Yup... I wont be blogging for a month or so because of all the assingments that are bombarding me. I used the simple blogger layout for the moment and will change the layout whenever i'm free... The old one had a few problems like for some reason the taggie board went missing and I couldn't bring it back, hey at least now the taggie is back =D

Oceania convention was great! to much to tell but got a revelation there and met lots of new people from Hope =) during the 3rd day of the convention something happened. My right ear was blocked, and at first I tought it was moths flying into my ear when I was sleeping or they laid eggs in my ear cos' there were lotsa moths flying around the place at nite.... Thankfully I found out that it was Wax building up in my ear, which is bad as well... Went to the nurse today and she syringe my ear and took the wax out.... the wax wasn't a pretty sight, it was BIG! and I didnt dare look at it but the EVIL nurse forced me to take a look at it, she said 'C-mon now, I have to look at it and so you have to look at it too' , took a peep at the wax and seriously i almsot thew up =s really evil that nurse, not only once but she forced me to look at all of the waxes that was removed, trying not to look at it she shoved it in front of my face so I could look at it... really evil ugh....

Besides that I had a haircut, a good friend of mine, Vanessa had a fren who was studying as a hairdresser and so she introduced me to her fren and her fren offered to cut my hair for Free haha yeah! Yup so my hair is all black now, the highlight's all gone, my hair is so short that i look like a little boy, and my beautiful long 'tail' was cut off as well. and no, I won't take a pic of it and post it up lol.

thats pretty much it, I guess. oh and my poor mp3 zen is busted along with my laptop, the graphics card overheated so i can't use my laptop and i've been a nerd for the past months going to library doing my assignements and study =s

much love
i dont know what happened the day after i log in my tag board is missing? i dont know how it happened... someone help? maybe its a sign i'll have to change my template ... i'll do it in after my assignments are done....

Oceania Convention 2006 in a week!! cant wait!!!!
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