Recently I've been doing my all my shopping on Ebay just cos you can get super cheap good deals on product that are new or as new. In the beginning of the year I got a new phone and replaced my trusty LG viewty with the awesome HTC Touch HD. This is my first windows phone and I can see why after reading the reviews and after using it for 2 months they say this is one phone that can go on par with the iPhone. It can play SNES games, super cool weather function, excellent battery life, and I love the GPS software that you install with it. oh I forgot to mention Mobile Office 2010? Mmmm sorry theres too many people using the iPhone and I know its a good phone but I don't like following the crowd........... annnndddd.... all the iPhone fanboys says 'Boooo'
But the main reason why I'm updating this post was to offically announced I've finally started to play Tennis again after a long 7 years of absence. Woah.. I made it sound as if I'm pro and im making a comeback tour XD Reason why I stopped playing was back in high school, 2 weeks after I pickup tennis I got tennis elbow and that killed my career in basketball which in time I developed much hate for Tennis. kidding. Fear is the right word. Fear that I would injure my elbow again because the first injury took me 3 months+ to heal.

Anyway after finishing watching Prince of Tennis and how Nadal has been popping up in my dream asking me to pickup tennis again I finally mustered the courage to pick up the racket and start playing again.... I got hooked, poisoned, and now everyday I have the urge to play tennis... not that Im good but its so much fun and im in the learning stage so its always fun to learn new things :)

So I got to ebay and got myself a racquet. A brand new genuine sexy sleek Wilson K surge rackquet. The original price is about 280+ and I got it for only $130 which is Strung with Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17 at 59lbs. Comes with a K Factor case with strap, Wilson Pro Overgrip fitted to the grip, head protection tape fitted to the head and a Wilson vibration dampener. Pretty cheap and its a darn good racquet except....... I still suck in Tennis. Actually im ok.... or better than ok.... better yet.. I'll see you in court ;)

There are so many thoughts running in my head on.....

-The direction of where the Church will be going
-The direction where Gen418 is going
-Whats gonna happen when some of the key people leaves, or will they be staying?
-And if the key people leaves, there's gonna be a huge hole to fill, who is rising up?
-There are some stuffs that is out of our control and we need the Holy Spirit to convict and change.
-Priorities, Balance... Time....
-How much I still have yet to learn, grow and mature.
-The health of the church.
-Whatever happened to us just 'doing life together?'
-We need more locals... especially Aussies.
-My heart yearns to see a Church thats passionate about God, yet being able to love life, love people and having that atmosphere of Faith and purity.

Sorry.... its just me babbling on a fine Friday morning :)
These past few days has been a rocky road for me, there's no landslide yet but I can feel it coming, my heart is overwhelmed and starting to feel discouraged (abit). My heart cries out and wonders what is happening? A new burden has risen, to see Men of God to rise up. Not a title of being a 'Man of God' but living that lifestyle where people can look up and say 'wow, his a role-model who inspires me, and I want to be like him' It's been too long now for the Men in church to be sleeping and not live by the calling God has for them. To be created for their original purpose which is to lead n' set a good example. To live the Prov 31:23 life where the women in the kingdom are looking for.

It even hit me when a brother is going through something and I don't even know what to say or what to do for him as I'm not so close, but my heart does feel for him to come back to Papa God. It really saddens me to see people not getting along with one another because of differences, it saddens me to see men liking to keep things for themselves thinking 'its all gonna be ok' but in reality there's a lion in the cage in their heart waiting to be unleashed. Its hard for us men to be transparent not just to our friends but even God??? really? What is happening?? (Don't get me wrong I was like that, a tough nut crack but God 'cracked' me) Its time to get out of the shell.

I'm not and expert at this but the burden for them has becoming stronger every day, and I know I have to make a stand and do something. I was also reminded about a vision someone had for me that they saw me Leading a group of men.... O'Lord help me, I need your strength and wisdom.

please send revival to our hearts,
please raise up a Generation of Men Like David who is after your heart
please raise up a Generation of Men Like Gideon who will be warriors
please raise up a Generation of Men Like Joseph who runs away from temptation and desires purity
please raise up a Generation of Men Like Daniel who have that culture of honor
please raise up a Joshua Generation that is able to lead the people.
More importantly one that models the Character of Jesus and shines forth His Glory.
I pray against the enemy that is putting the men to sleep
break the ego, break the pride, break the insecurities, break our heart
I pray that we will not be silent, its time to get out of our shell....
Give us courage, awaken our heart
Unite us that we may transform the world
A shift in the atmosphere is happening, there is an awakening...
Hearts are stirred and Hope and Freedom will released.....
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