Bing Bongs!!! O.o

I went to Wet N' Wilk (waterworld) last weekend with Leonard and Aaron and the highlight wasn't the rides, the waters, the thrills but it was this indian (or pakistani) guy walking around on his white fishnet shorts. obviously white+water= transparent. so this guy was walking around like that , you can see his dark bumbum not to mention his dingly dongs!!! ewwww its a public theme park for goodness sake and his walking around with little kids looking at his dingly dongs? now thats just not right

Me leo and aaron tried to avoid him the whole time but somehow wherever we go we would encounter this guy, even in the changing rooms when we were about to leave. geeez I hope this is the first and last time of me seeing a guy walking aroudn showing his bing bongs partially -_-

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