Pillar of Support

Received a text from a good friend of mine to pray for her for some stress and 'crap' she's feeling. Although we haven't contacted each other for months yet there's still this connection that we are family and we're out there to watch each others backs :)

Received an encouraging reply after prayer for her saying 'Thx Jay, you've never failed to be my pillar of support"

It was encouraging to me because for the past few days I've felt crap that I haven't been a good friend to others , haven't been a good brother, haven't been taking responsibility well and well that text just puts a smile on my face and telling me to keep going and not give up. I want to be a pillar of support to My Church and to My friends and family. Let's be a pillar of support to one another's lives through the good times and bad times =)
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