There we go!!! New layout, I hope it was better than the previous one =.=" I still don't get it why nobody liked the previous one -_- it was plain and simple which is good I think haha. Why is there a girl/angel there I don't know. but a good friend JaQ went to all the trouble to create this pic for me so Thank You! Then Banana went and finished the layout for me ,Thank You! People like me is just useless in this kind of thing hehe.
I guess that girl/angel symbolises Krystal, my first love whom I met a year ago, where I first fell in love with the guitar and she has brought me this far playin with her side by side. So i deticate this to you Krystal my first love! altough we're gonna break up in a few months time =(

Other than that I've been exercising trying to lose weight. How? walking around the malls shopping HAHA. Believe me it helps and I think i've lost 2kgs in 2 days walking around the mall shopping =P

Gonna go off to thailand tomorrow kub, for missions and I can't wait! It's definately gonna be awesome! =)
HAHAHAHA looks like everyone hates the new layout XP fine fine I'll change it soon when I (or my friend) gets the time. Christmas wasn't that great as usual, as always I'll be stuck at home in a kampong in the middle of nowhere.

Got a tag from Banana so I guess I have to do this

Tagging rules;
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each Blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names
.4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and read your blog.

Eight random facts/habits about me~ (I could have sworn I've done this before though)
1 .COFFEEE!!!!! I drink Coffee and I'll really get high. and i mean HIGH! HYPER!! love good quality coffees

2. If I dont get enough sleep I'll be in a bad mood, and cranky.

3. im not good with my hearing.

4. Lame Jokes are cool and funny

5. Have a feminine side, 'I like to buff my nails and make it shiny, I love soft toys, and I find it weird that people thinks that its weird that I have a hairdryer?? (and no im not gay)

6. I want to bring smile to my friends, and that they will experience what I have experienced through Him.

7. I rather stay at home and chill than going out, but if its the beach? Hey I'm in!

8. Music and FOOOODDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Now to tag the following people:
1. Tingaling
2. Mr Chua =P
3. Law
4. Potato
5. Lyn
6. Lulu
7. Jana
8. Steph Liew
So I've just reached KL (12.30am) , and I'm at the airport now till my next flight which is 7am. If only the flight wasn't delayed I could've rushed to the hotel and slept there. So Here I am in Coffe Bean using free internet and I have no idea what to do now, probably start playin games on my laptop yea haha.

Oh yeah new blogskin, cos its' Christmas and I think it's fitting to change the skin, I know its plain but I like it and I'm gonna stick with this forawhile till I find another good one or that my friend make me one *hint* ;) haha.

KL= Shopping
Penang= FOOD!! EAT EAT
and I can't wait to find my new gf in a few days woot!

31st December= Thailand Mission Trip

And a Very Merry Christmas to y'all hohoho.

- Goes and play game -
My friend called me up just one day before to ask if I could play for his team. In case you all dont know there's a basketball tournament in Batu Bersurat and I'm part of the team , check the chinese newspaper tomorrow or the day after, my pic and the team will be there =)

Okay, so its been ages since I've last played, I used to love Basketball and Played it like crazy at least 3 hours a day. Truth is ever since I've gone to Aus I've stopped playin basketball and even Karate. Anywayyyyy we lost badly 40+ to 100+ HAHAHA. Now I understand why my friend asked me to play because the team had kids who were born in the 90's and very inexperienced. There was even one cocky kid who think his so good, and got to the point I know he disresepcted me as a player. ish.welcome to the basketball world where everyone thinks they're so great and to the point where they disrespect you .... why am I always in an unorganised last minute formed team, from the time I was in JIS until now... I dont like it at all. Blah its just me blabbering about basketball again.

I'm a bit pissed at myself for not exercising, it wasn't until today I woke up and did jogging and played basketball at 3pm and the game was at 8.30pm. Wasn't enough to get my stamina back.
Frustrated- at being lazy and not exercising, lesson learnt, get my fat arse and exercise!!! Oh and I remember writing a whole long page about my basketball journey in my very very first post in the archives section... memories -_-

*runs out and plays guitar alone*

Other than that went to the mall and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with Banana few days ago. Very very funny!! I love the songs and their cute sounds!! haha. A movie worth watching for this christmas season =) After that just tagged along with Banana shopping and helping her carry stuffs haha. Haven't shoped like that for awhile already but it was fun heh.
We visited the old folks home on Thursday and made handicrafts for them , we had cards and did whatever creative thing we could do

I made the cubes =)

The girls got creative and made a snowman out of tissue

and mine and tingalings attempt to make a gingerbread man ROFL

Shopping time!!!!

