haha my friends are all on hiatus and guess what? I think I'm going to be on hiatus as well... probably for a week or so ++

and yes I got my net back woohooo!! I have to many things on my hand right now so I won't have time to go online or FB do send me an sms if there's anything =)
Mmmm haven't been blogged for awhile. Net at home is dead, well actually the phone line, maybe they cut our phone lines because the bill was not paid? I don't know I'll call telstra and find out since no one in the house has been doing anything, everyone is just waiting for some miracle XD

Other than that Life has been good, because God is good, and if God is good all the time means life will be good even through the rough times. (wow I just wrote that, no idea where it came from haha)

okay I would like to write more but my friend is here so I have to go now, will update this post soon :)
Let's be honest here, how many of us has been in an awesome Praise and Worship session and said to yourself 'One Day I would like to be a Worship Leader' and the reasons can vary, from having the heart to lead people in worship to God, or just want to look good on stage singing on stage mesmerizing the crowd with your voice (kidding), but you know what I mean.

Late 2005 was the year I was born-again, and I was at the Planetshakers Conference getting pumped by good music and worshipping God with all my heart, mind and soul. It was then I saw a vision of me leading the youths back home in worship and getting them in the presence of God. I didn't understand at first but then I just had a thought maybe God has called me to be a worship leader. Most of my mates had a calling for their life and I was wondering what was it, I didn't know. Fast forward to 2006 in Aus. I was praying for 4 months 'God, what is my calling? Is it to be a worship leader? I know I desire it in my heart but I want it to be your will.. what's your will?' and one day I just cried out in desperation and I just heard God say 'I want you to be a worship leader' and suddenly I just burst out in tears. That SAME Sunday, I went to Church (2nd time in Church) and the pastor's wife was praying for me and she said 'God has called you to be a worship leader, you're like Joshua who loves to linger in the tent in the presence of God when everyone is out.... etcetc' I'm like wow! Confirmation on the same week!! Quickly I called my close friend and he said 'huh? I thought that was your calling already..' For some reason couple of people already had the impression that I would be a Worship Leader because they see the passion and the way I worship God (thats what they said, I have no idea why are they looking around during worship)

The big dilemma here is that I can worship God and I Love it! I love to sing but I can't sing well, people would ask me to shut up so it wouldn't rain, or the roof will fall. One worse case was the Senior Pastor of a church I attended asked me not to sing but to mime the words when I was serving as a backup singer (ouch!). That really left a scar for awhile but thank God that part is all healed now, but still I would have the fear of leading and singing even now.

Anyhow my point is that my eyes has opened and I think I know what God meant when he called me to be a worship leader. I always thought that my calling to be a 'Worship Leader' has to be a title. It might be, but for now it's something else. Frankly I believe it's not about the title in my case because I know how sad would it be if that was my only dream? I know God has infused bigger dreams than that for my life.

You see leading worship is not all about getting up on stage and leading people in the presence of God. Worship.... is a lifestyle. The Apostle Paul said that we must "offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing, this is your spiritual act of worship." (Romans 12:1). It's not just singing, jumping, kneeling but its all about the Heart of Worship. God see's the inside of our heart if we are going through the motions or really worshipping Him in awe and reverence. In short it's 'God...Take all of me for All of You' You surrender your all to him, you live a life that is pleasing to God. That is worship, because as we do things that right, you're bringing glory to God and that itself is an act of worship. How do we react to situations? Disappointment, discouragement hits us, do we blame God? do we try to do things our own way? or do we ,in the midst of storms look to God and make the decision to worship Him and despite what we're feeling because we know God is Good and He makes all things work together for our good? God has been challening me in my walk with God to live a life that pleases Him. To live a life that has a heart that hides God's word and beats the heartbeat of God, a heart that serves one master, a heart that brings a smile to my Father's face, that is a sweet aroma of worship to Him. I'm convicted to live my life in God's way that can be an example to others so they can be a true worshipper as well. Do you know even in your house, you spending time with God in your room worshipping Him or even in Church giving your best to God in worship or serving Him is a worship to God? You never know who you can impact by doing those. I have some comments from people saying my passion for worshipping God has lead them to want to worship God even more, Praise God for that! That itself is being a lead worshipper where you make an impact in other people's lives to dwell deeper in God!

