Haven't been bloggin' ya, had some problems with my the internet explorer but didn't know what the prolbem was, ran through virus scan hmmm no virus, then ran spybot and managed to fixed the problem (thank god). And so here I am bloggin' again hahaha. Haven't been playing basketball for a long long time now..... probably about a month. Been busy with my Karate, ya its probably my new found passion. I went to the selection to represent Malaysia for the Asian Shito-Ryu karate competition and I dont know if i got in yet but everyone was told to attend the training. The selection was alright I guess, i think I did ok but coudl've done better. Let's just hope I got selected... I'm Continuing to train hard, till then I guess i'll leave basketball out for awhile.

Had a Ice Cream competition few days ago and gues what???? I got 1st place!! muahahahahah ya no surprise to those who knows me really well hehe anyway there are pictures of the competition at my friends web, check it out at http://zy.rojakpot.com/zy/?nav=photo.album.thumb&fld=IntiIceCreamContest-Oct04 =) I'll probably stop bloogin again for a few days or weeks because of the upcoming exams... anyway wish you all the best in your exams too!
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