assignment is due next friday, 2k words, employment relations and the topic is i dont even know it myself and what to write??? i've been procrastinating for the past few days. wanted to do it on monday but i had this meeting so i couldn't do it, wanted to do it on tuesday but my fren wanted to play PSP in uni and so didn't do assignment ,yesterday went to watch a movie, talladega nights , a very funny movie its worth watchin it haha. anyway we went to watch the 2.30 movie and apparently there wasn't any 2.30 movie and my friend who bought the tickets got the 4pm one (which we didn't see) so we went into the theatre and 5 min later, was the credit, we tought it was some kinda joke that the movie is making but turns out to be really the credit -_- lol. so we had 1 our free and we dont wanna walk around the mall, so we just hung around the theatre AND snuck into other theathre which was showin other movie, doesn't matter if it's halfway or just started cos we had nutin to do and so we watched a free movie for 1 hour hahaha. *ahem* yes they dont have anyone outside each theatre to cehck ur tickets they only check ur tickets on the main hall hoho. yea we were watching the movie till 4pm and went straight to watch talladega nights cool huh? hahaha dont follow my example ppl XD

anyway went to play badminton just now, was kinda fun, havent played it in ages and i needed some exercise anyway havent been exercising for ages besides puttin in heavy chairs and tables after work and washin my clothes. I must admit i stil got some skillz for badminton , im just average and i dont suck haha. so yeah tats it no assignment done and im still stuck. tomorrows friday and im free, REALLY gonna spend tat time doin my assginment... help me O_O
well if you've read my previous blog you will know how I lost one of my baby the PSP due to the fact that i was dumb that i inserted the card in the sd card which doesn't even fit and in the end got stuck.

Funny how today, it was my first time playin the guitar for church and I've played it once n CG but this is church u know and I was very excited, playin the guitar for my first time in church wow. Practice yesterday and today was fun but when the P&W session started man, it was the first song and not even reached the chorus yet and 'snapped!' sumtin hit my face and found out that it was my guitar string that broke sigh. so sad, i had to try and play w/o the 3rd string. was able to do it but coudln't after that. sad lol. first my psp then now my guitar, how sad is that? =s at least i can get the string fixed, i guitar's gone-period

Snapped, my 3rd string gone

and here it is my card stuck in that freakin hole =

i have nothing to say really........................ I was so excited that i got my PSP! yeah! PSP! i got it off EBAY for $300 with 3 games + 1 umd dvd and i guess its alright... better than buyin it in retail shop. anyway i was so happy that i went home and started playin it awesome! and then what? you see this PSP they have this memory card to store your save games and its a unique PSP SD CARD. yeah its different than the mini sd card and thing was i wanted to transfer some files to my card and i don know.. call me blur, stupid, dimwitted, idiot but i wasnt thinking right and my laptop has a card reader you see, BUT it only reads the normal sd card u put a MINI SD card or PSP SD card and it'll get stuck and can never get out. yayaya you gueesed it i put in the damn PSP SD CARD into the card reader slot and after it went in i pacicked! thers no way i can get it out anymore... and i panicked more and i pushed the card inwards again, i dont know why but i just did, i tried to get my card out my unscrewin the screws and tryin to dismantle my laptop hoping to get the card out but i wasn't even close i was having problem dismantlin the laptop *sigh* great. i just got my PSP today and i was so excited, now my card is stuck i cant even play the games now... ARGH!#*$#*($&#$%#$*$%**!#@ ignore me , im a little frustrated, how stupid i can be? and i just hurt my toe , the same toe i injured durin surfin because my room was so messy. MEH!

im ok really... need to sabar and get a sd card when i go back not gettin it here in aus cos its expensive.

