I don't know what is wrong with technology and me, the first year I got to aus my laptop got fried and had to buy a new one. Few weeks later my Creative Zen Mp3 player got fried as well. My LG phone now is acting funny whenever I take a pic, maybe its because of certain someone that hit my hand and the fone dropped on the concrete floor. Not technology but, cherry is missing one screw on her back and now my guitar is having some problems. urgk. I know there are so much more but I can't remember anything at all now.

Basically window wasn't starting yesterday and I quickly sent it to the repair shop. Got a call today that my laptop is dead because the motherboard got fried (again), this time wasn't due to the weather but cos of tat guy in Brunei tat tried to format my PC. I'll get the name of the shop so you guys dont go there anymore lol.

Wasn't feeling to good, when my laptop wasn't working n now im devastated cos they can't fix it at all and I have to get a new one. Gah, I have to spend $2000 for a laptop 2 years ago n now I have to get another one =.=" sheeshh

One more exam to go and I'm a free man
My two stressful exams are over, the last exam really killed my wrist as I had to write three essays with a minimum of 2 pages in a span of 2 hours which isn't good, but now that it's all done and over with I'm pretty happy and kinda relaxing for a bit as my next exam is next wed and I reckon it won't be as bad.

It'll be exactly a month till my graduation ceromony. As time comes closer I'm actually unsure and quite lost on the job that I'll be doing.... obviously I have to work in a Hotel and the hours there are crazy. Why did I do that in the first place? I still have no idea and has been searching for that answer ever since I got here, but I do know I have a purpose here in Gold Coast so we'll see =] On a side note, something came up for a few weeks already, and it's kinda messin' up my head (ok.. not that bad really), been thinking, hmmm should I or should I not, which is better , what if this, what if that.....rarara lol. At least exam pressure is off I can get the time to think more about it now.

Wow it's been ages since I wrote these kind of ramblings post ay.

All the very best of luck for all my friends out there doin the lame eggzams!
Updated: Ok I updated some tiny things in this post

It's finally Exam week and my uni days are over. It's kinda sad because I was just beginning to enjoy uni life even more -_- Sorry for the lack of updates but Mr.Nerd here has been busy studying hard, so hard that he even forgot his baby's name.

I feel very bad, because one time on facebook my status was 'Jason is playing with his baby Krysal' and last week in Church I was landing my guitar to my friend and I went 'pls take good care of Krystal okay' then without realising, Gwee went 'Isn't that cherry??'
OMG!!! HOW COULD YOU JASON!!!!! *knocks head on wall* I broke up with Krystal last December and have been with Cherry, ever since *noooohhh*

Back to studying now.......I'm not kidding but everyday my face just goes like this........Dieeee...

Here's an updated one lamo potato, I reckon they look the same anyway XD

Oh and What keeps me going for my exam is, drinking this ubercool drink called "Rockstar Energy Drink" Drink it and you'll feel like a Rockstar!!

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