haha...... well I just got back from watching Tenacious D: The pick of destiny. Went to watch it with Steph and we had a great time haha. Oh and went to eat Kolomee Pok!!! *drolls* thats one of the food i missed when i was overseas =)

The movie wasn't as bad as the reviewers on the internet said it would be.... most of em said it was just a so-so movie. But personally I liked it.. because it's ROCKKKK!!!! , and the fact that its a wonder how stoners can do idiotic stuffs lol. JB was funny as usual and KG was fat and cute hahahah. If you liked Harold and Kumars: white castle ( ahem Raj, us being idiots *inside joke*) , or Grandmas Boy you would like this movie too cos they are just so funny when they were stoned lol. Not that its a good thing, but its funny.... just remember kids.. DO NOT TAKE DRUGS OR SMOKE!! and who would've thought Pick of Destiny was all about finding a freakin Pick that u use for the guitar -__-"

sad though, there was this little kid in front of us whos watching it and seems like he has no idea what the heck were the jokes about especially the part when Jack Black when to neverneverland with all the rainbow-y stuffs, i bet the little kid was thinking " weee Barny in the movie!! =.="

well after wathching this movie got me thinking......... Jack Black started playing the guitar properly when he was 20-ish and he quickly became a superstar as for me I touched it and started playin it like hmm like 4 months ago? I guess my progress has been slacking as I havn't been practicing for quite awhile but after watching the movie it inspired me to practice more, get better at it and Rockin' 4 JC hahahah. Not Rock'nRoll for satan like Black sabbath, Led zepplin, Metallica do =P

I would also like to add that I think there's something wrong with my Bladder system really!! Well you see, I had a great dinner drinking one Teh-O Ice, then 15 minutes before the movie started I went to the loo, 20 min or so after the movie started I REALLY REALLY had to go peepee, I tried to hold it till the movies over but alas, I really had to run to pee, and it was more than the first time before the movie started aiya.......

I should really not spend most of my holiday time playin games but go practice my guitar !!!!!!! ahhhhh, which I will after i come back from freshwind conference! leaving to Miri tomorrow, it's gonna be awesome! so see y'all in 4 days time! =D

Rock on!

Rock on for JC!! =)

FINALLY this is the first time i've been able to log on to blogger properly, e-speed in brunei is cacat man -___-"""

anyway here's an update on what has happened...
I flew from Brisbane to Darwin-3 hours flight, 3 hours sleep
transit 2 hours, no sleep
Darwin to Singapore- 3 hours+ flight, 3 hours sleep

reached sigapore 6am tiring ey? i didnt sleep the whole day in singapore.. i mean its SINGAPORE!!! Got to go sightseeing and SHOPPING!! i was travelling with Jeanny cos she was the one that told me about the cheapflight from brisbane to darwin then to singapore for just $350!! cheap right? lol. took TIGER AIRWAYS from darwin to singapore and i'm sure most of you will go HAH ??? what is that????? thers no such thing as tiger airways... well apparantely there is and i think it just came out last year I heard.. anyway its a budget flight ironic how there's a Tiger airways when my nick is Tiger no haha..... ok lame.. anyway here's a couple of Tiger airway pics =)

Tiger tales!! Inside have many Tiger stories hehe =D
Tiger safety ... quite interesting really.. I got Issue #3
And of course not to mention the beautiful Tigress ........

One day in singapore isn't enough really, theres so many places to go and shop.... stayed in Jeanny's aunt house, and I dont know but the aunty's Dog had a strong attraction to me.. no kidding ask Jeanny! it was like errrrr hanging on to my leg when i was going to the toilet, to the room or be it wherever I go.... very naughty dog =.= that is one reason why Im getting female dogs and not male ones lol. Met Joyce and her bro in SG and wanted to meet ICY but couldn't cos he was unwell =(

Next day had to take the Bus from Sg to KL. which was like hmmmmm 6 hours of bus ride... terrible so many travelling in a few days.. yeah spent 1 hour playing my psp while the rest of the time sleeping in the bus.. lol. Had to rush to d air asia terminal the next day for my flight to brunei and I was kinda pissed cos Malaysia signboard sux, THERE WASNT ANY SIGNBOARD TO TELL YOU WHERE THE NEW TERMINAL IS!! how great is that? i was almost late and what made it worse was that I had three hand carry my laptop, my bag and my poor baby guitar. I got stopped and said I coudlnt go in cos i had 3 hand carry... i was like... ' its only a guitar which doesnt weigh more than 3kg' anyway panicked when back to the check in counter i tried to check my bag in but I had to pay an extra RM126 cos it was overwiehgt so I took a big risk and checked in my Guitar anyway somehow the lady told me to go and take the guitar wif me and when i board the plane give it to the ppl there. I was like phewww Thank God.

