Just wanna wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year Oink Oink! hehe

okay i dont have much time I only have one hour in this cc and then i'm off to work.. yes i dont have my internet yet which sux, got to wait for another 5 days or so =(

anyway what has been happening so far is that I've been arranging my new room, buying furnitures, food. Getting the boys ministry house going and working again haha. im so in need of cash right now as I've spent most on furnitures and food for the new house. My first day of work= 5 hours non-stop standing, walking and running up and down serving food and taking orders in a full house restaurant =.= sad yea and the pay is a measely $10 an hour =((

oh yeah my valentines day has been different than all my other years. This is something different. No I didnt spend V.Day wif anybody but what we (the boys in the church) did was that we cooked, made dinner, serenated the girls with music and decorated the place with candles and deco the candles in a heart shape. Yea it was hard work lol. and its different hey? Its the vday where we boys serve the ladies to show how we respect and honor them lol. Altough I would still prefer to spend my Vday with a special someone whoever that is XD I still got to wait for quite some time lol.

aite my timers running out in the cc gtg
I finally got my prom pics (yes banana you finally can c it and ur lookalike as well haha) and i'll post themn up along wif pics of house and room when i get my internet

till then take care
much luv
well its' 11th of Feb, 2007, on a sunday morning 1am++ and I just finished packing and i'm gonna go sleep soon. Well it's been fun spending my time here in Brunei for 2 months and a month in KL , what LONG holiday, i wonder if i shud do this again next hols lol. anyway Im sosososo gonna miss y'all back here! *sniff* its awesome that every time I come back I get to know new people, you know who you are =)

Tingaling - U lamo im so not gonna miss your lame jokes haha, crack me up, I hope the next time I come back u really cant walk HAHA. remember yea I play the guitar u the piano we gonna jam!!! and the next time i come back no more procrastinate and we need to properly catch up the time i come back not the day before I leaves LOL. Oh yeah Yui misses you too >=)

Joyce- My sensei , thx alot for teachin me the guitar, it really helped me alot and i'll remember your wise advice haha. oh and thx for being so patient =) you'll really make a good teacher haha. anyway its uni time and its one of the moments where you'll get stuck thinking 'I wanna do this' and ur parents said 'no u must do that'. Me and leonard have been thru this and let me tell you that we didnt have time to make such decisions before ,but you do ,so make use of this time and think of what u wanna do. continue to seek wisdom and trust the Lord =)

Melvin- bakla, homo, gay whatever la, i doubt you'll be reading this so yeah nyeh dun care you haha. stay cool my lengzai disciple and continue to stay strong wif the Lord. I know you geng very famous in brunei wherever you go also ppl know you wahahha.

Bev- Well i've known you for like a very long time already I cant really remember but I knw its pretty long, after so many years of not keepin in contact wif you , im glad that this holiday we got closer and had lots of fun like old times ahhaha

Banana- xie xie ni gei wo de dolphin haha i love it and yes i was supposed to put this pic on my blog but i forgot sori. Now i have 2 dolphin weee ^^ and yes i'll belanja you when I getback =P take care yea n ill c u when I get back.

okay thats about it, for those frens who I cant meet up (u know who u r) we'll keep in touch yea and hopefully next time i come back can meet up lol . Gold coast here I come!!! and u aussies ppl back there i'll see y'all soon weeee
waaa cant' believe it, one more week and I'll be flying off to Gold Coast!!! sad? no because i've been in brunei for so long already haha and Im bored, i wanna go back and study ( i'll regret typing this out) , meet the GC ppl, work, missing the awesome beaches and I missing the GC ppl so badly. oh yeah I also will miss the all my frens back in Brunei la, i'll definately miss you guys ! =(

oh I played basketball today and yesterday... wasnt really in the good mood cos i sucked. Yes im a competitive person, I hate to lose ,no wait losing is ok but worse of all I hate it when i perform badly *sigh* sometimes its just easier just not to touch that basketball haha. but its all good, i did get a good bit of exercising there, build up my heart up , get more O2 in, lung expand.........okay i think i shud stop there, lol PE stuff coming up. yeah anyway flights on sunday 5.50pm ill be flyin =( sniff
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