Wednesday we decided to go caroling and bless some families with Food aka. 'Pimp My Fridge' And lastly Thursday Old Folks home, it was a wonderufl experience going and talking to them, definately gonna go do it again

Ever since I got back I've been going to the 'Rainforest' almost every night to hear the 'colorful' noise ,sien ah go there everynight -_- truth to be told I'm not a person who likes to go out much, I just like to stay at home and chill. So I decided to stay at home and guess what? I did something productive!!!

I Cooked! (finally) for the family for lunch. cos my maid went back home so I took up the responsibility to cook and I made lunch for the family woot!. Wanted to make Chilli and Basil Chicken but turns out that after going the whole of Brunei I couldnt find any Basil leaves T.T So I had to improvise and in the end my mum went "Very good! So any other new recipe to cook?" haha. Seems like everyone is asking me to cook for them =.=" Im NOT a Good cook okay. luan luan lai ba. To be Honest I wasn't looking forward to cooking for my family, lost the passion for it already but who knows cooking with a WOK is so much fun! In Aus I have to suffer by cooking on electric stoves *cries* maybe I should have a day where I just cook and invite ppl to come my house just to EAT EAT EAT =)

watch out people WoKsTaR is back!

p.s- Is something wrong with my body or the food, everymorning have to make chocolate cake, and stomach pain. I think my immune system down =.=
back in Brunei and in less than a week I've officially gained 5kgs!! (and counting) *clapclap*

and I think thats pretty much what you can do when you get back to Brunei, go to Gadong, eat then talk, then chill at the mall or go watch movie (or RF) LOL.

who wants to go La MeE with meeee and Ahan Thaiii and ExcapadE!!! =D

update: finally found my wire, check this guy out, no headphones? no problem.....His got his phone stuck under his cap
Finally back in Brunei!! But there were some problems

1.) The lady at the counter told me that I needed a visa to get in Brunei, then told me I need to show them I need a flight that shows im leaving Brunei after 30 days cos thats how long I could stay there apparently. Looks to me this lady hasn't been working long or travelled around south east asia lol. "if you dont have your ticket that shows you're leaving brunei, im sorry but you can't board the plane' kns =_=

2.)One My eyes was itchy, I scratched my eyes and the contacts came out, it fell SOMEHWERE and I couldnt find it, so I was half blind throughout the flight. You know that 'eye thing' you used to cover your eyes when you go to sleep? ( have no idea what you call that) anyway I used that to cover my blind eye lol. suffer aaa

just planning to chill at home for today and tmrw will be my first time going out, have to walk to kiarong bank and meet Banana. no car sad =( my friends of my generation are mostly away and wont be comin back til Dec, COME BACK FAST GUYS!! then again the new friends I met last year have all left to UK or wherever to study need to make new friends again =)

Yam Cha anyone?
well Exams over and Im so free and theres nothing to do so here's a cool test for you to do and see how well you know me , it isnt so hard haha, cheers ^^

Create your own Friend Test here
Let's see I was practically born and raised in Brunei, lived there for 17 years and grew up there however I hold a Malaysian passport. That said, I go back once every year to visit my relatives and do shopping there =) When I was in Brunei I always thought, "man im proud to be a malaysian, malaysia has the best food, shopping so cheap, lenglui, everything cheap cheap" HAHA, dont get offended okay, that was way back when I had a small brain and immature thinking, I love Brunei, what makes it unique is the people and friends there and how everyone practically has connections to one another, and it is MY hometown then again I have a malaysian passport so I have to support and love malaysia as well no?

wasnt until this happened, the Bersih Protest. watch it and have a laugh p.s- listen carefully at 2.00

I don't understand much about politics like democratic, liberal parties and such BUT what I do know is His words are conflicting on what he said, he said protest is allowed, then illegal??? when he talks is l-li-like this. I dont understand how this guy is the Malaysian Information Minister, He can't even construct a proper english sentence, and I dont know to laugh or cry =_="
English Crash course 101? Clearly He doesn't even understand the question and what he was talking about. I still have no clue how he became a minister =x and this is a disgrace to all Malaysians =x

I'm glad im not fully malaysian so when people asks where I'm from I can say Im from Brunei ;)

