Reality Strikes

Im almost at the end of my 2nd year of Uni and next year would be by last and final year. so fast huh? Feels like I just arrived in GC not long ago. What am I gonna do when I graduate? Let's see my parents wants me to get PR (permanent resident) here so they can come here and enjoy life. My friends back in Brunei Im guessing couple of them wants me to come back. and me? I wanna go back but I think God has called me to stay in Gold Coast and support the church and at the same time grow as I have much more to learn. That's cool and all if I have to stay here.

But what struck me was that one of my good fren couldn't get a PR here and she was going thru interviews to interviews trying to get a job offer but after months of trying she had to back to KL, now another of my fren told me she couldnt apply for PR cos the Australian Legislation changed, she needed 10 more points to get PR but the 10 points has been canceled because you cant get points from relative anymore. that sucks. As for me I dont know if i can even get a PR even if I wanted to because it turns out that I need at least 1-2 years of hotel experience then only I can get the points. Kinda worried now about next year *jeng jeng jeng* God willing hopefully I can get a job in a hotel next year and not thai restaurant again -_- and get that PR!!
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