So let us start living our lives getting soaked in the Presence of God, going out there with His presence, shining His glory, bringing heaven to earth, leading our life by example that can make a difference in our city and nation! Ultimately the name of Jesus has to be magnified and glorified and us living a life that brings glory to God.

What about those singing on the stage stuff? Honestly I don't know, let God do the promotion, I'm already playing the guitar so let the music I play be anointed and will lead people to worship, but to be on upfront on the stage leading people...? That's in God's timing and if it does happen or not happen... no matter what I'm still going to be a lead worshipper in my lifestyle, its not about the title.

Me and Jon made this last night, wrote the lyrics in 30min and recorded in 10 min at 12am. So pls do forgive us if its bad, pls comment.. thanks :D ENJOY!

This is a video that me and Jon made in 40min so pls forgive us if we mucked up a bit. Pls enjpy the video and pls comment, Thanks :)

This is Ah Lee and this Ah Wong , we in da house yo
Yap ee Sam (1,2,3),
mikofone testin Can you all hear me?
This lap vely farni so pls give us good lating ok
after we go dating

Ah lee you Ready a???
Ready la of course
yo yo..
my name is J.Lee
My hometown near mangali.
Wo mei you hip hop kaki (no hip hop crew)
dan shi wo de turbo hen kou li (but my 'turbo' is strong)
I bomb the U.S so smelly
Ppl say I farni, cos Iook like bugs bunny
..but some say I still verlly sassyyyy,
I love to count moneyyyy (who dont like la)
I finish my degree .
I used to be emcee
My bro is a chimpanzee
So that is all about my family..

This is my flen ah wong.
HALLLOOO AH!!Check 1, 2, check 1,2.. ok
yo, my name is J.Wong
I look like king kong, my fav sport is ping pong, tong tong tong tong tong
I also vely strong, especially when I wear sarong..
My gong gong is mao Zedong, my fathers name is ah long!!
Thats why I very GONG GONG
Want to eat my egg fu-yongI talk got sense of right and wrongmy sister loves dewgongso that is the family of ah-wong
Thats why we click alongso come and sing along
Wa ku lu kong (i'm telling you)
Lu kong si mi.. (what are you telling me?)
Wo ai chiack Maggi Mee..HEHE
together we both live in Gold Coastl
ike England people eat toast. when you listen to us dont overdose, we are so sweet like glucose

Look at our tattoo,tattoo looks so cool
My one says moo moo
My other one says Bless you
This is our previewplease give us good review
Or we will come find you
Thank you!!
If you like our lap please tell us so we can do more video

Like I said in my previous post, I'm just so lazy and can't be bothered to spend time with my friends because of a risk of getting hurt again but during and after the camp, little did I know God changed me from the inside out and I realized I'm getting out of the shell. During the camp Belle shared an amazing revelation about love and forgiveness. After the camp , I was invited to my friends house for dinner on Monday and Tuesday night and I'm so blessed that my tummy is filled :) but whats more amazing is how I said 'ok I'll go' and during the steamboat dinner I find myself sharing to people and other people opening up and sharing. Just basically doing life with one another and investing in our friendships. I think its just one of those little things that God is doing in me and I realized, hey its not so bad afterall!

I often say 'Let's catch up next time' but that next time never comes, I have to really make the effort to arrange the meetings and say 'hey wanna catch up today?' instead of waiting for the other party to do it.

On a side note, Camp was beyond awesome and I'm infused with Christ's DNA! :)

CALEB’S SONG (Joshua 14, especially verse 12)
The challenge now is here – What cause is there to fear? I will follow to the place where God has called. And though the task ahead is great, there is no need to wait;God's command is
"conquer cities fenced and walled."

This mountain I shall own, But not for me alone –For my children I shall claim this promised land.Because the Word of God is sure, The future is secure;All the power we need is in God’s mighty hand.

Take courage and be strong – We'll sing the victor's song,All the blessings God has promised we may claim.So let us hasten to obey, Our Saviour leads the way;He will help us win the battle for His name.

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