Minister: YA! It's a illegal protest because we have the erection in Malaysia. X_X
I just went to the WWE website and I just found out they came on tour to Australia, Brisbane!!! which is just 1 hour from where I live. I've been checking the WWE website practically everyday and they never mention anything about any tours to Aus until I saw the pictures of the tour, im like WHAT??? HOW COULD I MISSED IT!?!?! Sorry but ima big WWE fan and I loved it ever since 1994 and have been following the storyline ever since. Seriously I dont care how much is the ticket and even if I had to go alone, I WANT TO GO WATCH AAAAAAA =(

exams in 5 hours time, no mood to do exam, I want my WWE *sniff*
and also dam you those who are staying in brisbane not telling me this XP
Exams on Monday and I havent been studying, just been slacking playing my psp and playing online games. Probably because the leture is slack and gave us the Short answer questions and a couple of mcq questions -_- I feel like im in malaysia again haha

here's a cool movie thats coming out somewhere this month called 'One Night with the King'

This movie is based on the story of Queen Esther and after reading reviews from and my friends ,apparently they said it was really good, so catch this movie people! More info and trailer HERE
I think they should have more faith based film like this =)
YES! The semester is offically over and now I'll be sitting for my finals in 2 weeks! I feel like im on holiday mood now, slacking and not wanting to study haha. help me =(

anyway I am so looking forward to coming back to Brunei, My Best friends are all waiting for me like Nasi Lemak, Murtabak, Buttermilk Prawn, Kolo mee, Taiwan Beef noodle.... and lots more. you know I love you guys and y'all got to feed me well when I come back ya!
Here are a few things in my room that I really loved and I cant sleep well without these babies hehe.

The PSP! His sleek and shiny, very Hot and surely attract the ladies of PSP just like the master *ahem* anyway found him for only $200 aussie dollars on Ebay with 3 games and 1 umd, one cool PSP cover and a coolheadset. I just modded my PSP few months ago and its awesome, you can play P8rated games on it now haha. If you're like the super cool geeks out there you can do lots of cool stuffs to the PSP like installing a GPS software, linking it to a Playstation controller and play it, I even saw one guy on youtube connected his psp to the Wii and managed to access the Wii stuffs on the PSP. I used it as my MP3 player as well. yeah guys and their 'big toys' =)

P.S- I use it as a mirror as well, dam clear the screen I tell you.

This Pig is very famous but I have yet to find out the pigs name, wats the pigs name? anyway I found him when I was at chinatown sydney, and he was soso cheap so I bought him ,besides I rather wear this at home rather than socks.

MY DOPLPHIN FIN! She's been with me SINCE when I was 5 years old, I got her as a present from seaworld USA I managed to keep her with me til now, and some people cant believe how shes being kept so nice and still in good condition after so many years. Me and her go wayyy back .Where can I be w/o her, so hard to sleep w/o Fin by my side =( HAHA. TIgger!!! A cool present that was given to me by Mel and if you look at his feet carefully there are holes, Its a Tigger that can be used as a speaker as well! How cool is that?? You wanna let your friendS listen to songs on your mp3, no problem, Tigger is here to the rescue
And lastly my gf Krystal....I got her from my sister who dumped her and after one year my sis got a new guitar (what??) I've been faithfully using krystal for awhile now and me and Her we been thru a lot together. But alas, after a long conversation with her one night we decided to end our relationship soon, maybe next year because I'll be gettin a new gf next year (hopefully) and we came to a mutual understanding that we are still Good frens and we will still stick to one another no matter what. Sometimes it just doesnt work out the way its supposed to be =x

Wat I need
-New guitar

Honorable mention: My laptop, My Bed, pillow and comforter, my clothes and my new speakers
Im almost at the end of my 2nd year of Uni and next year would be by last and final year. so fast huh? Feels like I just arrived in GC not long ago. What am I gonna do when I graduate? Let's see my parents wants me to get PR (permanent resident) here so they can come here and enjoy life. My friends back in Brunei Im guessing couple of them wants me to come back. and me? I wanna go back but I think God has called me to stay in Gold Coast and support the church and at the same time grow as I have much more to learn. That's cool and all if I have to stay here.