and my good fren leonard look what he says when i told him wat happned

-!(L.e.o)!- says (11:51 PM):
-!(L.e.o)!- says (11:51 PM):
clever dude lol
-† Tiger †- says (11:51 PM):
-† Tiger †- says (11:51 PM):
not funny
-† Tiger †- says (11:52 PM):
il kick ur arse
hmmm i just got back from work, and i just finished my dinner and now chatin wif leonard, banana and weiwei and i also just got off the fone wif my mum. Cos i luv my hair color so much i wanted to show her, cos it looked like the color and highlight she had that i admired few months ago. instead i got scoldin from her... "WHY U DYE UR HAIR AH! HOW MUCH? U DYE TO SHOW OFF IS IT? SHOW TO UR GF IS IT??"
-_______-" haha wat la -.- bad move jason

anyway u see this saturday morning i woke up at 11am and i slept at 1.30am, thats like 8+ hours of sleep no? i shud be alright but somehow middle of the afternoon i felt sososo tired.. my eyes were heavy , i started to become blur and lag... shud be the side effects of the tiredness from friday haha. yeah anyway i was really and i mean REALLY blur. i met mildred on the bus on the way to work and i was so blur man. she was telin me stuffs and i always answered wrongly thinking the question the wrong way and such. then i got to work, i was slow to process as well , my fren was tellin me what to do and not to do , and i was like 'huh?....... thinks for 5 sec, can u repeat again?' took me quite awhile to process stuffs u see. lol and im at work! what if i take wrong order and accidentaly spill stuffs? might sound nothing here but trutfully i was really really tired+blur+lagging man.

so what did i do? lol. Prayed to God asked Him to give me strength and not to screw up. and i rememberd the chapter when David was called to be a King but before he was a king he was still doing his errands for his dad and king Saul. even his called to be a king but not yet a king he didn;t have the attitude of "oh yeah, im called to be a king, i dont need to do these errands blabla!' instead Dave has a positive attitude in doing everything.

So that came into my mind and instead of grumbling and complaining about work, do your best, have a postive attitude! If you can't even do these small things properly how can you do greater things? So yeah, turns out that i worked from 7pm-11pm longer cos i usually end at 10ish but that 4 hour seemed so short and things to go as fast as usual for some reason lol. I guess giving ur best attitude and doing ur best even though I was blur and REALLY tired today really helped. Thru that I was so blessed today let's see i never got personal tips but I did and it was my first time today woo! I got a total of $8 personal tips for ME! hahaha thank God

what happened was these 2 hot aussie chicks on table 15
they started takin orders then askin me to teach them do the 'flower' origami from the napkins
and while i was doin the origami, we had a short convo about work and i told them it sux here cos i get a peanut of $10 an hour which is illegal cos im 19 and i shud get more than that esp in a restaurant and after that i swear that these chicks dont even want other waiters except me, to help them bring their food, open wine , etcetc. keepin an eye on me whenever they need me. and so i got personal tips lol tips i got $3.20 they even said 'i'll put in a good word for you :)'

table 16 is this 2 couples at about age of 40's i think?
i was asking what they would like to order and then after that they were asking me some questions. and so i answered them then suddenly the lady went
'where'd u get the american accent?'
i was like hah? 'oh, just probably grew up watching american TV' haha
then she said 'oh Good on ya =)'
LOL american accent -.- damn american tv lol
then after takin care of table 15, the lady said 'We can see that you're takin good care of the table with the 2 gourgeous ladies there, but what about us?' so i said 'oh ... i take good care of u guys too, anything u want i'll take care of it for u, even better than them' and the husband just makes this joke of his own a couple of times and i just laughed, not bcos i have to but i think it was funny too n got a personal $5 tip!! . anyway what i learnt is that customer relationship is important, got to smile, and interact with the customer, more importantly put on a good attitude for work even though u dun like it ( i dont like to work either) but when u start puttin that good attitude you'll notice how u will enjoy doing it.. and see where it got me? I got blessed today with $11 (including restaurant tips) Glory!

