I know some of you are having exams so here's something for you to watch and chillax
All characters and events in this music (and even the supermarket girl) are entirely fictional.

Enjoy the number #1 Hit on the Gold Coast Chart on Hot Tomato 102.9!!! SUPERMARKET GIRL by JJ!!!!

Jon: "Yeah, filming this was such hardwork, I want to thank you the staff of our productions, Love you all, lastly I want to thank god for giving us the ability to share our thoughts and express ourselves in music....."

Jason: "Yeah, firstly I would like to thank my LG Viewty Phone, altough we are on a tight budget with no camera but the Viewty really pushed its capabilities and delivered an awesome music video *sniff*"

Supermarket Girl
Ive met this girl she made me twirl
I dont even know her name but I would love to see her again
She works in the supermarket attracted me like a magnet
I want to see her again
My supermarket girl

Yes, its the lovely supermarket girl
I loved to see her face again
perhaps we could get a name
Take you out on a date maybe one day it could be fate
Im guessing your name is Kate
we lock into each other like dead weight
so please give me your name on my numberplate
my crazy supermarket girl
baby girl you really make me twirl
but I really want to know your name please girl...

Supermarket , supermarket girl
You are beautiful just like a pearl
I wanna get your number
rescue you from danger
because youre getting hotter
bringing up the fever
my supermarket girl.

You make my heart melt when you smile girl
you got the hottest style
please give me your number for my mobile
we could clash together in a new lifestyle
but first update your facebook profile
that would make me smile
take you on a date to Moscow if you would allow.
.ends at flow!!

First time playing with a mask and boy its hot in there! Can't see anything -_-'

I know there were some mistakes and its not the best out there, but enjoy it anyway, its for fun ^_^ taken with my KU990 Viewty. next time i'll take a proper video with proper practice hehe, feel free to leave comments hehe

watch out for a video for halloween =)

Ps John Jacks and Monnett is coming again in a month time and i can't believe time flies so fast! The last time I got it was somewhere end of October and now I'm actually honored to be chosen to be prayed over for. Belle said that leaders gets the first priority but she picked me and a couple of others to be prayed for so that's cool. I know I didn't get to share my prophecy from last year... well there are some stuffs you share and some you don't :) wait, I didn't actually share a single thing from last year did I? here's one of them ...

"let me(God) impart into you(Jason) the things that will give you life and others life" Sometimes there's so many things to share I only get to share some through my blog or with my shepherd and sheep, I haven't got the courage to share some stuffs with the church yet because sometimes I feel other people have better words so I can just back out. I guess its something I'm working on and being sensitive to the spirit.

anyway I'm really going to fast and pray hard for this upcoming prespetry, I need some confirmation and guidance. All in all I don't want this year to be like last year where I kinda got disappointed because other people got their confirmation and all I got was something else. Don't get me wrong, I was disappointed at first but thank God after seeking Him and I realize what was it about so its all good. I've already prepared my heart to receive whatever is coming hehe.

Here's a little something I got from my quiet time that I would like to share from 1 Thess 5:14-15
We are told to encourage one another, because at the end of the day we want help others grow. Its easy to see the whole package from the outside on their attitudes, and the way they act, in the same way we too need peope around us that are not quiet but always encouraging us and correcting us with grace that can help us grow in our attitudes as well, with this environment of encouraging and loving one another we can help each other grow in love and Godliness.
I had my probation review few days ago and it was scary.... there was a chance where after my 3 months probation I might either keep or lose my job. Obviously it has been more than 3 months and so I've kept my job but my performance for the past 3 months is scary.

It's intimidating how you sit in the office in front of your manager ( + shes a female which adds more to the intense atmosphere) and we're in this wide open space anything can be said.

Overall my manager was pretty happy with my performance. Giving me VG and G in all categories. no average or below average. I won't be getting excellent because she said she's strict >=( anyhooowww, here are some summary from the review
  • I'm polite and considerate internal and external, progressing well
  • Willing to help customers, and I get along well with the staffs and takes cares of the 'girls' well. (there's no male in front office)
  • Gaining confidence and showing initiative

IMO its pretty good review however like all reviews there are areas we can improve on and my improvement is to work on engaging guests more and coming out of my shell so the 'real Jason' will shine and start performing well. its a fair comment, and I agree strongly... yes I can do my work well however me holding back abit and honestly struggling a bit to get out and talk more to guest is a problem for me. However I really thank God for such lovely colleagues in my workplace who are so super friendly and open, so I'm slowly building my confidence in talking to aussies :)

an hour later after all that nerve-wrecking review, I was summoned to the office and my manager said because I'm such a good worker they believe I deserve a reward and they offered me a Rainforest Cruise to catch crab, eat seafood and after that a tour to tropical world farm to taste exotice fruits!!! wahhhh!!! She asked if I wanted it and I told her 'if they could get a spot for two then I'll go, if not its alright and I won't go' WHAT? HOW COULD YOU JASON to pass an amazing offer worth close to $200?? as much as I would like to go I rather go with someone so I can enjoy the tour if not im all on my own and it would be super boring.

anyway after that she said she'll see what she could do and she'll let me know.... sooooo just in case, if there's rainforest cruise trip for two , you lucky readers of jasonkid87.blogspot.com might have a chance of winning a rainforest cruise with me!! just leave a comment on 'why is jason so cool to you??' and the best answer wins the prize!!!

hahahha I'm joking (or am I), I always wanted to do that like those celebrity bloggers always having this contest thing XD In the end I just want to thank God for blessing me with this job and helping me grow and mature in my workplace, next step is to build relationships, see souls saved, and I noticed a lot of people who can't walk properly and even blind people( I don't know but there's just something about me and praying for eyes) are there which I would really love to see a miracle in the hotel!!!

Dare to Dream
Go far with that dream
Don't overlook the significance of the little things as its positioning you for greatness
Don't live your dreams alone

God has been encouraging me to Dare to dream. you know the 'truth and dare' game we play? Yeah its as if God is challenging me 'c-mon Jason, dare to dream,don't be afraid to dream, my plans for you are way bigger than you can even imagine, don't settle for second best'

Michelle Tumes 'Dream'
"There's a dream in your heart
And His heart is your prayer
You can move mountains with your life in His hands
He'll tear down the walls and He'll walk where you can't
Have faith in the power to believe
He has given you a dream"
Dare to dream guys, I dare you :)
Times and times devil you want to push me down
to steal my joy, my worship
my love for God
to rob me off my destiny

You tried to break my bones
damage my inner spirit and soul
and suck the life out of me.

You’re scared... very scared that I will rise up,
to lead a generation to their destiny
to plunder hell and populate heaven

Do not gloat over me, my enemy!
Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in the darkness,the Lord will be my light

There is nothing my God cannot do,
Your love and power is indescribable
Your mercies are new everyday
Your love never fails

I delight in my weaknesses,
for then the Lord will be my strength
and your grace is sufficient for me

You are the strength when I am weak,
You’re the light in the dark
You’re my feet when I can’t move on
Your whisper brings life to my heart

You’re the author and perfector of my life
You who begun a good work in me shall see it come to completion
Use me to be your hands, to be your feet and your voice
To be a mover and shaker, one that can change destinies
Never again will I live a life of passivity

Do not gloat over me, my enemy!
Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in the darkness
the Lord will be my light

I just want you Jesus :)

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