pathetic job and that no one is going to come back next week. Heck, I’ve had to battle discouragement during the message before, hearing voices inside of my head saying things like, “you suck, these people hate you…you need to quite the ministry…” and so on.

This is why it is essential for leaders to get in a place like David did in I Samuel 30:1-6…he faced an incredibly discouraging situation and yet someone managed to find His strength in the Lord.
I do this through reading through encouraging letters and emails that I’ve received in the past, placing myself in encouraging environments and focusing on what God’s Word says about me.

#5 – Losing Focus On God’s Power
When we actually believe it is up to us to make people come back to church every week rather than believing we are conduits that God wants to work through to do that very thing…it’s over! Because…we fall into the trap of trying to outdo ourselves every week, every series and every year…and prayer/seeking the Lord becomes something we love to talk about but fail to do. He saves…He draws people…and He uses us to do it. It’s not up to us…but rather allowing Him to work through us to accomplish all that He wants to do!

Face it…on our own we don’t have enough power to blow our nose! We NEED Him…HE is the game changer!!!

Received a text from a good friend of mine to pray for her for some stress and 'crap' she's feeling. Although we haven't contacted each other for months yet there's still this connection that we are family and we're out there to watch each others backs :)

Received an encouraging reply after prayer for her saying 'Thx Jay, you've never failed to be my pillar of support"

It was encouraging to me because for the past few days I've felt crap that I haven't been a good friend to others , haven't been a good brother, haven't been taking responsibility well and well that text just puts a smile on my face and telling me to keep going and not give up. I want to be a pillar of support to My Church and to My friends and family. Let's be a pillar of support to one another's lives through the good times and bad times =)
Got this from Perry Noble's site and after reading it, it has really encouraged and reminded me what God is going to do for and through Hope Gold Coast. I thought 'man I people need to read this!'
Be Blessed!! =)

#1 – Jesus said that HE would build His church…that is a promise and it is true of YOUR CHURCH! (Matthew 16:18)

#2 – Jesus said that HIS Word would not fail to produce a harvest…so if you are faithful in declaring HIS Word then something GREAT is taking place, even if you can’t see it yet! (See Isaiah 55:8-13)

#3 – You are meeting resistance…which means the enemy is pissed! Stay focused on Christ…you KNEW this would happen (Ephesians 6:12, I Peter 5:8)…entrust yourself to Jesus (I Peter 2:21-25) and believe that Isaiah 54:17 is true!

#4 – God is raising up leaders around you, ones that comprehend the meaning of Ephesians 4:11-16, who want to OWN the ministry and be participators rather than spectators.

#5 – God started your church…and He will bring it to completion…HE’S NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET! (Philippians 1:6)
#6 – The church is STILL His plan, He has NOT changed His mind…and He loves your church just as much as He loves any church!

#7 – He is leading you towards greater steps of faith…which means you are becoming more desperate for Him…and when THIS happens He shows up in amazing ways and does the unexplainable and the undeniable! (Hebrews 11:6)

#8 – Though you may feel discouraged and disheartened…you STILL believe in WHO HE IS and WHAT HE HAS CALLED YOU TO DO! You may have suffered some setbacks lately…but there is something inside of you telling you to not give up on the God who has never given up on you! You’ve STILL got a fire (Jeremiah 20:9) and a hope!

#9 – God has given you a vision…one that is HUGE…one that keeps you up at night. And the fear of NOT doing what HE has told you to do is beginning to trump the fear of man!

#10 – His church is coming together like never before to begin completing each other instead of competing against each other!!! When we all cheer each other on and work together…it speaks VOLUMES to a world that is desperate for Jesus!
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