okay, so im back in brunei for hols, what have i been doin? Visitin the acts29'ers hangin out wif them, playin basketball, arcade and DOTA DOTA DOTA!! Dang i miss dota, i havent been playin for months every since i got to aus because of the stupid stupid slow internet. anyway i got this survey from Lizzie she wanted me to post it so here it is lol. as for the world cup im not a big fan of soccer but world cup is a must watch, its where the best vs the best. GO ITALY!

10 years ago I was:
9 years old
a very naught boy
liked this girl lol
in chms , primary 3 i think

5 years ago I was :
in JIS year 10-11 i think?
in the school basketball team
still a naughty boy, being a paikia in skool
a loser, depressed, being emotional having a 'PMS emotional day'

1 year ago I was :
In inti college studying
gettin closer to God
President of the Karate club, representing the country as well as the state
a good boy =)
Famous in the INTI DOTA world, TIGER !!!

Yesterday I was:
went to church,

5 most recent songs I listened to:
delirious?= paint the town red
jeremy camp= my desire
b.o.b= what i believe
Planetshakers- Shout it out
Desperation- Who you are

5 songs I know all the words to:
christian songs
my fav love songs
children songs

5 ideal places for runing away to:
brunei, although no palce to hide lol
my house, my room

5 items I really want:
do the will of God , serving him
mp3 player
a galfren lol
seeing my friends save
learn to play drums, guitar and sing

5 things I should be doing right now:
playin dota
learning the guitar

5 people I tag:
no one else, i cant b bothered

HAHAHA GUESS WHO HAS THE NEW PLANETSHAKERS PICK IT UP ALBUM??????????? WOoo yea! it's out and its awesome! well i wouldn't say the best but still good..... As usual the P.S album gets louder and louder every year........

anyway when I first heard it was out I was like... WHAT? The Arise album came out fewmonths ago and now they have another one?? zzzzzzzz but the new album is awesome.... If u loved Jump around... You'll love 'Shout it out' its way way better than jump around hoho! awesome really! haha.. so what you're waiting for? PICK IT UP NOW!
pray for me exams this and next week need to work hard =s

//Much LuV

im gettin high and crazy listening to the new songs lol!
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