I was taking the bus to uni yesterday morning, and if you dont know, the doors in the bus are computer controlled (sorta), anyway press one button= open .....press again= close this is how the bus door looks like

anyway I was on my way out of the bus THEN suddenly the door started to close, I was in the middle and the door closed and squished my head first luckily I quickly moved back but the damage was done, my head was almost into watermelon pieces. I had head pains the whole noon ouch. the bus driver didnt even say sorry? haha. Im just thankful im still alive =P
so I haven't been updating much, I just realized whatever I blogged is about what happened and what did I do in my life but never venting out my frustrations, my opinion on other things hmmm/ should I start doing that. e.g. 'i cant believe that girl and guy jsut went out, how could they! that gurls a *beep' okay maybe not lol. not good idea. i'll just stick with what happened in my life lol.

HURRICANE! australias weather has been dodgy. It's supposed to be winter and winter for me lasted for only 3weeks-ish and the rest of the weeks were sun in the morning and cold at night. what is that? its supposed to be cold all day round. and it started raining 2 days ago non-stop, yea we're on water level 5 restrictions so we need the water but then again of all time it has to rain now? in winter? The wind is really strong and I heard theres gonna be a hurricane!!!! uh oh
I just wateched the news and Air-asia x is gonna fly from KL to Gold coast for only $34!! dam cheap

gogo air asia!
Hope Gold Coast presents Bollywood night!! I doubt many gold coast people read this but if you are please come to our bollywood night with FOOD, FUN GAMES, meet new people and bollywood dancing+ movies =)

heres the link click


or here
btw that girl is my pastors wife dont get any ideas....
just a short post, 2nd week of uni is gone and 3rd week is coming up, kinda fast... is it just me or is it as the semester keeps going on it goes faster -_-

anyway today is the first time in THIS YEAR... that I've finally sat down on the couch and started to watch the TV. was watching that 70's show then simpsons. ahhh the joy of watching tv. its gonna be awhile till i touch the tv again. I wanted to blog about something actually but i forgot what lol. oh well. blurness
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