It's that time of the year again, every year I wish I have enough to be able to give gifts to everyone. Unfortunately, for a recent graduate that does not have a full time job for a couple of months its not easy to do that. I've come to realised I'm going to give what I can and have, be it if it is just a small Christmas card. If people can't accept that, then they are basing their friendships on what they receive rather than being remembered and just being together. I dislike the feeling of not being remembered (who doesn't?) especially during times like Christmas. But what I want to do is to let y'all know you are remembered and from the bottom of my heart I wish EVERYONE including strangers, aliens, stalkers, friends that I have not spoken to for awhile a MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU!! yes YOU!!!

Our response to discouragement holds the key to our future.

I’ve noted two types of people in the world: splatters and bouncers. When splatters hit the bottom they land with a thud and stick like glue. No matter what you try to say and do, there’s no use trying to pick up a splatter who has fallen flat. Bouncers on the other hand, pull themselves together and rebound after hitting the bottom. Give them a little bit of encouragement, and they will ride it back up to the top.

Everyone who falters has a choice: are you going to get up or give up? The difference between the splatters and bouncers lies in their attitude. Splatters bemoan their fate and blame others for their problems. Bouncers learn from their failures and find supporters to help them recover.

John Maxwell

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I know I have not been updating my blog but I have been through a lot last year. There was a lot of stretching and growing for me which is painful... I think for the next few weeks the posts that you will read will be just a room for my thoughts, I'll post my thoughts publicly and not sugar coat on anything so if you would to join me in my journey of faith you're welcome to :)

For years I have dreamed of becoming a leader in the church, to do great things for God and extend his Kingdom. Last year the pastors in my church approached and asked me if I was willing to take the next step and be a leader.

I took the offer but little did I know I actually had second thoughts of becoming a leader in the church. I had a lot of flaws and saw myself as incapable of leading other people. I do not love people wholeheartedly, I really dislike doing administration and planning for the church or life group, comparing myself to other leaders I feel that I am so far behind. I feel like dropping everything and just go back to being a regular member serving in the church.

I don't know, the feeling is weird because I did not have this kind of feeling before I became a leader, I was more passionate, had plannings for the group/church and dreaming with God but now it seems that I just don't want anything to do with this even though I know the calling God has for me. I think it's lack of confidence and all the negative thoughts that just get in my head.

Those are just my ramblings but if anyone who knows anything about being in leadership or has anything experience please feel free to share, your comments will be greatly appreciated :)

Happy New Year to Everyone!! So what is your plan and resolution for this year? I know one thing for sure is to update this blog more often !
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