I used to listen to this song a lot, and it still is one of my favorite Chinese song. I always wondered how it would sound like if you sang it in English and this cover just nails it! Listen when Rice sings the Mandarin part of it. This white guys chinese is better than mine -_- Too awesome not to watch/listen to! Lets hope they do a full chinese version
Few days to go till I fly back to the Gold Coast, its been fun having this break not looking forward to work but looking forward to see my Chicky Babe ;)

So I tried asking my company if they were willing to sponsor me for a PR and they told me they were not willing to (bummer) Good thing I received the news after doing my quiet time so I didn't feel discouraged. Did I feel disappointed? yes, but not to the point I would go to depression like before. I'll remember that disappointment is an opportunity for a miracle. Even if I don't see good, I don't feel good, I'll choose to remember good. I choose to remember how God has brought me so far for the past 4 years and His favor on me this year doing more than I could've imagined.

I'm really glad that I had this holiday to reflect more and try to finish books that I started earlier this year :p One thing God reminded me while I was on the bus few days ago was about me being a trailblazer. I always thought it was just about ministry but the sudden thought hit me, no one in church has applied for PR before, or some have applied but didn't get it and I just have this sense God is gonna use this situation that I'm going through to bring a breakthrough and be a testimony to others.

Is it normal to intercede and out of the blue you blurted out 'I wanna die now' while interceding? That was one interesting experience
A song i've been listening this week, that has really touched me. Amber Brooks a very anointed worship leader
Amber Brooks- like you promised.. the video won't show on facebook but its on my site.

(oh and I've pre-ordered the new Jesus Culture album- Come away which should arrive on my doorstep on Monday :) )

Stir these stagnant waters of my soul,
Merge me with Your river which springs life,
I don’t have all the right words to say
That will provoke You to want me
Anymore than you already do.

So won't You come,
Come like You promised
Pour out Your Spirit,
Pour out Your Spirit!

Overcome the darkness of my life,
Jesus be the strength of my life.
Reaching past my hiding,
Oh, reach out to my running,
Oh, Lord, come fill my soul with Your love!

You love like a Father!
You love like a brother!
You love like a Lion,
Fierce Like no other!
You violently chase me
Down, to embrace me.
Engulf me,
In who You are!
I have not done a blog on travelling before so here's my first ill attempt to blog about my visit to the country I grew up in for the first 17 years of my life and also to promote this little country
called Brunei. Not many people know about this little country, except probably for most middle eastern country because its a muslim nation and in the last few years more Asian countries are aware of Brunei because of this 'unxpected treasure' that was discovered. I wish it was me =( but this guy beat me to it, Wu Zhun got famous through his boyband and appearing in many popular Taiwanese teen idol drama. So whenever I tell someone from Taiwan or China I grew up in Brunei they would go 'oooo wu zhun!'

Yes, that's him

Brunei is only well known for its oil and gas, and the Sultan used to be the richest man in the world before Bill Gates. Anyhow we only pay $0.52 a litre of gas, there's no taxes, Bruneians are rich people (i'm not rich... Im Malaysian) and because of that there is a downside, the country doesn't get many toursits and even though its almost the same size as Singapore there aren't many things to do here. I miss the Theme park we used to have which has closed because it wasn't making any money. However there ARE a few things that are worth visiting like the 6 star Empire hotel which is worth staying and has worn awards for being the best Golf Resort in The Asia Pacific.

Funny enough I managed to do a bit of sight seeing myself. Brunei has the largest (I think) if not one of the largest water village in the world and to be honest, it was quite interesting and I actually enjoyed the ride on the speedboat on the river. I actually felt like a tourist, maybe because I've been away for years!!

People travel with their speed boats or taxi boats around Kampong Ayer (the water village)

This is the school
A mosque in the middle of the village

I wonder if the students in the school ever wonderd if one day the wood would rot,
turn weak and fall in the river in the middle of the class.
That is not to say people are not advanced in the village. Look! There's 3 Satellite dish in that house.
Kids swimming in the river, but the water's really dirty with people throwing garbage in the river =(

New villages,oh also there are A/C in the the village lol

... and even a Gas Station, so cool!

and also Police Station

This boat ride was like many other river cruise I've been on, but neverthless it was pretty exciting because it's different and theres this 'Brunei' Feel to it.

We got into deep in the forest, swamps and there's a chance you'll encounter snakes and crocodilesSo you got to hire a Ninja. kidding. That's my boatman
But we got to see LOTS of Proboscis Monkey!!! Which made this trip relaly worth it.
I can't believe I have 6 days left before I have to go back to reality and work. This short holiday has been good, managed to rest, relax and God speaking to me about my PR situation, now I got to have faith and noit worry so much about it and pray for a miracle.
Looks like Mario and Donkey Kong are ready to take over the world...... are you??
revival is here
Ps Lance was sharing about Leadership and the calling from God on Sunday and it reminded me what God spoke to me in the beginning of this year through Luke 1:29-38

God's favor was on Mary but it lead to pain, people ridiculed her and Joseph her husband wanted to leave her. Not only that but her son would be one that would be rejected and murdered. Mary had a great calling to give birth to the Son of the Most High that His kingdom will never end. I'm not sure how I got this during my quiet time but I wrote and highlighted 'A great calling comes with a great price'

That spoke to me for sure but the problem is I haven't really asked myself what the cost and price is. I know God has called me in the area of Leadership, there are times I really want to run away from it or not even go into it but there's something in my heart that wants to be in that position.
God has put greatness in us that is why we are longing for greatness, to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. Lance shared the leaders fail because when the time comes to pay the price, they fail... when it comes to perseverance, forgiveness, money or even servanthood are we willing to pay the price for it?

God doesn't look at our ability but our heart.

We may see that we are weak, we lack ability but God has said that His going to use the weak things of the world to same the strong. (1 Cor 1:27).

Lord I remember the promise you gave me to be a person of Destiny that will leave a Legacy. Mould me, Shape me , Use me, I'm willing to pay the price no matter what because it's worth it.

You have given to me
More than this world could give
My purpose is found in You
yay! A week to go and I'll be heading home to my hometown Brunei and Malaysia! I haven't been home in two years and I'm craving for all the local food , but before that I have to build and iron stomach because the last time I went back, I had a bad stomach for a few days which wasn't good. Another thing I'm looking forward to is shopping :) time to update my fashion and get new clothes, I'm interested to see how the young people dress now compared to two years ago, I'm pretty sure it has changed a lot in Malaysia.. not too sure about Brunei yet lol. Oh how could I not forget to meet up my awesome fans... I mean friends back home, you know who you are ;)

Rockstar Lee Is CoMinG HoMe!

These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold- and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is reavealed to the whole world. 1 Peter:7 NLT
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