so yeah... i hope y'all can learn from my experience as i learnt it from the great King David =p ok im i typed this really really fast.... cos im gonna go DOTA !! wee! there goes my sleep hahaha

the pics a lil cacat i know but wat the heck, real life looks better =p

notice the bright highlights, imagine if i dont dye ewww
haha i haven't got that for a long time some1 askin me to update my blog lol. not many come here waaa so wats the point of updating =p so cacat man, my internet goes down at the time ... usually it goes down at night and comes up again at 12.30am but then last night it went down and never came up till this morning, at times the internet would go down in the afternoon as well.. sucks man!! ugh =

anyway since the internet has been down i've been renting DVD. Watching one everynite, i was watching 'Just friends' a couple of nights ago, it was a movie Leonard introduced to me earlier this year but I didn't get to see it till now... anyway the movie is about this high school guy and girl who are best friends but then the guy has feelings for the girl, wanting to be more than just friends while the girl wants to be 'just friends'. sounds familiar? yeah i think so, happens a lot esp to us guys *sigh* reminds me of my friends and I on what happened in the past lol. anyway in the movie this guy quoted something which i think is fairly true lol. 'In the friend zone, the girls decides you're her friend and no longer a dating option, you become like a bro or a lamp' LOL. True no? well in the end they got together anyway which is good... (hmmmmm *thinking*) anyway its a very fun n romantic comedy.

yeah anyway today i've been out the whole day in the city (surfers paradise). Decided to get a haircut with my friend since I forgot that i cant grow long hair workin in a restaurant ,especially in the uni where i'm being assessed... with that hair of mine i don't think im gonna pass LOL. yeah i wanted to try and grow long hair and tie that pony tail thing, just wanted to try for once but too bad i couldn't, especially it'll be a hassle washing the hair and easier to get dandruffs ewww. well i posted some pics of my new haircut and urm hmmmm im gonna miss my tiger stripe haha. oh since my hair has highlight only, after the cut it looks really ugly so i have no choice but to dye my hair , now its brown with a bit of my 'tiger' stripes highlight hehe.

went to the arcade after and man I MISS arcades, but the arcade in Gold coast sucks, no nice games , mostly outdated and its freakin expensive. played a few games anyway just for fun. After that went shoppin around the area and bought some gifts for friends back home haha. (so if y'all nice u mite get one LOL) yeah i bought the gifts now cos i dont think i'll be goin out anymore due to assignments and exams. OH AND GUESS WHAT?????????? i was shopping right? and i went into a couple of stores owned by Japanese, and every single one of them spoke jap to me thinking im a japanese lol. ' heck even this aussie girl who works in the jap restaurant spoke jap wif me. -_-
there was one part where my friend went into the shop and this lady spoke japense with him ' Irashaimasu!... dadadadaa' and he just pretend he didn't hear and just look at stuffs LOL. the lady was wondering why he didn't reply and went to talk to her friend about us and i heard her told her friend that are we jap or not, so i went over and said....
'No we're not japanese we're malaysians' in japanese
and she said 'wooo! so u can speak japanese? (in jap)'
'sukoshii ( a little), ima watashiwa nihongo benkyo-shimasu( im now learning jap) i replied
then she went "JOZUU!!!' (meaning great) hahaha
then she went and spoke english 'cos you two look like japanese =p' i guess learning japanese pays off haha, gonna get better at it ! and in total spent $100+++ today .... damn it, thats a lot.... buyin gifts, cut/dye hair and arcade lol. nvm like the old chines saying 'yi nian yi chi' one year one time hahhaa.

well what a hectic beat gonna go rest a bit then go sheperding. =.=
God Bless
note: tagboard is in the heart section =)

wooo finally a new skin for my blog!!!!!!!!!! what do u think?? comments comments hehe. i was like hmm my old skin was 'blah' nutin much simple and dark + i wanted to do sumtin about the pic but i dont know how and no one can help =( so here it is! i like it cos it firstly it has guitar!! one of my passions hehe, and the sentence 'strummin my guitar ..nothing brings me closer to heaven' which is true but me learning the guitar, and building me up to be a worship leader, its one of my passion to see people touch heaven and feel God's presence =)

accounting exam just finished and it was alright, not that bad, pass is a confirm but gettin good grades not sure yet. i did study with a fever last night and tired eyes. yeayea my fault cos i was playin games at nite till 4-5AM and didn't have enough sleep lol. but hey! slept early last nite just to have enuf energy to do the exam! haha.

