to my friend whos a oneofakind Dude and well.. altough I only knew you for a short time only but you have been a blessing in my life and a wonderful sister. someone who loves food and altough sometimes can bea tomboy because of the brothers she grew up with (just like my sister) but you have a sweet soft femenine side in you, you're a girl after all haha. anyway I didnt know you were leaving to SG THAT fast! all the best and may you run the race and run towards the destiny God has for you. You have been a wonderful friend and guitar teacher =) i want to jam with you before you go la im way better now hahaha =P anyway catch up with you in SG or brunei if you so happen to be back for hols. take care and dream big dreams!

p.s- tats the only decent shot ihave of you haha blek

Back to uni tomorrow bummer, kinda wasted my holiday doing nothing except for going to sydney for the awesoem hillsong conference. other than that just been playin games? haha. been looking for a job and I can't find one, even went to submit my resume but no reply so that sucked, hopefully I can get one asap cos im in need of ka-ching! oh yeah started to watch jap drama again and funny how most of the one I dl are about schools and teaching and learning. so I did get some inspiration to do better and study harder this semester. kinda disappointed that I got 1 D and 2 C because I was at least hoping for 2 D.

Fight-oh Jason!!
yay so im back from sydney! there's so much to say but I can't say it all, lets just say the conference was awesome and I got a lot out of the conference, TD jakes was awesome, really a man of God and from his preaching u can tell why he was voted to be in times magazine+ the black billy graham!! I'll prob talk about it if you ask me personally or if i have the time to blog about it. took lots of pics gonna post it once I get all the pics from my friends.

I had so many nicknames in the past,
Jason sensation (cos of this girl i liked, and I was really sensational in high skool wakaka)
and the lists can go on BUT

BUT just tonight me and my housemate had dinner and we were giving each other inhousenicks, and they came up with PINEAPPLE !! what? of allthings, it started when my hair was so long that I attempted to spike it up and only the middle was spiking, and the rest was flat, and so the hair looked like pineapple + (my golden-ish color hair again) you get the picture lol. pineapple , go figure -.-

here are couple of pics from surfing last year, my friend finally sent all the pics to me. and why am i wearing that blue pants that looks gay on me , dont ask. I have no idea as well.

Yes i know it looks dam gay
but the body makes up for it no ?=P

I'll be on hiatus for a week because I'll be going to sydney and sorry for not updating for the past few days because I just came back from brisbane, we had a church conference from friday-sunday and I just got back from church exhausted. Tomorrow's monday and I'll be flying to sydney for the Hillsong Conference ( wow Spiritual Buffet!!! ) haha. It'll be my frist time going to the conference and from what I heard everyone said it was awesome, live changing and impacting. So I can't wait to go there myself, seeing the power of God move, getting 'fed', worshipping with thousands of people at the acer arena more importantly get something out of the conference for myself. So yeah off to sydney!! ( and do some sight seeing of course hehe)

and yes savior king is out and many people said it's awesome, im gonna get the DVD !

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