But what struck me was that one of my good fren couldn't get a PR here and she was going thru interviews to interviews trying to get a job offer but after months of trying she had to back to KL, now another of my fren told me she couldnt apply for PR cos the Australian Legislation changed, she needed 10 more points to get PR but the 10 points has been canceled because you cant get points from relative anymore. that sucks. As for me I dont know if i can even get a PR even if I wanted to because it turns out that I need at least 1-2 years of hotel experience then only I can get the points. Kinda worried now about next year *jeng jeng jeng* God willing hopefully I can get a job in a hotel next year and not thai restaurant again -_- and get that PR!!
Warning: This could be life changing !
anyway its an aweosme video and you should watch it, i'll be doing this skit but a more friendly version for the kids when Im going to Thailand for mission trip

Find me here
And speak to me
I want to feel You
I need to hear You

You are the light
That is leading me
To the place where
I find peace again

You are the strength
That keeps me walking
You are the hope
That keeps me trusting

You are the life to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything

And how can I
Stand here with You
And not be moved by You?
Would You tell me How could it be
Any better than this?

You calm the storms
You give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You won't let me fall

Cause You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything

You're all I want
You're all I need
You're everything
The invincible church camp was just awesome, people's lives were touched and changed and you know what? for a pioneering church that has been around for 2 years ,with just 23 people at the camp and all we have is just a guitar and a keyboard, the camp was still awesome. God was moving in the place, awesome teaching, and u know its not always the glamorous stuffs that makes the camp exciting. We were practically camping at a log cabin, did jungle tracking, LOTS of FLIES , monkey poo on the grass, had a wonderful time fellowshiping and of course good food =)

Theme was an overcoming church and basically, things/sins that we have to overcome in our lives, be it big or little, even 'little' things like our stinky attitude, overcoming our fears of stuffs, sins that we have been struggling. Don't you feel there are times where u try to overcome this sin in your lives or this situation or fear and its just not working out? yeah this is what the camps about, to be Invincible! To be an overcomer, theres just to much to share in this blog, im just gonna post some pics. but here's just a small portion of what I got from the camp Isaiah 26:19 , basically talks about how we must overcome the enemy, that we might sometimes feel comdemn, or just spiritually dead but God is saying, 'Hey you might see bones, But I seen an ARMY, I called you to be an overcomer for the spirit is with you, put on the armor of God for greater is He that is in us that Greater is he that is in this world! Rise up!'

you see bones, but I see an Army! anyway here are some pics enjoy =)

Doing the hakka, all blacks wannabes rofl
Thats my grp right there!

Is this cool or what? did this using sparklers

My team we the best woot!

Thats about it we had taken 200+ pics but theres just to much to post lol.

I've never ever fished before in my life the only time I can remember was when I was very young and my friends dad would bring me to the longkang and we used a net to catch the fishes and I kept the fish as a pet. That was the only time i went 'fishing' however today, I went fishing for the very first time and man was I excited! Started fishing at about 10am and ended at 2pm I think? Yea that was how long I was down under the sun, I think I got a little darker. Anyway the cool thing is we get to eat the fish we caught and as a group of 12 we had about 30 fishes, including the small one we caught and had to put them back to the water so they can grow.
Most interesting part? I had to help cut the fish, and gut it out. taking the inside of the fish and clean it, ewwww, with my hands again. Back when I was young my mum cooked fish everyday and I got sick of it. But this is the first time I actually enjoyed my BBQ fish in tarta sauce (other than fish n chips)

p.s- o yea my hair all black now FINALLY! one of the aussie aunties in the church asked me , oh so u dyed ur haird black? Cos i dye my hair so much the ppl here dont even know what my natural hair color is but im gonna keep it black till feb then dye again hoho.

My Pastor who organised everything lol

Belle and Jocy

Yup my teamate caught the first fish woot

Fabian very kesian, had to run around taking pics for ppl who had caught fish and because of that he managed to catch one only lol

This guy, dam pro, catch almst close to 10 dunno how he does that My FIRST FISH!!!
3rd Fish baby!
Ok this is the guttin out bit, its already cleaned so its ok, all the guts are on the floor

Chimbira and Renee, Renee also pro, caught a lot
Ok this little pony is very cute not until shortly after he turned around and started POOPING right in front of us ewwwwwwwwww.

