So I failed to update my blog on time and I have 30 min to spare before I leave to work so I thought hey might as well update it

Do you remember the post from 2 weeks ago on Sunday night reflections about Ps Lai Ling giving a word about me playing the guitar with anointing? well on that same week with that reflections, little did I know Ps Lai Ling came and preached at our church again and again because she moved in the prophetic she was prophesying into different ones and funny enough I got a word from her again and it was about my worship, and how the Presence of God in me is going to flow out to other people and so on. I can't remember the whole thing, (anyone has the recording or took notes?) but I was really touched on how God will be using me and confirming what he spoke to me ages ago and reinforcing the promises he Has for me. God is so so good.

On another note GSL (generation salt and light) started last week and praise God it has been going well. I'm very encouraged for the different ones who came despite their fear, exams and lack of ability but believing that what they've sowed in, they will definately reap in the near future. I want to believe for miracles, people being set free and souls saved during our time in GSL

Some thoughts from 31st and 6th Sunday
  • Be a 3D disciple- Dedication, Discipline and Dilligence (it wasn't called 3d but seems like a good title tho :P)
  • Fight for what is HIS
  • DO NOT DOUBT God's ability to bring forth fruits
  • Remember Jesus discipled 12 disciples that discipled the world.... (you can be one that will raise the next Billy Graham)
  • Im excited about the new direction we're going in with the new series on gift-based ministry, everyone is gonna be equipped!
  • We've heard it many times but here goes..... WE HAVE A RISEN (NOT DEAD) Savior!!
  • IF Jesus was dead we might as well eat, drink, be merry and die lol
  • Remember what you do IS NOT a dead sacrifice, even though you do not see it.
  • Ps Lance: 'When we lose sight of how great the gospel msg is, we will often lose motivation to live it out'

Something I learnt this week was that God's love is furious and strong. No matter how far I've backslidden or how I feel of running away from God, God keeps calling me back, reaching out to me, a father's heart longing to see His son/daughter come back. How, o how much He loves Me(and you) , it brought me back to the song by Misty Edwards where the verse goes 'You won't relent until you have it all"

I am my beloved's and his desire is toward me.-
Song of Solomon 7:10

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