I can't believe it's already the 9th week! Half of the semester is already gone and final exams are around the corner (1 month!!!) ahhh! lots of projects and tests! ugh.......

Good news, we got into the Malaysian Book of records... there were about 10,000+ people that participated and performed. We were sitting down the sun for 5 freakin hours just to perform for less than 2 minutes!!! Although it was a big achievement I don;t think I wanna do it again if there's gonna be any next year lol. Last Sunday I went to KL and spent RM500 on buying clothes and a coat. why? INTI ball's coming up! this coming friday... Ok, so i have no Partner or anything why am I going? I have no idea... Maybe because this will be my first and last inti ball experience and that i'll be leaving INTI by the end of the year, so might as well create memories with my friends. I hope that it's worth it , i mean buying those clothes, dressing up smart and gonna get a haircut tmrw....... will update on the event

Tomorrow is the ICF Rally, (inti chrstian fellowship) I am going to perform a dance and a sketch. The live band is just aswesome..... I just hope that everything goes well tomorrow nite and that the nite will be succesful. I also hope that I can do well in Accounting mid-term which is the day after the rally, which means i won;t be able to study after the rally, cos it's probably going to end early. I failed my first acc test but i hope i can do well in this mid term. The week is so damn busy, Rally on thursday, mid term and the ball on friday, karate performance a week after, more tests and assignments, karate training in KL every sunday afternoon.... I don't know how can i cope with this..... lol
till then...
take care
so i haven't been blogging for about 2 weeks..... what has happened? i try to recall but can't remember to well. Well one is the possibly that i might go to aussie and study and not the states. why? many things had happened that i think maybe i shud go there....... besides that my study hasn';t been going real well this semester... i got my econ and accounting test back last week and man was i sad! I barely passed the econ test which i thought was easy and i failed the acc test............ damn. I don;t know what should i do. Tomorrows by csc test and next week i have assignment + econ midterm on the same day... so busy! besides that this saturday there will be a karate performance in KL where the martial artist will gather and perform to try to get in the malaysian book of record.. great huh? I'll get in the malaysian book of record with free lunch+bkreafast, t-shirt, a cert and an allowance of rm30! A friend will be comin to KL and visit us on sunday..... so we were plannin to go clubbin' i dont know if i have the time for that as next week i have to do a project and mid term. BUSY! damn, im so stressed this semester compared to last semester...... so so stressed
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