New Planethshakers album - Savior of the King will be released somewhere around 29th of May I think. They played couple of the songs during the AOG conference and it was awesome =)

heres the link to the sample audio of savior of the king, as usual it has the 'rock-ish' kind of music hehe CLICK HERE
for audio samples + one free download fro LEAD ME ON

New Hillsong Live Album- Savior King will be coming out somewhere along July, funny enough both of these album are about our Lord and SaviorCLICK HERE
for audio samples

Lead me On lyrics by planethshakers, its downloadable with the link I gave u

Verse 1
God, in everything I do
I want to be like You
Jesus lead me on

Verse 2
You, You make my life complete
Lamp unto my feet..Jesus lead me on

Pre chorus
Everyday I'll walk with you, I'll be like you in everything I do
I just want to follow You my God (My king, You are my everything)

Everyday, I go your way
Jesus lead me on
Every step a step of faith
Jesus lead me on

You,I'm gonna follow you!!

Be blessed =)

I went to Wet N' Wilk (waterworld) last weekend with Leonard and Aaron and the highlight wasn't the rides, the waters, the thrills but it was this indian (or pakistani) guy walking around on his white fishnet shorts. obviously white+water= transparent. so this guy was walking around like that , you can see his dark bumbum not to mention his dingly dongs!!! ewwww its a public theme park for goodness sake and his walking around with little kids looking at his dingly dongs? now thats just not right

Me leo and aaron tried to avoid him the whole time but somehow wherever we go we would encounter this guy, even in the changing rooms when we were about to leave. geeez I hope this is the first and last time of me seeing a guy walking aroudn showing his bing bongs partially -_-

On hiatus , BUSY with assignments and finals are coming up in 3 weeks so I dont think anything exciting is gonna happen except that Im gonna be a nerd + going to dreamworld again on sat. Leonard is here visitng me for a week and because of that I couldn't really study , sad -_-
weeee new layout!! what do u guys think? i didnt do the layout, bananagurl helped me made the layout and im very tahnkful that she took her time do help me with it! thanks! ^^ All i did was just sent her pics and title lol. she did a great job simple yet nice i like it hehe. the theme plugged in and amplified was from this thing i got which was Amplify christ: live him loud and so to amplify Him u got to get plugged in first and in a away relates to the guitar playin His music and glorifying and worshiping him heh.

guess what? I just found out that my exam is end of this month! Great -___-"" its a good thing i just quitted my job so i can focus on my study now. ahhhh, focus focus no more computer games+online

and another pic 'jack' edited and photoshoped for me , quite nice , she actually covered up my err messy bed and it became sumtin else lol.

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