Tong Hua (童话) Cover by Jason Chen & J Rice

I used to listen to this song a lot, and it still is one of my favorite Chinese song. I always wondered how it would sound like if you sang it in English and this cover just nails it! Listen when Rice sings the Mandarin part of it. This white guys chinese is better than mine -_- Too awesome not to watch/listen to! Lets hope they do a full chinese version
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Melody said...

Woww *-*
bonito blog , me encanta :)
lo acabo de encontar de casualidad ._.
te invito a que pases por el mio:

y a que me dejes un comentario, que me hacen feliz, y mucha ilusión, jaja.

Espero que sigas bien. Un saludo!

梓璘 Barbara Leung said...

Oh you like that song~It was very popular in China. Nobody doesn't know it :)

梓璘 Barbara Leung said...

And the work these people did on the radio is -

Jason Lee Yuan Jun said...

Barbara: Yea! The singer Guang Liang is from my country Malaysia ^^

yea, those guys did a good job didn't they! I was like.. wow!