hahaha sorry people haven't been bloggin for quite awhile, thought the blog was 'dead' eh haha. Urm nah its just that I didn't have time to write even though it was on holidays......

okay fine I was kinda lazy and I wrote the blog halfway and didn't bother continuing it... but hey here I am finished writing the blog. =D

okay 2 weeks ago was the Planetshakers Conerence 2005. And man It was AWESOME. The experience was undescible (dun think ther's such word haha) but u all have to experience it urself. I really wish y'all cud have been here. It was really really great, God was moving and touching people's heart. anyway i'm already looking forward to P.S 06 heh. I missed everyone there esp the new frens i met from FGA and Johor. The Merchandise team especially... WE THE BEST ! haha. Crazy. Jump around jump around, sing till no voice, stand and run here and there till our muscle aches lolz.
So i'm back in Brunei now, for a week alreadi, what have I been doing? Basically just online, playing games wif my frens , readin books, hangin out and watchin movies, animes and tv shows . What a lazy bum I am *sigh* Not only that the 1 week i was in Brunei have work to do already, I was asked to help to sing in the choir for this event. Singing tenor (HIGH HIGH voice argh) and the day after I'm gona worship lead in church? oh man. That's to fast, 1 week back in Brunei and so many things happenin .... I mean I want to do it... and i know i can do it. Pray for me.... My singing aint that well yet but its improving day by day..... hope i dont screw up , I wont!!

lastly, I'm being such a bum I havent been exercising, PLANNED to go to the gym twice! but in the end canceled ahah. Not my fault! me and my frens were lazy too! lolz. urm only thing i did so far was played a bit of Basketball that's all. Aint much but at least i sweat right? Gosh i got to do some exercise , im gettin F-A-T. =(

Phew!!! So tiring!!!!! ~>.<~ After spending almsot 2 hours i finally found the blogskins i wanted and edited some of the stuffs. Yeah it's not completed yet.... My fingers are numb, my eyes are tired lol. And yes THAT IS WHY i rarely change my Blog Layout/template because it just freakin takes alot of your time + I'm not good in HTML stuffs so, I have to do some trial and error to work things out BUT I did learnt a lot. I'm getting the hang of this now.

Yeah Panda, if you're reading this I hope you're happy I changed my layout lol, keep bugging me to change it and i Finally did XD, thx a lot yea, keep reminding me to change the layout, i hope you like it -__-" pls do tell me if it isn't nice i'll try 2 change it again =P .yeah i would change it anyway because my previous layout was dark and sad so i'm changing it.

Anyway any comments on the new layout would be appreciated, i'm gonna try to improve the layout, i'm still working on the coloring, dont know which code is for what color *sigh*
jasonkid87.blogspot.com =D


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