but hey... think about it, I got stopped saying i cant have three hand carry bags and in the end I managed to hand carry three bags anyway just cos i have a sticker on my guitar??? doesn't make sense really.... so dumb ahhhhhh caused me so much trouble

anyway time back in brunei has been great, the day after i got back from brunei spent my time from 8pm-3am in the CC DOTA-ING hahahhaah great way to spend my time lol anyway It was great to see the acts people again hehe. luv u guys and I have yet to meet my other frens back in Brunei!! if ure reading this give me a holla and we got to hang out man!!! hahaha

p.s- Prom pics and blog will be out in a few weeks when i do get my prom pics sabar waaa haha

p.s2- if u did read my whole post , i appreciate it hehe, cos i havent written anything this long for awhile and i know there were a couple of typos and stuffs but heck i wrote this at 2am with tired eyes so yeah
okay im so tired now, got back from church conference yesterday, it was awesome! and I just finished packing and having my lunch now, my pastor is coming in 30 min to get my stuffs and i cant wait to see his shocked face when he sees how much luggage i got to keep in his house. ALOT!!! yea im movin out of this place cos it costs me $168 a month and thats freakin expensive. so my flights at 9pm i'll go to darwin then transit to sinjapore i'l prob reach there early morning. gonna do some shopping i guess and meetin some friends. next day go to KL chillin' and get ready for my flight back to BRUNEI!!! wooooo i know u guys can't wait to see me so come earlier cos theres' a long queue waiting for me and y'all hav to wait lol. okayokay im crappin. dont have to come, im coming back on the 23rd and so i'll contact you guys on the 24th and we all go yamcha!

i cant put any more details, im actually speed typing this cos I gtg soon so apologies if it doesnt make sense and yeah i'll see u guys soon

short note: bummer my pc died, it died during the day i went to the prom, im now in uni bloggin and my hearts broken my baby precious laptop died on me yesterday, she fought so hard, so strong but her will wasn't strong enough and in the end her OS died on me.. sigh.... im praying for a miracle to happen or either that i'll send it to the shop and fix it next monday and hopefully it doesn't costs. I'll blog bout the prom when my pc's fixed and when my hearts mended again.
p.s- psst banana i think thers a pic where ur lookalike is in wahaha
okay...... my 2 toughest paper is done! well technically it wasn't that tough because it turns out that the paper was easy and i studied haha! i said it was tough because I havn't been studying those subjects this semester until the exam. Anyway intro to research and accounting done... the last two subjects is gonna be a breather hopefully. I didn't get to sleep much last night because I was up the whole night doing accountings (curse you accounting!!). slept for only like 2 hours on the day of exam...and there were a few times when i reached a question and my brain just short-circuit...cant remember what i've learnt and 2 cups of coffee wasn't enough ....not a good idea haha.

oh and prom is this friday... gonna get myself a gold tie to match the gold dress so its like all black with a gold tie and 'brownish-goldish' hair lol. oh and im getting her a corsage as well for the wrists. costs me $22 -.- guess it isn't that bad heh. thx cassie for helping me to find a florist!!

other than that something terrible happened last weekend. I was in my room then my housemate msged me on msn 'Jason I think there's a rat in the living room' im like oh cripessss... so we went out I had my rolled up newspaper ready to whack the RAT just in case.... well I was at section A , while my housemate was at section B ( yea we were climbing on top of the chairs and kitchen table lol) and we moved the chair so the mouse would leave the dark confide area right? WRONG! the rat freaked us out, it CLIMBED on the chair (section C) ! im serious!!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely disgusting, freakish, scary, horrying waaaa. and when it climbed my first reaction was scream =.= embarassing it was , my manager heard it and hopefully not my neighbours. anyway i think the mouse got frightened of my scream and quickly ran out of the door and never come back again (hopefully)

Yea and the mouse was big alright, the the nice cute mouse u see in the pet store, its more like i think a 3/4 of guinea pig size?
oh and i was disappointed when my dad said I couldn't get a new guitar =(( my baby yui!!! yeah i named the guitar even before i got her lol. So i guess my sister's guitar is officialy mine although im not that quite happy about it but oh well...i'm gonna work hard nxt year and get a new one.... meet my new adopted baby.... 'Krystal' named after Krystal Meyers whos viewed as the Chrstian Avril Lavigne as she roxors wif her guitar, for a girl that is lol. so yeaaahhh my adopted baby 'Krystal'!! oh and I decorated her too =) note the 'Jesus freak sticker' on the her body hehe.

Much luv
haha yea so im havin a break from studying =p well er not going so well wif my revision. went out and go cut my hair again cos of the prom enxt week meh. and you now how expensive it can be to go and cut in aus. so i went to that korean guy for hair cut again.... i guess its spring so they increased the price form $10-$12.... what the... o well nvm, 2 more right... then he asked where was i from i said malaysia cos he thought i was from taiwan or hong kong lol. then he said 'you're very handsome ( no im not makin this up ok, im not tat big head lol ) anyway i was like 'well thanks for the compliment' ...........NOT! apparently my friend told him just cut and wash for both of us and turns out that after cuttin my hair he went and wash my hair and guess what? EXTRA $18!!!! just for a shampoo on my head with water???? i just though he was gonna wet my hair to clean the hair but noooo it was all so comfortable and mushy and wet and just ahhhh.... no wait.... his washing my hair with a shampoo with and extra $18 to the bill!!! dang... sad la haha hav to pay $30 for haircut -_____-"" anyway hers the pic.. dun wanna show the front cos nutin much to see lol maybe nxt time XD fren took this pic in the bus btw

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