But God..

Ps Lance and Belle are off to Redding, California for the School of Prophets conference in Bill Johnson’s awesome church. It’s very encouraging to hear the amazing things that has happened during the conference and even managed to get in touch with Kris Vallotton who im sure will be coming to visit us sometime next year, an amazing prophet of God i’ve heard!

I am excited to see everyone in church growing in maturity and intheir gifting in God, everyone is running after Him and im even amazed at the amount of faith the young ones are having. This shows that we are all going to a whole new level and are ready for the Harvest that God has prepared for us! Other than that because Ps Lance and Belle are away Ps Gary from COC came and preached to us and is God amazing or what? 3 days before Church service, I was actually praying and fasting for direction for the Church and myself and one thing that God spoke to me was ‘The vision that God has given us is dead, speak life to it and I’ll breathe life to it, prophecy to it.’ Which was from Ezekiel 37:4 Some of the visions and dreams that God had for me was dead, I didn’t believe in it because there wasn’t fruit or rather, its dead and once its dead its dead. However I began to speak life to it, prophecy the visions and dreams God has for me...

Funny enough on Sunday, Ps Gary was preaching about ‘Barrenness’ and how God wants to give us an increase in believing what God has installed for us and at the end he started asking us to speak life to the part of our life that is barren and I was like ...’Wow God, confirmation on what He was speaking to me 3 days ago! How cool is that?’

Some of us might be barren in our family, because they’re not saved yet, some have financial barrenness, marriage barrenness, study or relationship barrenness but whatever you’re going through I want to encourage you to trust God even in the midst of unfruitfulness and start believing and take unbelief our from your life. because unbelief is from the devil, and if we have unbelief we’re partnering with the devil. I think it’s no coincidence what God has revealed to me and to the church on Sunday about this particular area and I want to share this little gem that I got from God to you guys. Remember, don’t look in the natural thinking its impossible... it was impossible for Hannah to have a child but God gave her one, it was impossible for Nehemiah to complete the walls in 52 days but God gave them the strength to finish it, it was impossible for Elizabeth to have a child because she was barren but God gave them a child!!! Gideon only had 300 men to face thousands and thousands of enemies but God gave them victory. Remember... in the supernatural God can do anything... BUT GOD!!

Not many people know this song, but its an awesome song from one of my fav band, CCC

The road is long
The valley's deep
The ocean's wide
In front of me

But God saved the day
Jesus You're the way
The truth, the light, the hope for all mankind

But God saves the day
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