I love fishing, I go back brunei go catch all the fishes in Kampong Ayer wahahaha

Jeanny we're gonna miss you , you've been an awesome sister and your spirit of excellence has inspired us all. Im not gonna say goodbye cos Im gonna see you in Malaysia in a few months, we want you back hereeeeee =( im not a person good with words but all I wanna say is Im thankful for a sister like you, and Im surely gonna miss you loads

oh and this is so random to post this but it crack me up lol

I was asking piggie why has she not read my blog and here's her reply

u didnt read mine

angie (: says (9:38 PM):
angie (: says (9:38 PM):
now i am

2 minutes later

angie (: says (9:40 PM):
wat's yr blog again?


oh and piggie blogged about it too on with more details lol

guess what? shortly after a week work in my new thai restaurant my previous boss called me and asked me to work for her again, cos she desperately needs people to work for her. and she said 'I pay u $12,' which was what I wanted before haha. anyway I took up the offer and now im working tuesday, thursday, friday and sat night. There goes my social life lol. I wondered why did I do that? I got myself into 4 days of work at night =x anyway funny how im working for 2 bosses who used to fight 10 years ago haha.

honestly though I wanted to blog about something but I forgot -_- oh well.
was supposed to sleep but then Banana reminded me to blog so I have blog with my heavy eyes, I think tmrw I'm gonna have panda eyes @_@ dun whack me haha

nyeehhhh I finally got a job!! and guess what? Its in a Thai restaurant!! (again) -_-"

anyhow not complaining, you had no idea how frustrated I was when I submitted my resume to so many places and no call... then I saw one sign 'Waiter+Waitress needed imediately!' at surfers which was about 30 min form my place, was far but I needed a job + $$. I wanted to go in the shop and submit my resume right but then this China girl outside, stopped me and asked where was I from so I said 'malaysia' If I said Brunei then they sure think im either Alien or Im a chinese-middle eastern guy. met korean lady boss ,

(note: It was tuesday)
Korean lady: Come Interview tomorrow wednesday 5pm
Me: Oh I cant make it, how about Thursday?
Korean lady: no, not today, Wednesday
Me: no thursday not wednesday
Korean lady: yaya wednesday!
Me: No, thurrrsss-dayyyy NOT tuesday!!
Korean lady: okok (which of course I had a feeling she didnt understand wat I was saying) kns

anyway I ddint go on wed and went on thursday, I went alllll the way there but I found out the Lady boss wasnt there and the SAME china girl was there ready to interrogate me again, she was kinda rude again zzzz. I told her I submited my resume already and Im here for interview, then she told me boss not in and she started acting like boss herself

China girl: 'Where You stay??'
Me: Arundel ( which was far like i said 30 min bus ride to that place)
Then she gave me that 'uh-oh you're so far, dont think boss gonna hire you' . I realized wat she was thinking so I told her I worked at broadbeach before which was 45 min from my place + the boss asked me for interview, whos the boss zzzz. anyway in the end I asked her to tell the boss to give me a call and of course in the end no call. Gave up after that incident

But Thank God , He blessed me with a Job that is just 6 min bus ride form my place to the place and 15min walk which isnt that bad cos I really need that exercise haha =P The boss is very nice, they treat everyone at work like family, everyone eat togehter, close shop and go back together and she pays reasonably well better than the place I worked in before. So another Thai restaurant and what was the difference other than the place I worked in before?
1.) Food WAYYYY BETTER, own my malaysian guy+thai wife
2.) WAYyyy cheaper
3.) Treated as a family
4.) pays wayyyy Better

and u know whats funny? It turns out that my boss here centuries ago wanted to work for my previous boss but him being so stingy offered to pay $350 a week as CHEF??? c-mon! thats crap la. if me i quit also. So he quited the job and started his own restaurant which is the restaurant im working for now haha and when the boss offered to send me home he was basically crappin a lot aobut my previous boss on how Thai ppl cant cook, He and my previous boss had a fight, not talk fight but fist fight, His restaurant business louya and theirs is way better (which is true btw) blablabla lots more. so funny how the restaurant I worked with before had such a loving relationship wif the thai resturant I worked with now

only problem I have is that the ppl all speak mandarin there, mainly canto! dieeee I cant converse well in mandarin, I mean I can speak and understand but going to deep conversation thats a no, hard to make close friends then my previous job now =(
sorry for the lack of updates but I've been nerdin' my butt out studying for my mid terms. I just finished one on monday and believe me this is the first time in uni that a MCQ exam is HARD! One more eggzam to go!!! and its Business Law... compulsory subject that we have to take and study even if we dont like it, bummer =x *cry* I spent the whole day in my room being anti-social, wearin my nerdy glasses and just study study study! fell asleep halfway so I took one hour nap hehe. oh and its an open book law exam, dieeeeee

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