series of unfortuante events =(

SATURDAY I WENT SURFING =D w00t!!! yeah baby, it was my first lesson but in one lesson i can stand on the board although i still fall at times but hey im gettin better hoho. i posted a pic or two in friendster of me surfing haha. i think me being the sporty guy i am, the blood in me is boiling and wants to go to the beach and do more surfing!! i think if i do more i'll be addicted to it and hav to spend $$ to buy my own surfin gear -__-" but yeah it was awesome, i wanna go for my 2nd lesson to learn more heh.

so i went surfing that was great... but what is this unfortunate events? well lets see i was on the board and then i lost control and i fell, wanting to try not fall and land wif my feet i landed badly and injured my poor toes (again!) it was the same toe i injured that caused me to not perform well in my big karate competition = what could be worse?? i'm limping badly n barely be able to walk properly and i have work later at night. so i hav to work walkin in and out carrying foods servin guest carryin heavy tables and chairs for the whole 4 hours and not able to sit and rest my poor leg =((( sad haha.

Oh wait! i forgot to add... I slept late the night before surfing which was at 2am and had to wake up at 7am so i only had 5 hours of sleep (thats not enuf for me). yaya partly my fauly but also leonard who wants to play Gunbound wif him haha and also i was chattin after that i think haha. yea so after surfing which took LOTS of my energy, not eating in the morning and lack of sleep i had headache! even though i did slept for two hours when i got back from surfing. yeah so i was working wif a headache + injured toe

that was saturday... on to sunday... I was supposed to sleep early to make up for the lack of sleep i had the nite before. but nooooo, after i got back from work which was 11.30pm i had to bath and eat, and was watching almost famous at the same time but then leh, hahahha im sorry (but yeah I"M MEAN!) this bannanaluvtospankmebumbumgurl was the cause of me sleepin late cos i so happend to be watchin my movie then it became half-chattin and half-watchin the movie haha. and guess what?i slept at nearly 4am haha. my toe is definately not gonna be better like that and headache too.... i was so blurrr that nite, guess i caught it off someone haha you know who u are XD bleh

anywayyyyyyyy... so that was early sunday morning and then i went groceries shoppin just now right? i was driving my friends car. to cut the story short, after shoppin i went home and just at the right time i was gonna park the car died. i couldnt start the engine and i was wondering why... turns out that the gas was empty. thank God my place has two gas station just to the left and right where i stay so me and a few of my fren pushed the car to the gas station to fill the tank. the car didnt start *eek* so wahts the problem? turns out that the battery died and and we had to jump start the car, some d00ds helped us cos we didnt know how yay! it was working we drove back home and after that the car died again. we had to try jump start byourselves so after 4-5 tries we managed to get the car started !!! we left the battery to recharge BUT after that the battery died again!! WHAT LAAAAAAAAAAAA -__________-" how cud this happen?????? WE SPENT ALL OUR ENERGY PUSHING THE CAR AND IN THE END IT DIED AGAIN! ugh.... yea so unlucky yeah haha.

so that was what happened.. poor me..... =s i guess i learnt one thing from this, im not gonna drive again because i dont have a proper queensland license, even though i can drive + msian license, i guess that was what God wanted to tell me heh XD

acc exam on sat,and more assignments pray for me!
much luv
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