I havent been tag for awhile....... thanks Lamo for tagging me

1.Kolomee Pop!
2. Nasi Lemak
3. Chilli Crab *slurp*
4. Pad Thai
5. Buttermilk Chicken/Prawn
6. Lamb Shanks
7. McD Apple Pie (this stuff is addictive -.-)
8. Sushi
9. Mapo Tofu

1.Read my bible
4.Play my guitar
5.Listen to music
7.Watch Drama
8. Lame jokes
9. Style hair and dress up
10. Play Basketball

1. Sleep
2. Lock myself in my room away from the world
3. be quiet
4. Listen to loud music
5. Play games

1. knows to have fun
2. girls with dimples when they smile ( soooo cute ;) )
3. one that loves other people and put others first
4. weird and funny in their own special way
5. girls that has a passion for Jesus!! :)

1. laugh alot
2. Pull practical jokes on people
3. Compliment people alot
4. LoUd!!
5. Basically the sanguine side is unleashed!

1. I want to continue and grow to me a man... no longer a boy
2. To see breakthroughs, in my LG, Church, my sheep and myself
4. See my friends know the awesome and Living God
5. I really wish for either world peace or the world would just end so we can go to heaven and live a perfect life but that wouldn't be possible for now :)

10 People To Tag:
1. Jaqy Wacky
2. Bannagurl
3. Lulu d Alien
4. Phat Sophia
5. Lawrence
6. Ireland Wong oops I meant Jon
7. Pizza Izzati
8. Lyns (if u still blog)
9. Lizzie
10. You! Yes you! you have been chosen!!
My housemate was just talking about this girl he met from London and it just hit me and excitedly I went 'Hey!! I know what to call my daughter! London!!.... London Lee!!!' they burst out laughin and being the crazy housemate we were, my housemates went
I should call mine ' Ireland!' and the other is 'Scotland'

so in the end we have
London Lee
Ireland Wong
Scotland Tan

HAHAHAHA....... lameeeee to the max!

but honestly though... it doesn't sound to bad does it? what do you think? XD
Okay! I admit it! I started watching America's Next Top Model recently (OMGOSH!!) and have got hooked into it.. ( I blame Olivia for transferring her Cycle 9 to my hardisk)

It's pretty interesting to watch actually, not because of the girls but how Tyra picked certain individuals and from the first glance you'll go 'Are you blind girl?? She ain't model material' but after that you'll see them changed to wonderful models, and how Tyra was right to pick them. I found out two things about myself from watching the show, one is that I find that I started complimenting people more without thinking (influenced from J.Alexander and Jay) and the other part I found out which was kinda weird was that these two contestant were the one that caught my eye in the first episode and found myself rooting for them and loving them. Problem was these two girls are pretty unique and different.

Heather Kuzmich (first pic) and Allision Harvard (2nd pic), both are Art majors, both are shy and doesn't talk much, both were teased by people but in the end showed that they are better than other snoobish girls.

Heather was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome ,a mild form of Autism that hinders her social interaction and verbal communication especially in crowds but I really admire how she made it to the top 5 in Cycle 9. She loves technology and especiall Video/PC games =)

Allison is best known for he wide eye that looks like a 'freakish doll' or bride of Chucky, she has a fascination with nosebleeds. She's the runner up in Cycle 12

The weirdest part of all? Both has this ghostly, gothic, very tim-burton's-ish kinda look and I reckon they will do very well in Twilight movies =P So why do I find myself likin them and rootin for them compared to other girls? I don't know really.... I guess I have a weird fascination like them after all ^_^"

Trivia =) ... Believe it or not.. But I did modelled before for B.U.M Equipment when I was 10 =)
I was just out doing my own things at home yesterday morning when God just reminded me in the past. I would always go and say 'I want to do Great things for You Lord!' Looking back its been awhile since I've said it and really meant it. My Zeal and Passion for God is just on the border line, the passion is not there compared to before. Yes, doing ministry work is fine but sometimes when you do to much, the level of ministry will outweigh your relationship with God and that was what happened to me. I was just serving serving and my relationship with God at times would be neglected. Praise God, God is using me in playing the lead guitar in Church and I'm growing in it, Praise God, that I'm ushering and doing transport but I can't miss the most important part. My life, My Breath, my One and only Love.... Jesus.

Pastor Lance prayed for me and funny how the word I got was similar to the word my sister from Darwin gave me and it was about in the lines of 'to fall in love with God again' and 'God never gives you anything that is too big for you to handle' You see, I'm like this child and God has in His hands this wonderful thing but I can't see it and I don't know if I want it ,but God is saying to me not to settlef or 2nd best because there are ministries and things that God would use me in that I would never dreamed and hoped for but I have to get my life right first to get a grip, because I'm like this strong car, Good body and engine, the passion is there... only problem is the tyres, I've got the wrong grip on, its not gonna bring me far. I think it comes down to priority, to not waste times on things that are not beneficial, e.g. games *cough*. Funny enough its also related to a 2nd area.... 'cheeky babe' which I would not go into much details for now. I can just say I'm secure and I know that I'll definately get one :P

for now I need to get a grip! Like this Ferrari........ For.......Fweeeee!!!
Stir it up in my hearts... a passion for your name!
Dear blog...
I slept at 2.30am last night because I was playing Dota and after that I watched an episode of America's next top Model. It was really really cold it reached 5 degrees las night.

My phone rang at 3.10am and it was my supervisor from McD asking if I was coming to work and my shift was at 3am. I was shocked! quickly, I changed to my uniform, (forgot to brush my teeth) and went straight to work. I double checked my roster just in case , I could have sworn it was 3pm. Yup I was right, it was 3....3 freakin am! #$@!%^@

I missed one shift already because I was 2 hours late and my manager was not impressed, and if she finds out bout this shift that I missed for 30min........... I will forever remember her words 'you won't have a job here anymore' Oh God... I need a full time job soon, pls cal me back Vibe Hotel!

Just got back from work actually and surprisingly I'm still awake, but I need my beauty sleep so I'm going to force myself and get some good few hours of sleep.

Good night!
I commit to build solid biblical convictions in my life
I will build convictions that only not I will live but will also defend
My convictions are the foundation for my future and my life chocies will be based on them
Jesus help me then to develop Godly Biblical standards in my life for your glory

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4
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