hoboy, its July and we're more than halfway through 2010! Been reflecting on what has happened this year and can't help but smile at how Good God has been this year (His always good) and how much I've been blessed by seeing breakthroughs for not only myself but for my brothers and sisters. Sure there were times of discouragement and even disappointments but I've learnt to not dwell on it too much but learn to put my faith on what is unseen.

I have been to so many 'holidays' this year that it has really brought me to a whole' notha level and I'm excited! When I said 'holidays' I meant Conference's that I've attended.

  1. Jesus Culture conference in January!! There's no better way than to start a Conference in the first month of 2010!!!
  2. Annual Oceania Convention In April..... Its enouraging to see what God is doing in our movement and the changes we're having
  3. Danny Silk conference- Didn't felt like going for this one because of an issue I had to deal with, but like any other people who 'didn't feel' like going but went anyway, God turned up and messed me up =) This was the first time ever that I went through a fire tunnel and the moment I went in, I felt God put a stamped on my heart and I had that assurance that I'm marked by heaven wow!!
  4. Upcoming Bill Johnson Kingdom Culture Conference!! BRING IT ON!!!

Just an encouragement that I would love to share with you... ]

We can go for conference, get charged up, pumped, refreshed and come back going "we're going to go and do this and that, vision renewed" but later in the week, discouragement sets in, or u didnt get a great encounter or you get bored and we get disconnected and waiting for the next Church service or conference. Why? Because our connection with God got lost in the middle of the week or during the day. My heart longs to see worshippers that will come to Church and Life group all already connected and ready to soak in the Presence, no longer having to 'strive' in worship like Belle would say 'having Spiritual Constipation errrkkk' ><"" but will be able to press in easily. So keep pressing on and don't lose that connection, learn to even worship and be in His presence at work or class, its possible :)

Soooo Melbourne was heaps of fun except for the 2nd day when my friend started to smoke and for some wierd reason whenever I just breathe in a bit of the smoke from him, my nose would start to itch and I would sneeze like a machine gun in a minute. no kidding. this is the second time its happened and I don't think its a coincidence. and from the flu comes the fever, the rain in Melbourne didn't make it any better either. Worse... i slept at 5am that night, having flu and fever.

On top of that I went camping outdoors during winter... woohoo!! It was actually heaps of fun, making tents, talking and chillin' at the bonfire, cooking and sleeping. Of course my fever didn't get any better but who cares, I had fun XD

However!! I did learnt a big lesson, and it has opened my eyes to see how I wasn't taking care of my body properly lacking in proper vitamins. Sure I drink Vitamin Water now and then but I don't think its as effective as the proper capsule ones. Made me realize the importance of vitamins and figures why I never got sick in high school because mum always gave me vitamins for breakfast :) and I know some will leave a comment on 'what about vegetables?' People are just assuming I DON'T eat them, I DO eat them but i PREFER not to. so start eating! Good news is that I have and I have people around me to testify that for me XD

Other than that a friend sent me a message saying how my blog writing has inspired her to start writing a blog as well and I'm like 'wow! That's pretty cool because I know I'm not a good writer but hey! If whatever things I wrote inspired you then go for it :) "

till then.. I found a cure for my fever... .........Playing my PS3 =P
somehow facebook is acting up again and all the post I updated here (in blogspot) gets updated in FB a week later. so if you're reading this from FB I'm probably back from Melbourne already

Message from the future: "I'm back from Melbourne and I Love it there!! However there is a danger, Jason is back and the awesomeness of Jason is to great that Gold Coast can't handle the heat!" .....whatever

I'm finally taking a much needed break from work. All the annual leave i've taken was to go to conferences and church related stuffs but this will be a proper break, I'm just gonna go to Melbourne and shop shop, eat eat and sleep sleep. Stoked to meet up with my old mates from high school and see how they're doing, pray for me that I will even have the opportunity to speak into their life or even minister to them.

I sure hope I can enjoy Melbourne!! People are coming to QLD to escape the cold and get the sun, I on the other hand is escaping from the sun and wanting the cold =)

here's something I got from Phil Pringle

"For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline" 2 Tim 1:7
God's spirit gives us power, love and soundness of mind. Fear robs us of these. Faith in God crushes hatred and realeases love. Fear confuses our mind. Faith brings peace and calm to our troubled heads. So stay in Faith and stay out of Fear!!

See you in Church!
I hope facebook doesn't cut out the video I put in my blog, if a video is not showing as usual go to jasonkid87.blogspot.com to watch it.

Wow! This week has been fairly tough for me actually, been a bit dry, started being lazy and all that jazz. But throughout all the tough times, there's only one thing that matters... your connection with God. It was so hard for me to press in. I didn't 'feel' like lifting my hands, I didn't 'feel' to open my mouth or to even open my bible. oh boy, was I wrong, like Jonah I was trying to run away, somehow someway God just brought me into this verse

Psalm 146:1-2 "Praise the Lord, O my soul! While I live I will praise the Lord, I will sing praises to my God while I have my being!"

I love how David says 'WHILE I LIVE' I will praise the Lord.. Wow! its a lifestyle, its your everything, as long as we live, we are commited to Praise His name! To be honest, one flaw I have is that during my own devotional time I would tend to skip 'Praise' and go straight to 'worship' .I'm like yeaaa come on straight into the holy of holies! Boy was I wrong... I have underestimated the power of Praise, Phil Pringle said "Praise opens gates into the presence of God' When you choose to Praise God you're singing on how good God is, what He has done and just that choice of choosing to praise God with your soul when you dont feel like it will bring about freedom, and encourages your spirit to rise up!

The last thing you want is letting the devil silence your mouth and keep you from singing. Don't ever let the devil steal your song, its your key to victory! Whatever is causing you to hang your head down in defeat has been overcomed by the Presence of God in you! so let's start Praising Him! =)

David Crowder Band- O Praise Him
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