I realized one thing that has been missing in this site is PICTURES!!! No wonder its been so dead lolz. A new baby has been added into the Jason Lee Rock'star family!!

this baby came knocking in front of my door a week ago... I wonder what it is?
Gasp! *screams* Its my Podxt LiVe!!
I slowly unwrapped it like undressing.... er a salad
and I became sakai cos I've never seen this in my life ever, inflatable packagingI almost fainted when I touched it, this baby costed only $415! oh yea and it was my first thing I bought with my salary hahaLittle did I know, my little piggie was the first one that had a little play with it >.<Oh and for those who hasn't seen me with my new glasses, here it is hahaIts been awhile since I've done a youtube video, I'm going to record one soon with my new baby weee!
For some people who don't know I'm more of an introvert, meaning I rather spend my time on my own doingmy own things rather than going out with people. Some of you might say 'What???' Because I know I appear talkative, high, making lots of jokes and go crazywhen I'm around people. That's WHEN I'm around with people. This tells me one thing about myself is that I love spending time with myself but when I'm with people I'm an extrovert because I really enjoy the company of others and talking with them. I think as humans we need each other company at times, I think that is why only certain times I would be willing to go out. That said, I found my problem.....

I'm not willing to invest into people's lives and I find it draining and sometimes a waste of time. Furthermore from past experiences, I don't like being close to people in relationships, only the surface level, reason being is I'm afraid that I'll get hurt again if I do get close so I rather distance myself away so I choose who to share my deeper thoughts carefully.

I really thank God for making me the way I am but I know His chellenging me to get out of my comfort zone and start to 'hang out' and willing to sacrifice my time for others and be willing to invest in their lives. It was already hard enough when God challenged me to get out of my shell 4 years ago ,but I'm glad I did because of that I'm an extrovert in front of my friends =)

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender takes one look at it and asks: "So, why the long face?" HAHAHAHA
Things has been going on lately in my life that shows me how weak I am... praise God that I have seen my weakness through my failings. There's something I must do if I want to get serious , things that needs to be changed, hopefully after 4 weeks there'll be a breakthrough :)

Good nite

Stamina reflects how strong your heart is
Ps Lance and Belle are off to Redding, California for the School of Prophets conference in Bill Johnson’s awesome church. It’s very encouraging to hear the amazing things that has happened during the conference and even managed to get in touch with Kris Vallotton who im sure will be coming to visit us sometime next year, an amazing prophet of God i’ve heard!

I am excited to see everyone in church growing in maturity and intheir gifting in God, everyone is running after Him and im even amazed at the amount of faith the young ones are having. This shows that we are all going to a whole new level and are ready for the Harvest that God has prepared for us! Other than that because Ps Lance and Belle are away Ps Gary from COC came and preached to us and is God amazing or what? 3 days before Church service, I was actually praying and fasting for direction for the Church and myself and one thing that God spoke to me was ‘The vision that God has given us is dead, speak life to it and I’ll breathe life to it, prophecy to it.’ Which was from Ezekiel 37:4 Some of the visions and dreams that God had for me was dead, I didn’t believe in it because there wasn’t fruit or rather, its dead and once its dead its dead. However I began to speak life to it, prophecy the visions and dreams God has for me...

Funny enough on Sunday, Ps Gary was preaching about ‘Barrenness’ and how God wants to give us an increase in believing what God has installed for us and at the end he started asking us to speak life to the part of our life that is barren and I was like ...’Wow God, confirmation on what He was speaking to me 3 days ago! How cool is that?’