oh and im being such an idiot! (WARNING: symptom of Bananache XD) two nights ago my msn was screwd up, i couldnt see any emo and i was wondering why? i tot it mite be the so many (tu) (tu) (turtle) emos that is screwin up msn ahha. i reinstalled msn today and guess what? it was the same no emos. But then, for some reason i wasnt thinkin but just foolin around wif MSN and I went to options and found out that 'DISPLAY EMOTIONS TICK BOX WAS EMPTY' yeaaa that explains it! now whos gonna explain who unticked the box? haha

btw added note, i was doing my quiet time before i check msn and playin around with it. so i guess wakin up, do ur quiet time first in the morning before u do anything else, dont leave it til later and ur day will be more effective haha. well i wouldn't really imagine to have wisdom this morning playin around wif my msn and working what the problem was if i hadn't done my quiet time heh. glory!

aight im off to work ....... money!!!!! hehe
much luv

p.s someone help with my tag board!!!!!!! its in the lefty but i wanna move it to the righty? how?? help!!!!! =((
SATURDAY I WENT SURFING =D w00t!!! yeah baby, it was my first lesson but in one lesson i can stand on the board although i still fall at times but hey im gettin better hoho. i posted a pic or two in friendster of me surfing haha. i think me being the sporty guy i am, the blood in me is boiling and wants to go to the beach and do more surfing!! i think if i do more i'll be addicted to it and hav to spend $$ to buy my own surfin gear -__-" but yeah it was awesome, i wanna go for my 2nd lesson to learn more heh.

so i went surfing that was great... but what is this unfortunate events? well lets see i was on the board and then i lost control and i fell, wanting to try not fall and land wif my feet i landed badly and injured my poor toes (again!) it was the same toe i injured that caused me to not perform well in my big karate competition = what could be worse?? i'm limping badly n barely be able to walk properly and i have work later at night. so i hav to work walkin in and out carrying foods servin guest carryin heavy tables and chairs for the whole 4 hours and not able to sit and rest my poor leg =((( sad haha.

Oh wait! i forgot to add... I slept late the night before surfing which was at 2am and had to wake up at 7am so i only had 5 hours of sleep (thats not enuf for me). yaya partly my fauly but also leonard who wants to play Gunbound wif him haha and also i was chattin after that i think haha. yea so after surfing which took LOTS of my energy, not eating in the morning and lack of sleep i had headache! even though i did slept for two hours when i got back from surfing. yeah so i was working wif a headache + injured toe

that was saturday... on to sunday... I was supposed to sleep early to make up for the lack of sleep i had the nite before. but nooooo, after i got back from work which was 11.30pm i had to bath and eat, and was watching almost famous at the same time but then leh, hahahha im sorry (but yeah I"M MEAN!) this bannanaluvtospankmebumbumgurl was the cause of me sleepin late cos i so happend to be watchin my movie then it became half-chattin and half-watchin the movie haha. and guess what?i slept at nearly 4am haha. my toe is definately not gonna be better like that and headache too.... i was so blurrr that nite, guess i caught it off someone haha you know who u are XD bleh

anywayyyyyyyy... so that was early sunday morning and then i went groceries shoppin just now right? i was driving my friends car. to cut the story short, after shoppin i went home and just at the right time i was gonna park the car died. i couldnt start the engine and i was wondering why... turns out that the gas was empty. thank God my place has two gas station just to the left and right where i stay so me and a few of my fren pushed the car to the gas station to fill the tank. the car didnt start *eek* so wahts the problem? turns out that the battery died and and we had to jump start the car, some d00ds helped us cos we didnt know how yay! it was working we drove back home and after that the car died again. we had to try jump start byourselves so after 4-5 tries we managed to get the car started !!! we left the battery to recharge BUT after that the battery died again!! WHAT LAAAAAAAAAAAA -__________-" how cud this happen?????? WE SPENT ALL OUR ENERGY PUSHING THE CAR AND IN THE END IT DIED AGAIN! ugh.... yea so unlucky yeah haha.

so that was what happened.. poor me..... =s i guess i learnt one thing from this, im not gonna drive again because i dont have a proper queensland license, even though i can drive + msian license, i guess that was what God wanted to tell me heh XD

acc exam on sat,and more assignments pray for me!
much luv
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