ok is it just me or is this happening to every1 around me? All of us here in uni feels lazy and its the 5th week of uni almost half of the semester is gone and I haven't been studying, doing my assignments and revisions. I need discipline.... okay. hmm let me see

monday night- work
tuesday night- work
wed night- CG
thursday night- work
friday night- free
saturday ngiht- work
sunday night- church

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh work work!! LOL this semester hav been more busy that last semester because of the work.. but i need the money i guess time management is the issue here (and discipline) lol. okay in 2 weeks time my first assignment is due which i've done only 1/4 of it and the day after its due its my ACCOUNTING MID TERM EXAM! the subject tht i didnt to so well back in INTI. oh man.....
okay enuf typing ima go study now........!! (really)

ohoh and next sat i'll be goin to learn surfing hoho =D
waaaa its been awhile since i last updated.... here's what ive been up to, study, eat, play games, study. eat. play games lol. yeah.... went to Byron Bay today a very nice place in NSW. It took us 2 hour drive trip there, its like a flight from brunei to malaysia lol. anyway trip was worth it because the beach there was beautiful, it's different than the one in GC. After that we went to visit the lighthouse and the view up there was beautiful. you can see the ocean and I saw whales and dolphins in the oceans!!! it was hard to spot at first but after awhile your eyes will get used to it and see the whale and dolphins haha

i could have sworn there was sumtin else i wanted to write in the blog as i tot of it this morning but it slipped my mine so i guess i'll post it next time if i remember lol.
just a short blog but this is freakin wierd.... i was at work yesterday standing outside the restaurant to greet whatever customers that comes in and suddenly this old man walked past me, turned his head and said 'You're very handsome'

HUH?? "urm yeah thank you"

"no really you are..."

"thanks =)"

"cheers, mate"

2nd day in a row? lol, im gonna work again today and we'll see what happens
no i aint makin this up -_-
haha just wanna post this cos its jus so funny........ Aaron and I were spending our time in the mall today and we were on the way out this two girls ran and approached us and went ' Hi, can we take a pic wif you?' i went 'huh? what?' then she went again
'i mean can i take a pic wif you, cos youre good looking' hahhaa then errrrrr okay .. i dont know why but wat the heck lets take a pic then. Leonard was explaning to me maybe they were one of the 'otakus' meaning aussies girls whos into anime and they like asian guys -_- ahaha. what a day...
anyway just got back from church and it was awesome...... well I got a confirmation of what God wants me to do now which I got during my quiet time... God is awesome! praise him! =D not gonna put much detalis in yet but maybe later hehe.
cheers gonna go study
much luv
im having a break right now....... from studying accountings... yeah sucks i know. i failed my acc in INTI and i dont wanna do it again my *nightmare* is here *Shudders* lol. Pray that God will lead me thru this semester.. esp wif my accounting and having a part-time job now... pseaking of part-time job i got SCOLDED AGAIN!!!!!!!! not gonna tell why, cant be bothered BUT im gettin my pay tomorrow weeeeeeee =)) $$$$$$ MONEY MONEY$$$$

anyways im takin a break right now and just thought i mite bring up a topic... "THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW IN AUSTRALIA"

nutin much but its just something i noticed and experience for my half year here.. this if for y'all who is coming to study here or just wanna read whats so wierd bout australia.

1.) You'll be sent to jail for killing/mistreating ur pet e.g. leaving them in the car with the windows close
2.) FOOD here are salty, Aussies love salty food.... i ate twisties and damn it was salty... KFC CHICKEN SALTY???????? heck yeah
3.) PARTY! when some1 invites u for a party at their house... you bring food either for your own or to share wif other ppl
4.) coffee is a big thing here...ppl can have 1 hour+++ conversations with just one coffee
5.) from where I come from, food is VERY expensive........ Roti canai = AUS$ 9-10
6.) for chilli lovers, they dont have hot chillis, like in kfc mcdonalds, all they have is SWEET chilli... you got to buy the hot ones in asian groceries store
7.) you might or might not get sick of hearing 'hi how are you, hi how are you, hi how are you, hi how are you (x10) everyday'
8.) Finally... people are really really friendly here =)

God bless =p
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