Some of us might be barren in our family, because they’re not saved yet, some have financial barrenness, marriage barrenness, study or relationship barrenness but whatever you’re going through I want to encourage you to trust God even in the midst of unfruitfulness and start believing and take unbelief our from your life. because unbelief is from the devil, and if we have unbelief we’re partnering with the devil. I think it’s no coincidence what God has revealed to me and to the church on Sunday about this particular area and I want to share this little gem that I got from God to you guys. Remember, don’t look in the natural thinking its impossible... it was impossible for Hannah to have a child but God gave her one, it was impossible for Nehemiah to complete the walls in 52 days but God gave them the strength to finish it, it was impossible for Elizabeth to have a child because she was barren but God gave them a child!!! Gideon only had 300 men to face thousands and thousands of enemies but God gave them victory. Remember... in the supernatural God can do anything... BUT GOD!!

Not many people know this song, but its an awesome song from one of my fav band, CCC

The road is long
The valley's deep
The ocean's wide
In front of me

But God saved the day
Jesus You're the way
The truth, the light, the hope for all mankind

But God saves the day
Urgh Kaleidoscope people are having ice skating right now as I'm writing this. I so wanted to be there to have fun, chill and meet new people but I'm stuck here working and what makes matter worse was the time I got my roster for the next two weeks. I'll be working from today till next Thursday 7 days in a row which is gonna suck the life out of me. On top of that I don't have Wednesdays off for my Life Group, acts29. It was so good being there last wed seeing how the group has grown from 5 to 19 people only by God's grace and still growing. It was really great worshipping and having discussions together. I really hope I can swap my shift on Wednesday.

I'm still praying and believing for God to change the situation..... actually he did one time when my manager asked if I would like to work 4 days instead of 5 days so I can get Wednesdays off but because of Pressure from work and money I said No....... Stupid me, but partly in me was hoping God would do something, and well it kinda happened as a position for night audit had opened. Through this something came into my mind... If I have Friday off every week maybe...Just Mayybbbeee I can Pioneer a Life group for Friday! I don't know haha just came into my mind, still praying about it.

Through All this I know that I should not look at the disappointment but look that there is an opportunity for miracles! Remember 'Hope deferred makes the heart sick... ' Prov 13:12 =)
My no:1 Fan Potato is upset because theres a lack of updates in this blog. Jez fer yoh ill update! Hmph! X(

Actually I’m typing this at work again but I was so bored I decided to rummage through my drawer and I found this 2008 Calender and it has some quotes at the bottom of everyday of the month and it brought a smile to my face =) So those who are emo and sad here’s a little something for you =)

  • So many of us use the expression ‘Better late than never’ A qualification: Too late is the same as never
  • The worst thing about history is that everytime it repeats itself, the Price goes up
  • A meeting consists a group of people who have little to say..... until after the meeting
  • If two men agree on everything, you may be sure that one of them is doing the thinking.
  • If everybody is thinking alike, then something isn’t thinking.
  • Some people talk in their sleep, Lecturers talk while other people sleep.
  • Computers are useless.. they can only give you answers

    And I love this one by Mother Theresa
    ‘Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Have a blessed day :)

Im still recuperating from the Darwin Mission Trip. Had 10 hours of sleep yesterday to make up for the 4 hours of sleep I had when I got back and had to work the same day, good thing I survived. Darwin was really different and in some ways doesn't feel like Aus at all if you know what I mean, it smells, feels a lot like Malaysia and the place is really laid back and relax, Darwin is really a special city. I really took a lot out from the Mission Trip and got to see how God had moved in our Mission Trip. This was really a special time for the team and my sister Gwee whos starting a life group there. One thing I got during our prayer meeting was God was asking what are we expecting? Do we want to go to just do 'Missions' or do something great and be History Makers? Well we finally broke new ground, saw 3 souls saved, did street preaching, and had our first ever Hope Darwin Life Group (soon Church! lets believe together)! Praise God! I've been challenged a lot personally and honestly it was good to get away from work relax a bit and reflect abit on my life. Good thing I did that because now I see the flaws and weaknesses I have and where I stand in my walk with God and how I can improve.

I'm really not in the mood for blogging at the moment but will definately blog about it once I got the pics and videos :)
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